Myrtle Beach South Carolina Myrtle Beach pet friendly condos for sale – restricted breeds?

Myrtle Beach pet friendly condos for sale – restricted breeds?

Today many people have pets in as matter fact many people have dogs but a question that comes up a lot of times is I see it's a pet friendly condo and are there are certain breeds of dogs that are not allowed? Or I also see that it's pet friendly but only to owner Pats. Or I see it's pet friendly but does that mean I can rent to people with pets. Or is there a weight limit for a pet friendly condo for sale. These are all the questions and I get asked them over and over. Not so simple to summit all up in a video but each condo complex has its own restrictions or what they call D covenants. In there is the covenants are what you can and can't do for each individual building or complex. We know the ones to stay away from and we also know the ones that are very good. This is what we do we do it every day and were very good at it. I know you have questions and we have answers give us a call 843-839-9870 Jerry Pinkas real estate experts. -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Please watch: "Questions To Ask When Buying A Home | Jerry Pinkas" -~-~~-~~~-~~-~-
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