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    Motivation To Move To Myrtle Beach

    I had a customer come in the office and she bought a house.  She had a long term goal.  She was working in an Altheimers ward on the 3rd shift and sleeping during the day.  She wanted to move to the beach. She told us that she really appreciated eveything I did with the videos and that it kept her motivated.  It was very hard for her, becasue she had a problem seeing forward to her goal, becasue she was in a funk.

    So she saw the videos, the daily listing alerts, and this was the only thing that kept her going, putting one foot in front of the other.  Many people have emailed me or messaged me and told me about things you are going through. It could be chemo, it could be divorce, it could be a lot of things.

    But I want you to know you should think about the long-term goals.  Think about it – anything big in your life just didn’t happen. You had to plan for it.  You had to think about it.  You had to have a goal, and every day you have to work towards that goal.

    I appreciate you for letting me know, and thanking me for all that I’ve posted on Facebook, all of our social medias, the videos, and listing alerts.  If you’re not getting the listing alerts, go ahead and sign up here.

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