Tiny Houses For Sale Myrtle Beach

    Tiny houses for sale in Myrtle Beach South Carolina

    What is the Tiny House Movement?

    It’s official – the country is currently in a love affair with tiny houses. We are seeing more and more people in Myrtle Beach realizing and appreciating the idea that small is beautiful and often more realistic for their budgets and lifestyles. Tiny houses are a growing trend and gaining popularity with young families, retirees and visitors looking for a second home in this beautiful city, and the homes vary in location, size, and style. There is a range of communities in Myrtle Beach that offer great options, including bright, colorful beach homes that are perfectly situated on or near the water. These quaint and charming homes provide an affordable alternative for families and allow them to simplify their life, while still enjoying all the beauty Myrtle Beach and the surrounding areas have to offer. And being located in the heart of the Grand Strand with some of the best coastal and beach properties in the country, Myrtle Beach is an ideal place for any family to settle into.

    If you were to take a drive around many new neighborhoods in Myrtle Beach, chances are you will discover street after street, row after row of large homes that have the same design, hues, and landscaping. While beautiful, many look like they came straight off an assembly line and landed straight on the cul-de-sac. Ironically enough, smaller families are often the ones who occupy these homes, scattering every family member into different rooms in different parts of the house, thus limiting quality interaction and family time. You will even find smaller homes being torn down in older neighborhoods around town in an effort to erect these enormous, cookie-cutter homes. But with these large homes comes large mortgages, energy and electric bills and overall cost of living. Many families in Myrtle Beach are realizing that bigger isn’t always better and are looking into smaller homes to settle into, on average around 900-1,200 square feet. The attractive characteristics of living smaller far outweigh any drawbacks for many in South Carolina, and here we are with a tiny house movement. We hope this blog opens your mind to the perks of living small and why it could prove to be a beneficial move for you and your family.

    Why Are People Going Tiny?

    Needless to say that people are infatuated and excited about this new concept. But why has this trend popped up and caught fire so fast, especially in Myrtle Beach? And why are many American’s moving away from the average 2,300 square foot homes? For a few reasons really. Have you ever felt tied down with your mortgage? Felt you are surrounded by useless items you never use? Enter tiny homes. The idea of a home that people can buy, pay off relatively quickly, and customize down to the smallest detail, is very attractive in comparison to the traditional home. The financial and emotional freedom that tiny homes afford is why so many people are making such a drastic change in their life. And with Myrtle Beach being recognized as one of the top retirement towns in the country, many retirees are flocking here to start the next chapter of their life and also looking to downsize and simplify their life. And what better way to lower square footage and live comfortably in retirement then purchasing a tiny home?

    What are the Pros and Cons of Tiny Living?

    There are many positive aspects to families transitioning to smaller homes, one of them being that smaller houses are often much more energy-efficient than a traditional home due to less square feet to cool and heat. Homeowners also have less cleaning and maintenance to worry about because fewer rooms equal less mess! This leaves more time for individuals and families in Myrtle Beach to do more of what they love and spend quality time making beautiful memories. It also gives people the chance to start over with a fresh perspective by purge their unneeded possessions and get ‘back to the basics.’

    There is also an understated coziness and intimate feeling when you enter a tiny home, which is very welcoming to guests and something that larger homes often lack. And if you are looking for something unique to call home, something different from the norm of ‘regular’ homes, tiny houses are definitely everything you are looking for! Lastly, and arguably the most important, tiny homes are just downright less expensive. Your mortgage will be less, energy and electric will be far less and you have fewer areas to decorate. This leaves more money for experiencing life, like taking that trip you’ve been wanting to take for years but couldn’t swing in the monthly budget or starting that new business or hobby you’ve been dreaming about. The opportunities are endless when you have more spending money each month for yourself and not going back into square feet you don’t need.

    Of course with every good move, there are always a few compromises. Living in a tiny home means that space is a precious commodity and you must use it wisely to optimize your living environment. While it is easier to clean, space can feel slightly smaller when things are out of place and a little messy. You may have dual uses for areas, such as the kitchen table doubling as a work desk, and the living room floor as a work out area. Family members will also have to be respectful with noises like talking too loudly on the phone while someone is doing homework or watching TV late at night while others are trying to sleep. While there are always pros and cons to every decision, we feel with a little understanding and getting used to that the pros of tiny living in Myrtle Beach far outweigh the cons.

    Are Tiny Houses Good Investments?

    We sure think so! As you pay down the mortgage on your tiny home, your home equity will increase which is always a good way to boost things such as retirement funds. And since tiny houses tend to be much less expensive than larger homes, some homes in Myrtle Beach starting a little over $100,000, homeowners are able to pay their mortgages off in less time and for less out of pocket each month, as well as save on taxes. This again allows families to put money towards other activities and investments that will better their future. Most tiny homes are also located in very charming and desired locations around Myrtle Beach as they don’t take up large plots of land as a traditional sized home in most neighborhoods. You may find yourself in the heart of Myrtle Beach, walking distance to shops and restaurants, or beachside with a colorful tiny home and the glistening water as your backyard. It also helps that Myrtle Beach is a very desired destination for families, retirees, and vacationers, and there are many options when it comes to tiny homes for sale in the area. Like these: TINY HOUSES IN NORTH MYRTLE BEACH

    Are Tiny Homes Good Second Homes? 

    Tiny homes make for a wonderful second home! Chances are you’ve taken a few vacations in your lifetime. Have you ever looked around and thought “I could see myself living here!” Many second homes are vacation homes and there is nothing better than going on a vacation to a place that feels like home. And with incredible beaches, amazing restaurants, and top-ranked boardwalk, Myrtle Beach is an ideal and very popular destination for vacationers around the country.

    A tiny home is perfect for a second home because you have a place that is familiar and you can settle into when you are wanting to get away for a bit. Since it is not your everyday home, you don’t need a lot of square footage to feel comfortable, and it is very low upkeep compared to a large home in the weeks you are away. You are also able to leave and store items that you only use while you are there, alleviating the need to overpack and simplifies traveling and packing for everyone.

    Many people think that second vacation home or investment property is out of reach because of the large price tag. But with an oceanfront tiny home, this idea becomes much more tangible as they are lower in price, thus a lower mortgage payment, and you are also able to rent it out when you are not staying there. And let’s face it, with how popular Myrtle Beach is, you should have no problem renting it out. This can help to offset the cost each month, or if purchasing as an investment property, it’s a great way to pay the entire mortgage each month and even make a little (or a lot of) profit. Overall, tiny homes are a great option when looking to purchase a second home and should be considered a top pick when starting your search in Myrtle Beach.

    Why Should I Consider a Tiny Home in Myrtle Beach?

    Myrtle Beach is a very desirable location that offers guests and residents the best of shopping, dining, and entertainment. The beaches are beautiful, golf is world-class and people flock there year-round to enjoy everything the area has to offer. With that said, purchasing a home of any sort in Myrtle Beach is a wonderful investment, but a tiny home is especially special. There are many quaint, beautiful tiny homes around the city and near the water that are perfect for families of all sizes and budgets, but they may be difficult for you to search for online as they are not always listed. Leave that to us. We can schedule a time to show you a tiny house in person that fits your wishlist and checks off all the criteria you are looking for.

    For a list of small homes for sale in Myrtle Beach, click here. We have helped numerous families find their perfect tiny home, and we encourage you to pick up the phone and let the Jerry Pinkas Real Estate Experts help you find your ideal tiny home in Myrtle Beach today. You never know, your future house or vacation home may be one click or call away!

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