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Why List With The Jerry Pinkas Home Selling Team?

Why List With The Jerry Pinkas Home Selling Team?

Who you choose to represent you in this transaction can help you, or hurt you when it comes to getting what you deserve from the sale of your property.  Our Goal is to get you the most amount of money in the least amount of time and with the least amount of hassles. We strive to provide you with the best service in the industry.

There are many factors involved in selling Real Estate, whether it is a condo, or a house. It really boils down to aggressive marketing, a sound pricing strategy, knowing the numerous options that are available to and finally, having an expert agent working for you.

This year Less than 23% of the listed properties Sold!

In today’s changing Real Estate Market, you need every advantage to selling your home for top dollar. That means your Realtor, their track record and experience is more important than ever. 

We study the market daily to help advise our clients to make the best decisions, and opt for the most exposure to their property, and set the best price that will attract potential buyers.

When you decide to buy and sell your home, go with the team that will guarantee you more. Selling one of your largest investments is a huge step and the right Realtor can make the process quick and easy....resulting you more money!

Don’t list your home to let it expire; hire the Realtor that will get it sold in the least amount of time for the most amount of money for you!

“After eighteen months and to other real estate companies, we contacted Jerry Pinkas Real Estate Selling Team to list our condo for sale. In a very short time, we had more favorable activity than in the previous eighteen months. With Jerry Pinkas, we had a solid contract within 60 days!  We were very pleased with Jerry's professionalism and friendly demeanor.  We would highly recommend Jerry Pinkas Team for all your buying or selling real estate needs"  
Andrew & Gloria Tippett

Why Homeowners DON’T go to the same Real Estate Agent

“With very few condos selling in our building, The Jerry Pinkas Real Estate Selling Team was able to get ours sold in less than 30 days; after being on the market with another company for 1 1/2 years”.  -  Forrest and Michele Browning

According to the National Association of Realtors Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers, 69% of all homeowners DO NOT go back to the same Realtor!    Why?

1. Lack of Communication
2. Too many promises, nothing delivered
3. Little to no marketing of my home
4. Priced my home unrealistically
5. Hard to get in contact with
6. No advice on how to stage my home
7. Less experienced than what they appeared
8. Most buyers weren’t qualified
9. Lack of professionalism
10. Promised a selling price far from reality
11. Didn’t show my home
12. Too busy
13. Didn’t listen to what I wanted
14. Poor negotiating skills
15. Sold my home for a low price
16. Left out important details
17. Lack of representation
18. Too pushy
19. My home didn’t sell
20. Didn’t do anything I couldn’t have

- Jerry Pinkas Real Estate Selling Team averaged 1.75% more money for home sellers than the average Realtor!
- Jerry Pinkas Team List to Sale Price Average 94.43%
- The entire MLS List to Sale Price Average 92.68%

• Would you entrust a surgeon with your life that has had 11 successful
surgeries and still practices with equipment and knowledge from 1960’s?

• If you were on trial for murder, would you consult a lawyer who has
in court twice and only refers to the books he used in college for examples?

• In real estate, there are well known facts on how most agents conduct
business. The pitfalls are typical and unfortunate.

Most agents:
• Promise too much to too many customers and lose focus

• Have little or no support staff and end up wasting time,
energy and money

• Sell few properties due to lack of efficiency

• Limited resources

"We just wanted to let you know how pleased we were with your services in selling our condominium.  In a buyer's market, with very few condos selling in our building, you were able to get ours sold in less than 30 days; after being on the market with another company for 1 1/2 years.  We really appreciate your honesty about the Myrtle Beach market and your ability to get our condo in front of the right people."    Forrest and Michele Browning

