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20 Irresistible Restaurants in Myrtle Beach SC [2024 Guide]

Myrtle Beach is without a doubt one of the most fascinating cities in South Carolina, and some would even argue the whole country. With its sandy beaches, lush green vegetation, and captivating attractions, the city draws in a great number of tourists and prospective homebuyers every year.

Of the numerous places and attractions in Myrtle Beach, one industry stands out from the rest in terms of quality, attractiveness, and satisfaction – the restaurants.

Restaurants in Myrtle Beach are renowned all over the area by those who know them. For tourists and people new to the area, however, it may be tough making a decision as to which of them are the best in their categories.

Add this to the fact that an average Myrtle Beach restaurant would probably be the best if it were located in another area, and picking the best of the best starts to become a really difficult task.

There is absolutely no need to fret just yet, however. We have prepared in this guide a list of 20 irresistible restaurants in Myrtle Beach, SC, along with a few additional honorable mentions. Most of the entries on our list are award-winning restaurants with 5-star ratings and a reputation for leaving customers incredibly satisfied and wanting more.

Without further ado, here are 20 irresistible restaurants in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.

Top 20 Restaurants In Myrtle Beach, SC

Hook and Barrel

Website –

Hook and Barrel earn the topmost spot on our list mainly because it would be absolutely unthinkable to make a compilation of the best, most irresistible restaurants in Myrtle Beach, SC, and not include this stunning spectacle of a restaurant.

Why is the restaurant so renowned and highly rated, you ask? Well, where do we even start? The director of the establishment, Chef Heidi Kukov, is nothing short of a maestro when it comes to the culinary arts. 

Having first conquered the daunting world of bistros and bakeries, she turned her attention to seafood through Hook and Barrel, and now she can be said to have passed that challenge, too, with flying colors.

Here there’s prosecco served from a tap to go along with your crab cake sliders and remoulade slathered on challah buns, then tipped with kohlrabi slaw. And that’s just for getting started. 

Once you’re done, feel free to finish with the renowned pan-seared scallops to wrap up the encore.

Lastly, it is worth mentioning that just as good as the food at Hook and Barrel is the ambiance of its interior, which is usually bustling with light and jellyfish lamps that never fail to bring its posh, wooden exterior to life.

El Cerro Grande

Website –

El Cerro Grande is a famous Mexican restaurant in North Myrtle Beach. Many who have dined here have remarked that they offer some of the best Mexican cuisines they have ever tasted, a claim to which we can attest.

The restaurant welcomes a lot of first-timers, so much so that even to returning customers, it is always as though El Cerro Grande is looking to make a first impression with its meals at all times. 

We suppose it is thanks to this same reason that warmth and homeliness is usually palpable whenever one visits this simple-enough establishment. The employees wear a smile and give you the type of welcoming greeting that confirms the art of waiter friendliness is not quite dead just yet.

Chips are always fresh, as are all the other foods on their menu, which include salsas, nachos, grilled cheese, steaks, and quesadillas. There are also special diets available in the form of fully vegan, and vegetarian-friendly options.

All in all, El Cerro Grande stands out for its noteworthy Mexican cuisine contribution to North Myrtle Beach, and for the warmth and professionalism of its employees.

Cafe Old Vienna

Website –

Cafe Old Vienna secures a spot on our list for its reputation, incredible cuisine, and coziness. It is a German restaurant located just adjacent to a Piggly Wiggly store, and if that on its own isn’t fascinating enough, you’ll definitely not be disappointed by the dressing of the waiters here.

They all dress in lederhosen, and bartenders dress like the blonde on the St. Pauli Girl bottle. But the appeal of Cafe Old Vienna is not solely in its coziness, nor in the unique dressings of its waiters and bartenders. People who visit Cafe Old Vienna also go there for the deliciousness and simplicity of its menus. Expect no souffles but be very prepared to surfeit on some incredible Viennese gulasch, jagerschnitzel with red cabbage and spätzle, and of course bratwurst with sauerkraut.

