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Hey Siri, Who's The Top Real Estate Agent in Myrtle Beach

by Jerry Pinkas

I just asked Siri: Who is the top real estate agent in Myrtle Beach? And I was happy to see that I came up in the search!  What a lot of people don't know is the fact that Jerry Pinkas Real Estate Experts has helped over 1000 families buy and sell real estate in the Myrtle Beach area. When people search for a real estate agent, they usually want to compare agents and make sure they find the best and most trusted Myrtle Beach Real Estate agent.

Who's The Top Real Estate Agent in Myrtle Beach

The Best Real Estate Agents in Myrtle Beach SC

Connecting and finding the local professional that can help when you consider that there are over 5000 real estate agents in Myrtle Beach. If you are out of town how do you know the agent your working with has the reputation, skill level, and knowledge to help you in all relevant areas?  Doing an online search can only answer some of the questions. You will find there are all sorts of agents and some deal with condos exclusively, land, residential housing, rentals, income producing, luxury homes or new construction. Rarely will you find an agent that has top skill levels in categories of property for sale? 

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Myrtle Beach, South Carolina is one of the most popular places people are moving to at the moment. 

Many of the new arrivals are retirees looking for a place to enjoy the sun. They want to swap a life of work for a life of leisure. And it's totally understandable why so many retired people consider Myrtle Beach the perfect place to retire.

If you're planning your retirement and you're thinking of moving to a place nearby water with plenty of sunshine, this could be the place for you. However, it's not just the sun which makes Myrtle Beach a great place to live. 

Here is our list of the top 10 reasons why moving to Myrtle Beach makes sense in your twilight years. Let's discover the benefits of Myrtle Beach together.

Place to Retire

1. The Wonderful Weather

If you don't want the weather to be too hot or too cold, then Myrtle Beach could be the perfect place for you.

Myrtle Beach is well-known for its temperate climate, which it enjoys for most of the year. 215 days of the year are sunny!

Do you like extreme sports? In the summer you can take advantage of the water activities available. This includes everything from swimming to jet-skiing. 

Worried about the cooler temperatures?

Even in the spring and fall, there remain plenty of beach activities to enjoy. Are you passionate about fishing? Have you ever tried kayaking?

And the winter?

There are lots of reasons to love the winter months in Myrtle Beach too. The cooler and fresher air is a much-appreciated change for most residents.

But you don't need to stay indoors in the cooler months. Why don't you enjoy winter walks on the beach, especially if you have a pet dog? The winter is also the perfect time to play a round of golf with your buddies without the heat.

And before you know it, spring will have arrived, and the weather will start to improve. Then, you get to enjoy the bright colors of the blooming flowers and the joy of eating outdoors.

Retire to Myrtle Beach

2. The Beautiful Beach 

Many people move to Myrtle Beach because of the beach itself. 

The beautiful beach can be enjoyed whatever the weather. However, it is obviously at its most popular during the summer. 

How popular?

Well, more than 14 million people visit Myrtle Beach to enjoy spending time in the sunshine on the beach.

The 60 miles of Grand Strand, of which Myrtle Beach is the largest city nearby, makes for an exceptional beach experience. That means that you can walk for miles and miles while enjoying the white sands between your toes.

It's not only Myrtle Beach which you can enjoy in the region.

You can also check out Surfside Beach, Huntington Beach and Garden City. All of which provide you with access to some of the most beautiful beaches on the East Coast of the United States.

It may seem strange when after you first move to Myrtle Beach, but you'll soon get used to going down the road to reach the beach whenever you fancy.

3. Property Prices you can Afford

Many retirees are able to finish working earlier than others because they're willing to move to a cheaper city

Do you want to purchase your second home in Myrtle Beach? Are you looking to move permanently to Myrtle Beach?

Are you searching for a large detached home or a small studio apartment? The Myrtle Beach real estate market has a wide variety of homes to fit any price range. 

If you're looking for an investment, you need to move quickly because property prices are expected to rise significantly as Myrtle Beach grows in popularity.

Affordable Homes in Myrtle Beach

4. Reasonable Living Costs

Apart from the excellent weather conditions and the beautiful beaches - what makes so appealing for retirees?

It's the affordable living costs obviously.

Millions of Americans are facing retirement with limited savings in the bank. With such stark financial circumstances, you cannot neglect the importance of affordable living costs.

The cost of living in Myrtle Beach is lower than the national and state (South Carolina) average. In fact, it is 7 percent lower than the national average. This makes it an excellent choice for financially-savvy retirees.

You can swap the expensive city living of your previous life to live in luxury without the expense.

There are so many Americans who are too worried about money to retire. By moving to a place with a lower cost of living, you can live the dream. 

5. Low Tax Rates

Do you still have an income in retirement? If you do, you want to keep as much money in your pocket during retirement. 

