Myrtle Beach Oceanfront Condos For Sale


Myrtle Beach Oceanfront Condos For Sale are all up and down the Grand Strand, there are 1, 2, 3, 4, and even 5 bedroom condos all over Myrtle Beach. What makes a condo different from any other hotel room is the ownership. A condominium is different from a hotel because a condo is a room in a resort that one owns. The front desk does not own the room, the person does. A condo can be in any building that is oceanfront. It can be in a brand new building or in an older building. Condos offer views of the ocean, whether they are oceanfront or ocean view.

What Does a Myrtle Beach Condo Have To Offer?

               Condos offer amenities such as indoor pools, outdoor pools, heated pools, lazy rivers, baby pools, kiddie pools, pools with fountains and dumping buckets, themed mini water parks with squirting animals, mushroom fountains, bubble fountains, water slides. Of course there is oceanfront views of the beach, beach services, parasailing, banana boating, sail boating, kite flying etc. There are jacuzzis, hot tubs, pool decks, tanning decks, island themed tiki bars, beach front bars, on site restaurants, oceanfront restaurants, breakfast buffets, sandwich shops, coffee shops and convenience stores. Some condos may offer conference rooms, game rooms, video game rooms, pool tables, air hockey tables, kids rooms, playgrounds, fitness facilities.

How Much Is A Condo In Myrtle Beach?

              While the market for real estate has been increasing, the sales for oceanfront property investment has been strong. The lure of the beach and ocean has not gone away. There is still a lot of value for oceanfront property and views of direct oceanfront condos in Myrtle Beach.

              If you are unsure you can afford to purchase a condo, do not be. There are many price ranges for condos. Depending on what you are looking for and what your specifications are, condos can range from $60,000 and up. Condo prices may vary depending on upgrades that have been done to a condo. When comparing two condos in the same building, if one has carpet flooring and old appliances and two has tile flooring and flat screen TVs and stainless steel appliances, obviously the second condo will be more expensive in price. You may be able to bring the price down if you have your real estate agent negotiate with the seller.  In general, there are 4 different locations for condos in Myrtle Beach. From cheapest to most expensive, there is: condos across the street from the beach and ocean, condos with an ocean view, condos with angle oceanfront, and direct oceanfront condos.

Level 1 Myrtle Beach Condos: Condos Across The Street

               Condos that are across the street can be as cheap as $50,000. Typically, these condos are one bedroom with a kitchen. Two bedroom condos across the street are $140,000 and up, depending on what amenities, location, area of the beach, and on-site features the resort offers. Even though these are the cheapest buys, these are predominantly older buildings with more problems such as mold and foundation problems. You will have lower homeowner fees but, in the end you may end up paying more in repairs. Some condos across the street have poor views to no views at all of the ocean, but there are some cases where you can find a condo that is high enough off the ground where you may have a great view of the ocean. Condos across the street may be fixer-upers, but they can also be real diamonds in the rough.

Level 2 Myrtle Beach Condos: Condos with an Ocean View

               The next “level” of condo buying is condos with an ocean view. Condos with an ocean view can be on either side of the road, but are typically on the ocean side of the road. Ocean view condos have both a view of the ocean and an equal view of the street. If you like to people watch and want a relaxing ocean view to wake up to in the morning, condos with an ocean view are for you. These condos range from $60,000 for one bedroom, $75,000 for one bedroom with a kitchen, and $150,000 for 2 bedrooms. Again, prices may change depending on amenities, location, area of the beach, and on-site features the resort offers. If you were to compare a condo across the street to a ocean view condo, it is on average about $20,000 for a closer view of the ocean. If you are purchasing a condo to make an investment, this may be something you ought to consider. Comparing the two previous “levels” of condos, the second level, ocean view condos, is the more popular buy. Ocean view condos have balcony space, but not as much as a level 4 oceanfront condo. Ocean view condos have good views of the beach, but it all depends on location.