Located on the infamous Grand Strand, tourists and locals have flocked to the doors of Cafe Old Vienna for two decades now, looking for that very thing we all look for in places to dine – good food, and a feeling of adventure.

Villa Romana

Website –

Villa Romana stands out for its incredible entree of Italian food. It is quite common to find this restaurant near the top of anyone’s list of the best restaurants in Myrtle Beach, and it isn’t hard at all to see why. 

The general manager, Jaclyn Pappas, reflects the warmth of the restaurant through her close relations with customers who visit Villa Romana, sometimes even going out of her way to prepare special dishes for customers who want something that isn’t on the menu. 

The waiters and employees share in this warmth, and many who visit the restaurant do not forget to include the welcoming atmosphere as some of the best they’ve had.

To go with this, Villa Romana offers some of the best cuisines in Myrtle Beach. The Veal Absolut is a popular recommendation, along with the side pasta and red sauce. 

Fettuccine Alfredo, lamb chops, and eggplant parmesan are some other great dishes you can treat yourself to at Villa Romana.

It is also worth noting that Villa Romana’s dishes are incredibly well-priced for quality and hospitality. If you ever find yourself around the area, we definitely advise paying this beautiful restaurant a visit. You won’t regret it.

Sea Captains House

Website –

It is impossible to compile a list of the most irresistible restaurants in Myrtle Beach without leaving a place for Sea Captain’s house. As its name implies, this restaurant is for those with a sense of thrill and an appetite for shrimp.

Located around a 21-story Caribbean Resort, Sea Captain’s house has been around since 1962. In that time it has won numerous hearts over, and a handful of awards to boot. 

Unsurprisingly, having been around for so long, there is a feeling of homeliness and a vintage charm about Captains Sea House, even as it sits separated from a grand resort by a pool and waterside. 

The menu offers a classic, old-school experience. Shrimp and grits and pecan-crusted grouper. 

All in all, the experience of dining at the Sea Captains House is enriched by the calmness of its surrounding ambiance, and the dependability of its trusted menu. So while you may not find fancy, avant-garde dishes here, you will find the best seafood you have ever eaten. 

Gino’s Real New York Pizza

Website –

Gino’s Real New York Pizza is regarded by many to be the ultimate pizza and pasta place in the whole of Myrtle Beach. And yes, they do serve real New York Pizza here. So real, in fact, that visitors from all over New York who come over to Myrtle Beach regard the restaurant as the only reliable place to satisfy their pizza and pasta cravings. 

Medium cheese with pepperoni and sausage is a popular choice around here. It is also cut and served large enough to feed an army. This is another highlight of the restaurant – the relatively cheap prices and undeniably large pizza slices.

You can choose to get started with some chicken fingers, and fried mushrooms, or try their signature Pinwheels before making your decision regarding which pizza to go with. The Sicilian Pizza is our recommendation, although the Bada Bing is a close second.

The restaurant might not be the fanciest you have ever been to, but the general ambiance is perfect for a simple family meal sitting. You can, of course, also order “to go”, or request delivery.

Service is always great here. The employees go about their business with a high level of professionalism, and you don’t have to wait for an eon to get your orders. In case you ever find yourself in the Grand Strand with a huge appetite for some good pizza at an incredible price, be sure to pay a quick visit to Ginos.

Fowler Dining Room

Website –

There are so many great aspects of dining at Fowler Dining Room that it is almost impossible to highlight a singular point as being of special importance. This restaurant is run by a quite renowned director, Joseph Bonaparte, who has a handful of students from the International Culinary institute under him.

And once they get to work, there is no denying how unbelievable their end products are. Their weekly offerings include coq au vin dishes inspired as far back as the French Troisgros dynasty, edamame, blue crab gyoza, and a handful of other exotic meals that leave you wanting to return to the table as fast as possible.

