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Scott Dohanish Testimonials

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Dear Jerry Pinkas real estate Experts, I thought that I would send you an email to compliment you on one of your agents Scott Dohanish.  He has been listing my condo In Baywatch for a while now and he has done an incredible job with finding possible clients and buyers.  Today we signed the agreement to sell it, with Scott compromising on his commission to make it happen.  Scott has been a true professional, something I have not seen with other agents in the MB area.  I would like to recognize him for his diligence, focus, and support throughout this period.  He is a true asset to your organization and someone I have enjoyed working with

Please pass on my congratulations and thanks to him

Best regards

Sven Martinsen


I am writing this message to give Scott Dohanish from the Jerry Pinkas Real Estate team my highest recommendation. Scott worked with me in a down market and was able to sell my house in 2 days, for 5% over listing price!! His expertise and knowledge of the market and real estate, in general, were instrumental in making this happen. Scott helped make the selling process very smooth and kept me informed every step of the way. I would highly recommend Scott to anyone who is looking to sell their home or buy real estate.

Matt Davis


Jerry – Scott Dohanish sent me the information I needed for my assessment the same afternoon I talked to you. Super fast service and it will be helpful in my effort. Thank you and Scott!!!!!!!!!

Eileen, Arrowhead Pointe


“Scott Dohanish is by far the most professional and service gratifying agent I have ever worked with. Scott made a promise to me from day 1 of interaction on the level of service he and his team could provide. I made Scott aware of the expectations I had and he more than lived up to his promises.

As most RE transactions, there were bumps in the road but Scott was very quick to assist me in making the right decisions and followed through on representing me as he conducted business with the parties involved. Scott is very personable, honest, and makes sound decisions as it pertains to Real Estate transactions.”
-Justin W. Boyd

Hi Scott

Thank you very much for doing a wonderful job selling our house. We were very happy with how everything was handled and how you gave us information. We would recommend using you to anyone. Again thank you for selling our house so quickly.

Herbie and Sarah

We listed my mother’s house with the Jerry Pinkas Team–specifically with their listing agent Scott Dohanish. We were very impressed with the fact that Scott really did his homework for us and provided us with a great deal of data to help us make an informed decision on our listing price. He was confident that the home would sell quickly–and it did! Scott stayed with us through the whole process until closing–even locating an excellent handyman for us. We would strongly recommend the Jerry Pinkas team to anyone wanting to sell a home in today’s difficult market. You will get honest, sound, professional advice, and helpful assistance.

