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Category: Myrtle Beach Real Estate

    Why is Real Estate So Cheap in Myrtle Beach?

    By Jerry Pinkas | December 26, 2023

    Myrtle Beach, with its stunning ocean views, vibrant community, and countless entertainment options, is a dream destination for many. But one question lingers in the minds of those considering a move or investment: Why is real estate so affordable in Myrtle Beach? In this blog post, we’ll delve into the factors that contribute to the... Read More

    January 2022 Myrtle Beach Housing Market Trends

    By Jerry Pinkas | January 14, 2022

    Data shows that Myrtle Beach homes have risen in price and that the area has increased in population. Read More

    Sunshine and Sweet Tea: What You Need to Know About Moving to South Carolina Beaches

    By jpinkas | November 20, 2018

    Many people are making the move South – South Carolina, that is. Families, young professionals, and retirees are all realizing that the state has many attributes that make it extremely attractive. Between the glorious climate and natural landscape to the great amenities and financial incentives, you too may want to relocate to this state when you... Read More

    Can I Make Money With Short Term Rentals?

    By jpinkas | September 17, 2018

    Best Places to Buy a Vacation Rental Property It is no secret that Myrtle Beach, SC is a popular destination for many couples, families, retirees, and vacationers throughout the year. People are drawn to the beautiful beaches and incredible lifestyle that this area affords its residents and guests. Knowing the draw and popularity of the area,... Read More

    Can I Buy A Piece Of Land In Myrtle Beach And Build On It Later?

    By jpinkas | August 31, 2018

    Have you ever been in your car singing along to your favorite song, driven past an open plot of land in a neighborhood and thought to yourself how perfect it would be to build a house on it? Well if you have, you are not alone! A question we get asked all the time here... Read More

    Buying A New Construction Home In Myrtle Beach

    By jpinkas | August 24, 2018

    New Construction Homes in Myrtle Beach Are you starting your search for a new home in beautiful Myrtle Beach, SC and find yourself wondering if purchasing a new construction home is the right path for you and your family? Do you ever wonder about the perks that accompany a new build versus a slightly older... Read More

    Top Things To Avoid When You Are Purchasing A Condo

    By jpinkas | August 17, 2018

    Have you or someone you know been thinking of buying a condo in beautiful Myrtle Beach, SC? Are you excited about the possibilities of condo living, but have questions or concerns about the buying process? Do you stay awake at night wondering about all the things you should/need to avoid when looking to purchase a condo, and... Read More

    What Are The Closing Costs To Sell Real Estate In Myrtle Beach?

    By Jerry Pinkas | August 3, 2018

    Have you been thinking of selling your home in Myrtle Beach, SC and find yourself wondering all the potential costs that are associated as a seller? Do you find yourself scratching your head whenever someone starts talking about the selling process and all it entails? If so, today’s blog post is for you! While some may... Read More

    How Long Does It Take To Sell A Home In Myrtle Beach?

    By Jerry Pinkas | July 27, 2018

    Have you been thinking of putting your Myrtle Beach, SC home on the market and find yourself wondering how long it will take for the perfect buyer to come along and purchase it? Myrtle Beach, SC is a hot destination and many people are making the move to enjoy the incredible lifestyle that our wonderful city affords.... Read More

    Why Do Some Myrtle Beach Properties Expire Or Fail To Sell?

    By Jerry Pinkas | July 20, 2018

    It’s a classic scenario: family gets excited to sell their house, the family finds and hires the first realtor they see online, realtor says he/she will sell their house quickly and for top dollar, the house sits on the market for months, contract with realtor expires, house fails to sell. Has this scenario played out for... Read More

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