It is this mix of incredible skill, quality, and range that separates Fowler Dining Room from the pack and makes it deserving of a spot on our list.

Captain Benjamin’s Calabash Seafood Buffet

Website –

Lots of people believe that heading to Myrtle Beach was one of the best decisions they ever made. A lot of the same people also believe that dining at Captain Benjamin’s Calabash Seafood Buffet is a close second. 

There are quite a handful of incredible seafood places all around Myrtle Beach. To stand out among all of them, you must have something magnificent that others don’t. For Captain Benjamin’s it is the magnificent calabash-style dishes on offer here that ensure people all over the area keep coming here for a state of a unique experience.

The restaurant offers an all-you-can-eat experience with oysters, clams, a raw bar with shrimp, and an array of lightly battered seafood seasoned to perfection.

Without a doubt, though, the most popular buffet on Captain Benjamin’s menu is the Alaskan King Crabs Legs, an item so popular it is literally plastered all over the town in advertisements for the restaurant.

All in all, Captain Benjamin’s offers authentic calabash-style seafood that, in our opinion, almost rivals the very best in the nation. So if you’re looking to spoil yourself on a night of glorious seafood gluttony, be sure to check out this amazing restaurant.

Paula Deen’s Family Kitchen

Website –

Paula Deen’s family kitchen is located on Broadway at the Beach, and it does give you a show. As the name implies, the restaurant is a cozy, southern, family-style restaurant with a homely atmosphere alongside its traditional southern meals.

Here you get to enjoy the very best simple dishes such as gravy, cheesy biscuits, green beans, fried chicken, and a host of other southern dishes. The cheesy biscuits and sweet tea are particularly popular here, and it isn’t hard to see why.

A taste of these and you feel at home immediately. Apart from the homeliness and coziness of the menu itself, Paula Deen’s Family Kitchen takes its warmth to another level with the friendly reception that every customer, new or returning, gets showered with.

One other area in which the restaurant stands out is its great location, not just in terms of accessibility, but also in terms of proximity to other activity hubs around Myrtle Beach. After dining at Paula Deen’s, you can easily get access to a host of fun stores, souvenir shops, playgrounds, parks, and aquariums all within walking distance.

Pier 14 Restaurant & Lounge

Website –

Obviously, every entry that makes it onto our list of the most irresistible restaurants in Myrtle Beach offers something special. Still, it would not be an exaggeration to say that Pier 14 Restaurant & Lounge is one of the best of its kind around the Myrtle Beach area.

They serve salads, fried seafood, crab legs, sandwiches, and many more delicious food & drinks. And despite the array of other associated highlights that helps the restaurant stand out, their foods are also absolutely brilliant.

Speaking of associated highlights, though, Pier 14 has the unique advantage of being located on a fishing pier. Imagine dining on the best seafood you’ve ever had while surrounded by the ocean in all its magnificence. 

This is exactly what Pier 14 restaurant has to offer. And of course, there is also a lounge where you can always relax and take the load off while immersing yourself in the awe of the views all around you.

There are also numerous parks and activities around Pier 14, including Plyler Park, the Marvelous Mirror Maze, and Sky Wheel Myrtle Beach, among others.

And just in case you’re still in the mood for more desserts after you leave, there are more than enough options within walking distance to help you satisfy your craving without any hassle whatsoever.

Banditos Cantina

Website –

We have already highlighted a couple of Mexican restaurants in Myrtle Beach and Banditos Cantina is right up there with the very best. In the midst of incredible Mexican restaurants, Banditos Cantina sets itself apart by providing something of a mix of classic Mexican dishes, along with contemporary and coastal cuisines.

People who dine at this restaurant never cease to specially highlight the quality of the food. Many have described it as authentic, superb, and scintillating. 

Without a doubt, the highlight of their wonderful menu has to be the mason jar margarita with the Baja Shrimp Burrito, a customer favorite that has become something of a flagship of the restaurant.