20 Critical QUESTIONS You must ask your Realtor
1) Are you a license Real Estate Agent?                                      YES
2) Are you FULL TIME?                                                                    YES
3) Do you specialize in existing condos and home sales?           YES
4) Do you have a targeted Relocation Program?                         YES
5) Do you have a Personal Brochure and Resume?                     YES
6) Do you work with a team or alone?                                        TEAM
7) How many are on your staff?                                                 THREE +
8) Do you have a 30 day Marketing Plan?                                  YES
9) What is your list price to sales price ratio?                           94.43 %
10) How do you rank within your company?                             #1
11) How do you rank within your firm?                                     #2 in the entire State                             
12) Is your company nationally and locally owned?                  Local & National
13) Do you have visual tours?                                                      YES
14) How many websites will my home be found on?                 Roughly 135
15) Do you have your own in-house mortgage company?            YES
16) On average, how long does it take a listing to sell?                125 days
17) Do you control your marketing or does your broker?              I do
18) Are you a Top Producer?                                                          Yes
19) Can you sell my home?                                                            Absolutely!
20) How soon can you start?                                                           NOW

"We had a property listed with another agent for approximately one year. Jerry Pinkas sold our property within 2 months of the listing!  Overall, we had a very positive experience."   Thanks Again, Claudia & Emmett Hinger

The most successful real estate agents focus on what works. 

I have developed multiple systems that are proven to get results. We are always looking for innovative ideas to help you get the most out of your home selling experience.   We will...

A. Advertise the property where you can generate the most buyers

B. Build maximum buyer interest through our huge inventory of high impact yard signs throughout the community and a team of full time realtors to make it easy and convenient for buyers to get what
they want, when they want it.

C. Create an effective off-line marketing strategy using full-color property flyers, selected print media, and targeted direct mail campaigns to both the public and real estate agents.

D. Download your listing on the most respected and prominent real estate web portals including an expanded listing on,,,,, as well as the local MLS web site and Board of Realtors Multiple Listing System to create an intense interest from agents and buyers at large.

E. Extensive systems to entice other top Realtors throughout the community for a local agent to sell your home.

F. Funnel large groups of buyers who actively drive neighborhoods looking for properties for sale. Use our special signs and advertisements to get buyers through your door.

Keep in mind, top agents make strong promises of action and service, then back them up in writing to insure complete and accountability to their sell¬ers. They have highly efficient teams of trained professionals in place to take care of you throughout the entire real estate transaction.

With the Jerry Pinkas Real Estate Selling Team, you will find a highly efficient and focused team ready to do all they can to get your condo or house Sold!

- The 5 Point Guaranteed Marketing Approach  -

Throughout the Jerry Pinkas Team Sellers Guide, you will see our Guaranteed Results! Our system to a team approach with the process of multiple agents and resources to aggressively market and sell your home while seeing your transaction through every step to a successful completion. We work in an environment that demands quality service and guaranteed results. Each person on the team has a specific responsibility to you, our client, in the process of selling your property. Our team makes it the possibility of getting your home sold fast and for top dollar a REALITY.

Optimize Your Listing
“It’s not just about taking a listing – It’s all about getting it Sold”

1) List your property's special features and attributes
2) Print ads, local, national
3) MLS Listing Optimization
4) Email Broadcast Blast to other top agents
5) Email Broadcast Blast to Buyer Clients
6) Signs (if allowed)
7) Visual Home Tours
8) Direct mail campaigns
9) Internet – marketing websites
10) Aggressive online marketing
11) Display advertising
12) Full color property flyers
13) Leading Edge Technology Program
13) Our Proven System of verbal marketing methods
15) Direct Contact with our VIP Buyers

There are 3 types of buyers: in town, out of town, and buyers that are already working with other agents. Does your Realtor market to all buyers or just a few? In order to get the best offer on your home, make sure your home is marketed on every level.

We guarantee to market your home for more, and in more places. Our media sources are proven to effectively and aggressively advertise your home to the most amounts of qualified buyers.

Proven Programs:
• Innovative Consumer Programs
• Aggressive Advertising Programs
• Leading Edge Technology Programs

Who will write the Advertisement that will sell for you?