Linda and Pete Myer Thornville, Ohio

I’m sending this email in commendation for the outstanding services I received from Scott Dohanish of the Jerry Pinkas team. My house was on the market for nearly three years in Myrtle Beach before I engaged Scott‘s services. It was a lovely, well-built house in a very nice neighborhood with easy access to several major highways. But after three years and two different agents, I had not received a single offer. The first agent seemed extremely eager and positive about selling my home. Despite assuring me I was appropriately priced for the market at the time, she continued to have me lower the price in very small increments in response to very few showings. When I requested a realtors’ open house, she tried to talk me out of it and alternatively suggested yet another price reduction. When I requested new photos for the summer to more attractively depict the exterior, it took over a week for her to do so and the photos were unacceptably dark, not centered and marred by the inclusion of her open car door sitting in the driveway. I engaged a second agent who also assured me that I was priced appropriately for the market and conveyed confidence that my house would be easy to sell. While his online listing displayed beautiful photos, his write-up was meager and did little to advance the selling points of the house. I suggested an alternative write-up that was eventually incorporated into the listing. Despite an early bustle of interest and showings, there were still no offers. I found myself calling this agent at least monthly because had I not done so, he would not have called me. During each call, he insisted I was priced appropriately and consistently gave me assurances that I was the best-priced home in my development. Notwithstanding his assurances, I initiated three more price reductions over the course of two years. Moreover, it would take this agent three to five days to return my calls and he never returned a call on the weekend. I had moved to another state shortly after engaging this second agent and rented my house to a very obliging tenant who allowed the house to remain on the market. But because I was no longer residing in the house or even South Carolina, telephone contact with this agent was extremely important and I was frustrated by his lack of initiative and diligence in keeping me informed. It was at my suggestion and only through my initiatives that we attempted selling enticements such as a selling agent bonuses, buy gift cards, detailed flyers available on the front lawn, re-listing the property to bump it up on the hot sheets, and the aforementioned price reductions. All to no avail. Fully aware that I was in the midst of a terrible housing market, I still felt that both agents I had employed were more committed to the inordinate number of buyers flocking to Myrtle Beach in search of a deal rather than helping a single seller move their house off the market. That’s when I did a search on the internet for the top-selling real estate firm in Myrtle Beach and discovered the Jerry Pinkas team. I was extremely impressed with your firm’s sales, its ties to the community, and experience in beach real estate. Within 24 hours of requesting more information, I received a telephone call from Scott Dohanish. Unlike both prior agents, Scott had clearly done his homework before ever returning my call. He spoke of my property in detail and even told me he had driven by to assess the outside. Scott provided information about market trends and comparative sales that were current, specific, and quite skewed from the numbers my prior agent had been repeating for the past several months. Scott’s passion for real estate was clearly evident, and yet he conveyed a personal warmth that made me feel Scott was more interested in helping me sell my house than simply making a commission. He spoke candidly about the current market situation but still listened empathetically to my personal situation. Scott spent more time on the telephone with me during that first phone call than either of my previous agents had ever spent with me in person. I was delighted when in less 48 hours, Scott had my house re-listed with new photographs, a new price, and a perfectly written description. Scott kept me engaged throughout the entire listing process by eliciting my feedback and approval. It was clear that Scott understood the frustration of being an out-of-state seller and his efforts to keep me included in the process were exceptionally comforting. Scott returned every telephone call either immediately or before the end of his long working day. During the telephone calls that came after 6:00 p.m., Scott still projected enthusiasm and congeniality that would have been in short supply for most people by the end of a day. What impressed me the most was how Scott made me feel like my property was his most important and most valued listing. It’s a feeling that was even more pronounced and appreciated because it was completely absent in all the dealings I had with both my prior agents. Scott’s experience and expertise were most evident when after I adjusted the price per his suggestion, there were a multitude of showings and two written offers in just two weeks. Scott’s ability to correctly price the house was verified by my acceptance of an offer that was just a few thousand dollars below the asking price and for an amount that the house almost exactly appraised for prior to closing. Scott’s attention and support continued throughout the negotiation and closing process. He followed up on each and every item that needed to be completed, signed or verified, including items that were not his responsibility but rather that of the buyer’s agent. It was clear that Scott wanted to ensure a smooth closing process as much as I did. He kept me informed every step of the way. Scott anticipated potential problems and found solutions before they could escalate into a delayed closing or even a canceled contract. His meticulous attention to detail not only resulted in a timely and efficient closing but alleviated a significant amount of stress on my part because I was assured Scott was looking out for my best interests throughout the process. While I certainly had my moments of emotional outbursts, particularly when a potential buyer withdrew a contract less than 12 hours after presenting it, Scott remained a calming influence with practical advice and sound suggestions that once again were clearly in my best interests. A most impressive demonstration of Scott’s professionalism occurred when I announced my intention to not renew the sales contract with my second agent. I’m a genuinely forthright person and explained to the second agent my disappointments and frustrations. The agent asked who I had selected as my new agent, and I willingly shared Scott’s name. In an unprecedented return call on the same day, which this agent hadn’t done in two years’ time when the subject was my home sale, this agent made disparaging claims about Scott. All were unsubstantiated, false, and motivated by emotion that I wish this agent had put into selling my house rather than impugning the reputation of a colleague. I shared some of the comments with Scott because the remarks were clearly false and I believe Scott has worked very hard to earn his sterling reputation in the real estate industry. Scott reaffirmed his professionalism by not making any retaliatory comments nor aspersions against this agent but just diligently went about his business of selling my house. This once again demonstrated Scott’s professionalism in the industry and personal commitment to my home sale. I realize this letter is exceptionally long and detailed, but so has been the process of selling my home. For sellers like myself, this market has been exceptionally challenging and complicated by personal financial concerns and emotional reactions. For nearly three years, all I wanted was a committed agent who could respond to the market professionally while still responding to me personally. It is the least I expected from a real estate agent and yet Scott was the only agent I met who fit this bill. While I am thrilled to have sold my home thanks to Scott’s efforts, I wish I had placed it in Scott’s most capable hands from the beginning. You are fortunate to have someone of Scott’s caliber on your team for he truly exemplifies your mission statement of providing world-class service for a truly delighted and raving customer. Please extend my most sincere thanks and appreciation to Scott for all his hard work. Please also feel free to utilize any excerpts from this letter for purposes of advertising on your website or other means of customer communications. I would also gladly forward this email to any and all accreditation, licensing, review, or other professional consortiums to garner additional recognition for Scott.