And in case you’re like us, and never satisfied with dry dessert only, there is enough tequila at Banditos Cantina to last a lifetime. 

Another highlight of the restaurant worth pointing out is the rooftop view it provides of the sparkling sea. One of the things that make Myrtle Beach interesting is the stunning view you get to experience around the area. The Banditos Cantina rooftop helps you take it all in, while simultaneously taking in the delight of a brilliant margarita.

The Library

Website –

This French-inspired restaurant contributes much-needed European-style fine dining to the Myrtle Beach restaurant scene. From the architecture to the menu, The Library transports you and your taste buds to a delightful European night sitting by a cafe in the south of France enjoying the best that area has to offer.

Picture yourself enjoying a Steak Diane prepared tableside so that you may get as full an experience as possible. As you enjoy your gourmet food, you also enjoy the drama and depending on how far you’re willing to go, you may even top it up with a Duck L’Orange just because you can.

The customer service at The Library is also top-notch. The waiters are as professional as waiters come. They’re dressed in tuxedos, and together they perfectly complement the speakeasy theme of the bar.

The Library falls into the category of upscale restaurants in Myrtle Beach that strike the perfect balance between class, elegance, and a homely, enjoyable atmosphere.

Fire and Smoke

Website –

In case you find yourself in Myrtle Beach on the lookout for a gastropub with a special focus on gourmet fusion fares, Fire and Smoke is the place to be. 

Staying true to its name, Fire and Smoke offers a lively, vibrant atmosphere as the “smoke” follows the fire and intense excitement of their cutting-edge dishes. 

The restaurant is known for drawing inspiration from classic American dishes, particularly southern comfort foods adored in coastal Carolina. These incredible dishes are made with local, fresh ingredients.

All of these, of course, make Fire and Smoke a particularly popular restaurant among the locals. But it is also getting quite as popular with the tourists too.

Another highlight of the restaurant is the cocktails, usually made to always fit perfectly with your meals. They offer an array of small-batch brews for customers who don’t feel like going with the cocktails.

Lastly, Fire and Smoke is renowned for its thoughtful and creative dishes. Jambalaya, Wagyu better, and duck confit nachos, are some of the amazing dishes you can treat yourself to at this fine establishment.

Big Mike’s Soul Food

Website –

Ask anyone what makes Myrtle Beach stand out and no doubt you will have many people remark that it is the mix of classic homely feeling and vibrant modernity that you get around the area. Very few restaurants in Myrtle Beach personify this feeling as much as Big Mike’s Soul Food. 

These are simply classic home dishes at the very best level they can be made. For those who have prior experiences with soul food, Big Mike’s offers a timely reminder of the satisfaction this southern dish has to offer. And for those who have never tasted it before, there is no better introduction to its magnificence than a few hours spent at Big Mike’s getting acquainted. 

The meat-and-three succulent special, along with a hunk of cornbread is the cornerstone. Then you can proceed to shore up with barbeque ribs, pork chops, fried chicken, meats, and more meats. 

You also get to choose from an array of options including collard greens, mac n cheese, mashed potatoes, and fried okra for the fixings.

Just like Myrtle Beach and the Grand Strand, Soul Food is there to nourish your body, mind, and soul, and there’s no better place to get all three in one go than paying a visit to Big Mike’s Soul Food.

Rockefellers Raw Bar

Website –

In every town, in every city, there is usually one hidden gem of a restaurant revered but kept a secret for fear it might be ruined for the few who are in on its awesomeness. 

In Myrtle Beach, this hidden gem is none other than Rockefellers Bar, and we’re letting you in on the secret now so that you may also partake of its awesomeness. From delicious cuisines cooked in steam kettles to a great ambiance perfectly suited for consuming the best seafood you’ve ever had, dining at Rockefellers is an experience you’ll definitely remember once you’re done and have a chance to look back at the moment.

