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    Buyer’s Agent Myrtle Beach SC

    Buyer's Agent Myrtle Beach SC
    Buyer’s Agent Myrtle Beach SC

    Myrtle Beach Real Estate Experts Announce Al Hava as a top buyers agent in Myrtle Beach, SC. The Jerry Pinkas Real Estate Experts has always been known for their buyers’ agent and the top-shelf service they offer to their clients

    When Al and his family relocated to the Grand Strand from Northern Maryland they used the Jerry Pinkas Real Estate team to find them the perfect new home. They loved the experience so much they decided to join the team. Al is a full-time Buyers Specialist. Al’s knowledge of renovation and home improvement will be an excellent addition to our team of experts. As Myrtle Beach and the surrounding areas continue to grow, the Jerry Pinkas Team manages to stay ahead of the game with its top-notch agents.


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