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Oceanfront Homes in Myrtle Beach SC for Sale Learn more about the beautiful oceanfront houses in Myrtle Beach South Carolina for sale

An oceanfront home scores on all counts: direct views of the stunning ocean and its frothing water hitting the shoreline, the soothing rhythm of the undulating waves, and the comfort of the soft sand beneath your feet and cool, blue water to dip into, whenever desired.

Oh… and did we mention the beauty of the magnificent sunrises and sunsets multiplied a hundred times over as they reflect on the sparkling water underneath? If an oceanfront property is all you’ve ever wanted, we don’t blame you. The calming sound of the waves has a therapeutic effect on the mind and the sunshine and cool breeze offer plenty of healthful benefits. But if you thought these benefits come at an exorbitant price, think again.

It’s neither too expensive to own an oceanfront property or live in Myrtle Beach. In comparison to the beachfront houses in Florida or California, oceanfront homes for sale in Myrtle Beach are quite affordable and so is the average cost of living here. Plus it’s a great investment if you’re planning on renting it out year-round or during holidays, as oceanfront homes yield a high rental income. It’s hardly surprising then that oceanfront homes in Myrtle Beach for sale are highly valued on all fronts!

Living in Myrtle Beach South Carolina

The appeal of Myrtle Beach is that it caters to the requirements of both vacationers and residents. Families, retired citizens, and young couples all flock here to raise a family or settle down or simply enjoy the perks of low cost living on the beachside.

Low Cost of Living

The low cost of living offers a significant advantage too, allowing residents to enjoy the perks of living at a beach destination in an affordable manner. The house prices here are quite low compared to other coastline destinations. In addition, the state has low taxes for retirees and low property taxes as well as gas taxes. The low taxes offer a nice cushion and when coupled with the reasonable cost of living, it just means that you’ll be able to afford a good lifestyle here without breaking the bank.

Job Opportunities

Moving is not the same as vacationing, so naturally you’ll be looking for lucrative work opportunities if you plan to settle here. The good news: There’s a high demand for professionals in the hospitality and tourism industry. In addition healthcare, education, construction, and retail are some other developed sectors that offer great employment prospects.

Quality Healthcare

Myrtle Beach boasts of superior healthcare facilities and professionals that offer quality medical care leading to improved patient outcomes. Retirees and families who flock to this area have created the demand for healthcare services in varied specialties, leading to outstanding medical centers.

Excellent Education

Myrtle Beach is not all fun and play with no substance. For families with children it would be worthwhile to know that quality schools and educational institutes offer great learning opportunities.

Tightly Knit Community

As an increasingly popular hotspot for all demographics, Myrtle Beach has what it takes: friendly locals and a cheerful atmosphere. A tightly-knit community that participates in group activities and fun, exciting events creates a welcoming family environment that families can benefit from.

Well-Rounded Lifestyle

With a strategic location near the coastline, Myrtle Beach holds great recreational value. From award winning culinary restaurants and retail therapy to fun rides and water parks and a thriving night scene, there’s plenty to do here for everyone.

Single Family Oceanfront Homes in Myrtle Beach for Sale

Whether you’re looking for single houses or one, two, three, four, or five-bedroom Myrtle Beach oceanfront for sale, Jerry Pinkas Real Estate Experts will help you find just the right place that checks all your requirements.

Our oceanfront homes in Myrtle Beach for sale won’t disappoint either. Apart from North Myrtle Beach and Myrtle Beach oceanfront condos with all the modern amenities, we also deal in homes with different architectural styles and décor. Houses with a private pool, patios, porches, back yards, kitchens with all the modern facilities, and of course large windows that present a wide view of the ocean to make the most of your oceanfront property – we have them all!

Learn more about the beautiful oceanfront beach houses for sale in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina by clicking on your preferred area.

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