Make no mistake, this place is casual enough. No grandiose design of special amusement going on. All you have is great food and a terrific atmosphere, two criteria that many would argue are all anyone needs in the first place.

For a casual meal, we advise you to go with any of the shrimp, scallops, oysters, and martini. There’s also wine and marinara for those who are in the mood for something spicy.

For a complete meal, lobster, tuna, and steak are what we recommend. As mentioned earlier, the atmosphere around Rockefeller’s bar is great for relaxing, making friends, and just having the coolest time of your life.

Crave Italian Oven & Bar

Website –

In case you haven’t noticed by now, there are quite a lot of awesome Italian places in Myrtle Beach. Crave is another one of them. What makes Crave stand out, though, is its undeniably “hip” aesthetics as opposed to the complete classical nature of the other Italian entries on our list.

And yes, despite the hipness and modern elegance, their pizzas are absolutely classic and incredible. 

The main highlight here is the red brick oven. This is where the magic happens. This is where the pizzas are made to perfection. And to epitomize the mix of modern and classic, you get to enjoy watching your pizzas being made while you sit outside anticipating the great delight that is sure to land on your table anytime now.

And sure enough, on your table soon lands a wonderful orchestra of mouthwatering toppings among which you can discern some prosciutto, Italian goat cheese, and balsamic glaze all co-existing in perfect harmony. 

If you ever do pay a visit to Crave Italian Oven & Bar, be sure not to forget the meatballs. The meatballs are essential at Crave. The cocktails are also just as important, simply because of how perfect they are.

Blue Elephant Thai Cuisine 

Website –

This is after all a list of the most irresistible restaurants in Myrtle Beach, and when it comes to irresistibility there are only very few attractions that can rival the best Thai restaurant in all of the area.

Located on the main strip, Blue Elephant offers not just the best Thai food, but also a brilliant array of Asian cuisines all-round.

The Thai dishes, of course, are the main attraction. The artistry involved in Blue Elephant’s Thai menus sees them striking the perfect balance between spiciness, subtlety, and sweet and sour qualities.

To this end, there are four options you can choose from regarding the type of curry you prefer. You have the Spicy Red, Spicy Green, Spicy Yellow, and the Musaman. In our experience, you really can’t go wrong with any of them. 

Aesthetics is another huge appeal of Blue Elephant. The atmosphere is stunning, decorated with eclectic art rivaled only in beauty by the food. 

You can also rest assured that you’ll be having some great soup here. From the highly regarded Tom Yum Goong to the Pad Ka-Prao, you basically can’t go wrong when you choose to dine at Blue Elephant.

Gulfstream Cafe

Website –

Many have described Gulfstream Cafe as a dream. Food is a dream – a beautiful, pleasant dream that you never want to end. The atmosphere, too, is a dream. Most essentially, though, the view here is an absolute, stunning dream.

Gulfstream gives a perfect view of Murrells Inlet and its hypnotic scape, thereby giving those who dine here the feeling of being in a pleasantly dramatic dream. We recommend rooftop seats for the best experience. 

High on the rooftop deck, you get to take it all in even better while having the perfect set-up for that viral Instagram photo.

Gulfstream Cafe is an upscale restaurant. For thirty years it has been providing tourists and locals around the area with popular Southern Seafood. 

Legendary around here is the Jumbo Lump Crab Cakes, a recommended dish we can guarantee you’d love. The Southern Fried Seafood Platter is also just as legendary. 

Collector’s Cafe & Gallery

Website –

This stunning cafe derives its name from the fact that it serves as a spot to enjoy incredible cuisines while enjoying incredible art. The owners of the cafe are the ultimate curators. 

Built-in a similar fashion to European coffee houses, where you get to experience a quite mellow and peaceful ambiance, soaking in great art while enjoying some of the better cuisines in Myrtle Beach.

The gallery isn’t just for show either. There are so many incredibly talented artists whose works are put on display and sold right away. 