Sincerely Joyce Gula

I recently sold my condo using Jerry Pinkas Real Estate Experts and found them to be professional, honest and very knowledgeable of today’s market. Where other condo’s at my resort has been on the market for quite some time, Jerry had mine sold within weeks. My particular agent was Scott Dohanish. Scott was always on top of things, very professional, and kept me informed during the entire process so selling was a breeze. I would definitely recommend using Scott Dohanish and the Jerry Pinkas Real Estate Experts for all your real estate needs.

Linda Davidson-Bluewater Resort


Got your message regarding the sale of my mother in law house I appreciate the follow-up. I talked with Ferol last night and we both agreed that you did an excellent job with the house. We will definitely recommend you guys to anyone that we know interested in buying or selling a home in the area. Thanks so much for selling the house quickly.
Michael Ciliege, ARM,CIC, CRIS


Hi Scott! I was on vacation when the sale of my sister’s condo in Briarcliffe West was finalized. My brother and I were both very pleased with the closing. I want to thank you for all the efforts you made to sell Madeline’s condo. My two brothers and I understand the difficulties currently present in the housing market…We are grateful to you and the Pinkas Team for finding us a buyer and handling the sale. I would not hesitate to recommend you and the Pinkas Team for any real estate transaction in the Myrtle Beach area. You served us well! Thanks again!
Sincerely, Richard Groshek, brother to Madeline Harahan


Hi Scott,
I just want to thank you for your assistance in getting our unit sold. Although there were some issues along the way, the whole process, in general, went very smoothly. You were very helpful in taking care of the issues and working with the buyers. Thanks also for recommending the law firm to handle everything. They were very professional and were really on top of things. If I ever have any real estate needs in the future for your area, I will contact you again. Thanks.


Thanks, Scott

Scott Dohanish was recommended to me by my son. I was struggling to get my condo sold. when Sven said to me “Give Scott a call.he will give me good advice. ” I did just that and am very glad I took his advice. Scott came round to see me. What I found was not just another agent making promises just to get your property on their books. Then not hearing from them until your contract comes to an end. Scott is a person that tells you the truth and keeps in touch with you. No matter how trivial the questions I put to him, he always answered with a willingness and good advice. I got to know Scott over the last few months and found him friendly, honest and very likable. He is a guy who will go that extra mile without hesitation. Scott, I wish you the very best for the future; And thank you for all the help. It was great getting to know you


Regards Ethel Martinsen


Dear Scott,

Thank you so much for your professionalism and attention to detail during the sale of my parent’s condo.  The prospect of selling real estate long distances can be quite daunting, but you made it painless.  You were on top of each development, and I was informed every step of the way, as to the progress of the sale.  Because of your extensive contacts in the Myrtle Beach area, you were able to recommend additional resources to me to help me complete the sale of this property.  Thank you, Scott!!!

 Sally Leach


Scott, you did a great job selling our condo and we would recommend you to anyone trying to sell Ocean Front Condos. Your knowledge is incredible when it comes to the Ocean Front Properties.

Thanks again! Tommy & Stacy – New York


Thanks for the great job you did in selling my lot at Wild Wing and the smooth transaction regarding the sale. It was a pleasure working with you.



Scott Dohanish,

From the start of receiving a flyer from the Jerry Pinkas Real Estate Experts and linking up with Scott, I have found him exceedingly generous and helpful. Initially, in trying to rent our Town House unit at Bay Tree in Little River then finally selling the unit today. He went well beyond the norm to help me from a distance and while undergoing severe medical conditions first with my husband and then me. He helped immensely when the Town House experienced some outside damage, we think, due to an accidental event. Always calling immediately if I had any questions. He really is an expert! Patient, kind, and considerate. Thank you so much, Scott, for your persistence and diligence!