“Jerry Pinkas came highly recommended to us and were not disappointed. His level of professionalism and knowledge of the real estate market far exceeded our expectations.  He walked us through every step of the transaction, up to and including the settlement table. Jerry's assistant, is due high praise for his attention to detail though out the process.   My wife and I would not hesitate to recommend Jerry Pinkas for anyone's real estate needs in the Myrtle Beach area.”  - Dave & Valencia Lewis  

What you say about a property is what entices the buyer to want to see your property or not. The description of your home must pull the reader into an emotional state of mind that compels them to want to know more. There are subtle copy writing tips and techniques that are proven to be more effective than others. The Jerry Pinkas Real Estate Selling Team writes the kind of real estate ads that pull the kind of response that ordinary agents only dream about. We present our listed homes in the best light possible, giving our listed sellers a huge competitive advantage.

Consider this simple example:  Scenic View

There is one LETTER - not even a word - one letter that makes a SIGNIFICANT difference in the response rate this ad 

Further, there are hundreds of descriptive words to choose from, to put in front of ‘Ocean Views’.
Tranquil Ocean Views
Private Ocean Views
Incredible View Overlooking the Ocean & Beach

Different descriptive words attract different types of buyers, prepared to pay different prices. There is a CODE that must be cracked to do this, and to do this well....we’ve cracked that code. Our sales numbers speak for themselves.

With the Maximum Real Estate Sellers Guide, and the Jerry Pinkas Real Estate Selling Team, we create “Top of Mind Consciousness” for your home by increasing and reinforcing Buyer awareness. When you “pull the trigger” on listing your property with us, our advertising program immediately kicks into high gear by creating a full marketing program for your property.

Meet The Team

At the Jerry Pinkas Real Estate Selling Team, we take pride in ourselves, culture, and core values. You have a dedicated group of professionals working for YOU to get your property sold in the least amount of time and for the most amount of money. Our focus is our clients and keeping them informed every step of the real estate transaction. We will create the most productive and influential real estate team in the world by focusing on teamwork, leadership, and personal growth to achieve our goals. We will provide world class service; in return will create raving clients. We will create an image that is known throughout our community for service, results, and innovation. Our dedication to our mission will produce significant financial returns, allowing us to give back to our team and our community.

• Teamwork
• Leadership
• Hard work & Continuing Self Improvement
• Passion for Client Service
• People before Profits
• Positive Attitudes
• Fun & Creativity
• Integrity & Reputation
• Family

To create a fun, exciting and challenging environment of teamwork to help people achieve their goals.

Jerry Pinkas - Team Leader – Listing Specialist. Jerry kicked off his life long career by investing in real estate properties starting at the age of 21. Though his roots were in Baltimore Maryland, his love for the sand and sea ultimately led him to Myrtle Beach. “Some of my fondest childhood memories are of the vacations I spent with my family at the beach. I'm proud to call Myrtle Beach my home”. Jerry Pinkas is a successful Realtor, investor, business owner, author, and lecturer. He is considered by many to be “Best of the Best”.  He is a skillful and effective negotiator with superior real estate knowledge, and features innovative marketing ideas to sell your property quickly

Barb Dwulet – Sales Consultant – Buyers Agent.  Barb is a proud member of Jerry Pinkas’s team. Originally from Allentown, PA, Barb’s family relocated to Myrtle Beach in 2005. Barb prides herself on her strong work ethic and commitment to clients. Barb was a realtor and an investor in PA as well as in Myrtle Beach. Barb brings with her a wealth of information and predominately works as a buyer’s agent. Barb holds an ABR (Accredited Buyer’s Agent) designation. With Barb, there’s no question that you are her top priority!


Bob Natale – Sales Consultant – Buyers Agent.
Buyers Specialist - I really love what I do and I'm very passionate about real estate. Bob is trustworthy, honest, reliable and enjoys working with the Jerry Pinkas Real Estate Selling team. Bob always aspires to provide the ultimate in client/customer service.


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