The dishes are just as functional too. Sure, sometimes they look just as good as the art around them, but they are also just as beautiful to swallow. From Cajun Pasta to Bouillabaisse and Grilled Miso Salmon, there is more than enough variety going around to satisfy even the most ardent critic.

The cafe is also known for its active social and cultural scene, hosting events such as fairs and auctions on a regular basis. So in case, you’re looking to satisfy your cravings for art, a good meal, and a bit of culture all at once, Collector’s Cafe in Myrtle Beach SC is the place to be.

Angelo’s Steaks & Pasta

Website –

Angelo’s Steaks & Pasta rounds up our list because we have done what all great curators do – saved the best for last! 

Angelo’s slogan claims that the restaurant has “The Greatest Steaks in the Universe”. And while this may be seen as something of a slight exaggeration, it is no exaggeration to say that they perhaps have the best steaks in all of Myrtle Beach. 

And yes, this is putting into consideration all of the incredible steak houses in the Grand Strand.

Having been around for more than 40 years, many people attribute Angelo’s excellence to their experience. In all those forty years filled with numerous awards and accolades, they continue to prove that maybe it isn’t impossible for them to achieve the loft mission laid out in their slogan. 

The steaks here are the highlight, but they are far from being the only point of attraction. Angelo’s all-you-can-eat Italian buffet is also a sight to behold. Spaghetti meatballs, Italian sausage, meat and cheese ravioli, and tortellini alfredo are all made to perfection here.

Lastly, Angelo’s also offers a great degree of variety in terms of the ambiance you prefer to have as you dine. They provide 4 dining room options all with their own unique aesthetics.

Restaurants in Myrtle Beach

Honorable Mentions

Bennett’s Calabash Seafood

The second Calabash Seafood place we’ve mentioned in our collection, Bennett’s Calabash Seafood has been around Myrtle Beach since 1978. In all this time, it has made a name for itself as one of the best seafood buffet places in the area.

Some of the items available here include Alaskan Snow Crab Legs, Shrimp Scampi, Grilled Tuna, Stuffed Crabs, Flounder, Homemade Crab Cake, Salmon, Baked Alaskan White Fish, Prime Rib, Rib-Eye Steaks, Southern Fried Chicken, and many more.

Bennet’s Calabash Seafood currently has three locations around the Grand Strand.

River City Cafe

River City Cafe is a simple burger shop known for its vibrant decor and lovely bacon cheese fries. Definitely not one of the most upscale restaurants in our collection, River City stands out for its simplicity and elegance.

In case you’re ever in need of a dose of simplicity around Myrtle Beach, with a particular craving for a basket of peanuts and a large selection of burgers, and salads, River City Cafe is definitely the place to be.

There are also a few activity centers and places of amusement around the cafe to visit once you’re done with your meal.

Dave & Buster’s

Dave & Buster’s is more than just a restaurant and arcade that is why we only include it as part of our honorable mentions and not the main list. Located on Broadway at the Beach, this vibrant destination is regarded by many as the ultimate entertainment spot for people around this area of Myrtle Beach.

Despite the fact that it is majorly an entertainment site, the food and drink at Dave & Buster’s are superb and can rival some of the very best around the area. The chef’s menu prioritizes flavor and fun, as can be seen in their offerings of Pepperoni Pretzel Pull-Apart, Slow-Cooked Smokehouse BBQ Ribs, and Avocado Toast with Mexican Street Corn.

They also offer some newly listed dishes such as the Tuscan Chicken Alfredo.

The drinks here are known to be quite innovative, with handcrafted original cocktails leaving the way. Bloody Marys, Traditional Mojitos, Strawberry Watermelons, and Margarita over Strawberry ice cubes are some of the other notable drinks at Dave & Buster’s.

Lenny’s Pancake House

When it comes to breakfast in Myrtle Beach, Lenny’s Pancake House is simply one of the most irresistible options you’ll find. This cozy little destination is known to be a pleasant getaway among residents of the area.