Level 3 Myrtle Beach Condos: Condos with an Angle Oceanfront View

                Level 3 condos are angle oceanfront condos. Angle oceanfront condos are approximately $67,000 for one bedroom with a kitchen and a living room. A 2 bedroom angle oceanfront condo can be about $159,000 to $210,000. As you can see, the price difference between level 2 and level 3 two bedrooms is not very different, something to consider for buying a condo property. Then again, the prices will vary depending on amenities, location, area of the beach and on-site features the resort offers. There is a difference between level 2 and level 3 condos besides the price. These condos still have a view of the street, but more of a view of the beach when compared to level 2 ocean view condos. Angle oceanfront condos are exactly what the name is. The condo position is on an angle to the ocean. Angle oceanfront may have some views of the street or none at all, there are however views of the neighboring resort, but mainly the magnificent view of the ocean.

Level 4 Myrtle Beach Condos: Condos with a Direct Oceanfront View

                A level 4 direct oceanfront condo is the most popular buy in all condos in Myrtle Beach. Nothing compares to the oceanfront views of a level 4 condo. If you are thinking that you cannot afford a oceanfront condo, you may reconsider after you see the price averages for and efficiency style, one bedroom, and two bedroom oceanfront condo. An efficiency style condo, which is an open floor plan condo with a small kitchenette, typically one or two twin beds and a bathroom can start at about $80,000. A one bedroom oceanfront condo is only $15,000 more dollars at $95,000. A one bedroom with include a kitchen, possibly a living and dining space and a bathroom. Keep in mind that condos with strong rental income start at about the $115,000 price range. Strong rental income  may be a consideration, if you are looking for someone to help pay for your investment. Two bedroom level 4 condos start at $175,000 and may include one or two bathrooms, a large kitchen, a dinning space and a very nice balcony. Typically speaking, direct oceanfront condos will have a large balcony and you will only have a view of the ocean. There will be nothing blocking or distracting your view of the ocean. Once again, prices will change according to amenities, location, area of the beach and on-site features the resort offers.

What Does The Myrtle Beach Location Have To Offer?

                The Grand Strand features some of the lowest prices for beach condos in the nation! If you purchase a Myrtle Beach condo, there are plenty of activities to do. There is Broadway at the Beach, an outdoor shopping center with restaurants, the Myrtle Beach Airport, Barefoot Landing, The Market Commons, Alligator Adventure, The Alabama Theatre, The Carolina Opry, Legends in Concert, Myrtle Waves Water Park, Pavilion Nostalgia Park, Nascar Speed park, mini golf, beachfront stores, the downtown section of Myrtle Beach, The Slingshot, game rooms, The Myrtle Beach Pinball Museum The Gay Dolphin, Ripley’s Aquarium, Ripley’s Believe It Or Not museum, Ripley’s 3D Moving Adventure, Ripley’s Mirror Maze, Ripley’s Haunted Adventure, the boulevard, Wild Water and Wheels, Movie Theatres, Rock Walls, Tanger Outlets, Restaurant Row and much, much more!

How Do I Make A Return On Investment?

                Condos can be rented through the front desk or through a privately owned company. Both have their benefits, it just depends on what you are looking for. To help you make a smart choice, be sure you work with one of of the team members at Jerry Pinkas Real Estate Experts. They will guide you through the process and help you avoid the pitfalls that are costly. When you meet with them in person, they will give you all the details, including the good, the bad and the ugly. Once you have all the information, you can make an educated descision. Anyone can look at pictures and prices online. But getting all the correct information, seeing them side by side, knowing if there is pending litigtion in the complex, future assesments, rental history, income, insurance and total expenses will make a good long term investment. 

Oceanfront Condos For Sale In Myrtle Beach

A question we get asked all the time is; Do you have a complet list of every condo for sale? So we decided to not only list every oceanfront condo, but evrey condo community in the Myrtle beach area. Call it the complete guide to every condo on the Grand Strand!


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