Linda Saunders

Return Clients Justine & Marion Wiggins

Sell My House, Home, or Condo - Myrtle Beach Real Estate
Sell My House, Home, or Condo – Myrtle Beach Real Estate

Scott Dohanish from the Jerry Pinkas Real Estate Experts was our listing agent on our home in Surfside Beach, SC. He was honest and very helpful in the entire process of selling our home with a few problems that came up Scott was right there to take care of everything and kept us informed all the way from start to finish! I would recommend Scott to anyone that wants an honest and hardworking realtor to sell their home.

Thanks again. Jeff & Tammy

Scott Dohanish has to be one of the Best Realtors I have ever worked with. When I first met Scott at my condo in Myrtle Beach, I could tell right away that he loves his job and I was right. I live in CT and I needed a Realtor who could watch over my property and make sure the construction, finishing touches were completed to satisfaction and in order to get the best selling price. Scott went way out of his way various times to make sure this happened. This made selling my condo so much easier for me. I would highly recommend Scott Dohanish for selling your home. I know he will take care of your property and he did ours. Ron and Carolyn Mirek

Hey Scott! Thanks for everything involving my house. You were great and busted your butt getting it sold inside and way before my deadline. Your customer relations are some of the best I have ever worked with. You always were there when I needed help and always picked up or got back to me when I called you. I would recommend Scott Dohanish and the Jerry Pinkas Team again and again. Thanks, Jake Fandrich

There are many considerations when selecting a Myrtle Beach Realtor to list your property, especially when you live over 1,000 miles away. After some research, my husband and I reached out to Scott Dohanish to list our vacation condo. At our first meeting, we were very comfortable with Scott so we immediately listed our condo. We sold it relatively quickly and Scott was thorough and responsive throughout the entire process including assisting us with coordinating some last minute repairs. We enjoyed working with Scott and would highly recommend him as your next Realtor.

Take care,

Robyn and Gerald

To whom it may concern, It was my pleasure to have Scott Dohanish from The Jerry Pinkas Real Estate Experts represent me when selling my Myrtle Beach condominium. Due to other business circumstances that I was involved with, it was imperative for me to sell this property during the 2014 tax year. When I first approached Scott regarding selling my property, he was knowledgeable about the current real estate market for front row beach investment property and gave me accurate information on pricing and marketing of my property so that the goal of selling my condo quickly could be achieved. He basically guaranteed that if the property was priced correctly and was put on the market at the right time (early spring) that he would get it sold. Scott produced! He went to work within his established network of real estate contacts and had the deal closed in a matter of a few weeks. His efforts were efficient and the process involved a minimum of heavy lifting from me personally to finalize the sales process. I would highly recommend Scott Donanish to anyone who is looking to buy or sell real estate in the Myrtle Beach area. He knows his business and he gets the job done right the first time. Regards, Thomas C. Richards, D.D.S.

Sell Your House Fast in Myrtle Beach
Sell Your House Fast in Myrtle Beach

Working with Scott Dohanish from the Jerry Pinkas Real Estate Experts was one of the best experiences I had. Selling my home did not take long at all. I felt confident that my home would sell fast after I had met with Scott. He took his time and was very knowledgeable about the market and what to price my home at! He was extremely professional courteous and nice the whole time during the process. I would recommend him to anyone! He has a bright spirit about him and loves what he does. He was there for me through every step of the process and I was impressed with his negotiation skills and his constant contact with me through the whole process. -Andy Marzilli

I just wanted to let you know that we were very pleased with your selling of my home.  You were great to work with, easy to get along with, answered or returned calls or messages quickly, and we had just overall pleasant experience.  You were very knowledgeable about all of the aspects of real estate, even when I had no clue.  You went above and beyond to make sure my house sold in a reasonable time and for a reasonable amount by taking excellent pictures, letting me know when we needed to make a price change to attract more potential buyers, finding appropriate comps in the area, and making sure it got tons of showings!  Thanks for everything and all of your help, we truly appreciate your professionalism, kindness, and advice! We will let you know if we ever need to buy/sale in the future. – Lindsey Budhoo
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