Its charm lies in being somewhere you can go to relax and focus on what’s on your mind without getting distracted by the activities happening around you. And in a place like Myrtle Beach with all the tourist activities, having a place like this on your list is not a bad idea at all.

Apart from its pleasant ambiance and aura, the restaurant also offers a truly delicious array of breakfast dishes. Their buffet is complete with sausage, eggs, fruit, pancake and basically everything you would require from a breakfast place. 

Another importance of having a place like Lenny’s Pancake House to go to is its appeal to kids. The establishment is designed with a little house, tree, and barn to keep the little ones occupied without removing anything from the general tranquility of the place.

And despite its relative seclusion from the tourist trap areas of the city, Lenny’s Pancake House offers close proximity to many essential shops, and mini golf courses, along with ice cream and candy bars for the kids.

Aspen Grille 

Possibly the best destination in Myrtle Beach to enjoy live music and great dishes, Aspen Grille serves decadent southern cuisines and finely plated meals.

On the menu, you’ll find beautifully served meals such as French onion soup, charcuterie plates, and stakes. It is rare to find such high-end meals served in a place that offers live music as well. And this is one of the most irresistible appeals of Aspen Grille.

If you’re someone with an appetite for variety in dessert, Aspen Grille would suit you perfectly. You can always come here with an open mind knowing there would be more than enough options on the menu to choose from, depending on how you’re feeling.

Among the sweet dessert options, you’re free to choose from including rich layered cake, ice cream, and creme brulee.

The meals, as mentioned earlier, are always fresh and served to perfection. Sometimes they look so beautiful you might even not want to eat them and instead choose to take them home and look at them forever.

As for the atmosphere here, the fact that one gets to enjoy brilliant meals and jazz music already paints a perfect enough picture.

Top Restaurants in Myrtle Beach SC

If you have stayed with us this far, congratulations, you now have everything you need to recognize the very best restaurants in Myrtle Beach.

Right at the top of our list is the popular Hook and Barrel restaurant, known for its award-winning buffets. The El Cerro Grande and Banditos Cantina are our major Mexican recommendations, while Blue Elephant Thai Cuisine is our only selection for Thai and all things Asian food in Myrtle Beach.

There are a handful of great Italian restaurants on our list. Villa Romana, Crave Italian Oven & Bar, and Gino’s Real New York Pizza are prime trailblazers.

For brilliant German cuisine, Cafe Old Vienna is without a doubt the best option.

As evidenced by our list, Myrtle Beach is blessed with a lot of great seafood places. Sea Captains House, Captain Benjamin’s, Pier 14 Restaurant & Lounge, and Gulfstream Cafe are among the best of the best.

Big Mike’s Soul Food is our soul food recommendation, while Fire & Smoke and Angela’s Steak & Pasta are your ultimate destination for the best steaks in Myrtle Beach.

Lastly, on our honorable mentions list, we have included some establishments that are known for their incredible dishes along with some other additional activities. For instance, Dave & Buster’s is known for not just being a restaurant, but a general place of entertainment. Aspen Grille, despite having some of the best high-end dishes in the city, also provides additional entertainment in the form of live music and jazz nights that are simply irresistible.

Final Thoughts on 20 Irresistible Restaurants in Myrtle Beach SC  

Myrtle Beach in 2023 has become one of the best and most pleasant tourist destinations in the country. This has led to the establishment of some irresistible restaurants in the area. From Italian places to European-style cafes, Myrtle Beach has definitely risen up to the challenge of quality food and dining.

With such a large array of great restaurants, making a decision as to the very best can be a daunting experience, and that is where our list above comes in.

Thanks to our compilation of these stunning Myrtle Beach restaurants and bars, you can go about your business or pleasure in the area knowing that you’ll get good food and the overall dining experience as long as you follow the recommendations above. 

We have also made sure to include as much variety as possible so that no matter how long you stick around, you never run out of options.

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