The state of South Carolina has one of the lowest tax burdens in the United States. You aren't taxed for social security benefits in the state either. 

If you consider the lower cost of living plus the lower rate of tax, you could be onto a winner by moving to Myrtle Beach for retirement. 

6. Delicious Dining Opportunities

If you want to enjoy dining out during your retirement, such opportunities are not going to be in short supply if you move to Myrtle Beach.

Myrtle Beach is famous for the delicious seafood available in the restaurants along the Grand Strand. 

You can't spend very long in Myrtle Beach without checking out seafood favorites, such as Hot Fish Club and Sea Captain's House.

The regional cuisine is known as Lowcountry, which is celebrated across South Carolina and Georgia. There are many similarities between Lowcountry cuisine and Southern cooking in general.

However, don't assume you have to feed on fish every day. Myrtle Beach is celebrated for the diversity of cuisines available. If you want a fabulous Italian pizza or some yummy Japanese sushi, you can definitely get it here.

7. Culture Activities 

Myrtle Beach and South Carolina, in general, are largely under-estimated when it comes to cultural activities. 

People concentrate on the partying and the beaches. However, there are also some fantastic museums in these parts.

For example, Brookgreen Gardens is preserved gardens of native flora and fauna on the area. The museums and gardens combined cover nearly 10,000 acres of land.

If you want to learn about the culture and history of South Carolina, you can also visit Hopesewee Plantation. This former rice plantation is now a National Historic Landmark.

Are you a music lover? 

The Bowery is a music hall that has been entertaining locals and visitors since the Second World War. It's also famous for kickstarting the career of the band Alabama. 

If you want to catch live music, then head to the MarshWalk. You never know what cultural gems you're going to encounter here.

8. Festivals 

Do you like to have something to look forward? 

The calendar year is always quickly filling up in Myrtle Beach. 

One week there is the 'world famous' Blue Crab Festival, where you can enjoy fabulous seafood and fun music for all the family. 

You can drag out your lederhosen for Oktoberfest. Hopefully, you like beer for this one. 

To celebrate the month of May, we have the Mayfest on Main. 

Remember the 1970s? Get nostalgic for with the Beach Boogie and BBQ Festival. 

Like the finer things in life? The Wine Fest is quite a treat too. 

Do you want more seafood but with a bit of jazz? Go along for the Little River Shrimp & Jazz Festival.

In Myrtle Beach, we can't get enough festivals in the year. 

8. Golf

Golf is becoming increasingly popular in Myrtle Beach too. If you want to play golf more when you retire, then you'll be spoilt for choice here.

Myrtle Beach's Grand Strand is famous for its award-winning golf. There are more than one hundred golf courses. 

If you want to join a private golf club, there are several to choose from. These include the Pine Lakes, the Dunes Club, and Surf Golf.

However, if you only want to play golf now and then, you might want a golf course which is open to the public. Myrtle Beach has this too, such as Barefoot and Brunswick Plantation. 

What about if you want to play mini golf? You can do that too. There are actually over 30 mini golf courses here.

If your ambition for your retirement is to improve your golf swing, then you'll have ample opportunity to do this when you move to Myrtle Beach.

9. A Shopper's Paradise 

Even though the number of people turning to online shopping shows no sign of slowing down, Myrtle Beach's shops continue to thrive. 

After all, luxury retirement living is not complete without the ability to go shopping. 

You have to start at the Hammock Shops Village. This is the most popular location for shopping in the area. The village originally opened its doors in the 1930s. 

Do you want to buy the finest wine from California or France? Or maybe you're after some of the best coastal designer clothes? 

You can always find what you want here. 

10. Connections of Myrtle Beach

When you move to a new place, it's not only about the place itself. It's also about the connections to other places.

Myrtle Beach does extremely well in terms of this. There are few reasons to leave the city for dining, shopping or entertainment.

However, you want to go for day-trips or weekend breaks, there are numerous choices. 

Charleston is easy via car to get to from Myrtle Beach. You can find a fascinating culture with lots of shopping and eating opportunities here. You should definitely check out the historical city market for souvenirs and Gullah sweetgrass baskets. 

On your journey to Charleston, stop off at Georgetown. The town is the birthplace of the former first lady, Michelle Obama's grandfather. You can enjoy the beautiful old town center here too.

11. Health Care Services 

For many retirees, health care services are especially important as you enter your twilight years.

The retirees who move to Myrtle Beach know that it's not only about the golfing and the sunshine. The health care is also top-notch!

In fact, The health care services in Myrtle Beach are some of the best in South Carolina. According to U.S. News, Myrtle Beach health care services are ranked as "high performing".

All kinds of medical care are available, which includes speech therapy, physical and occupational health requirements. Emergency medical services are conveniently located in the Tidelands Community Hosptial.  

12. Community Spirit

Apparently, 30 percent of Americans don't know their neighbors. That's probably not the case in Myrtle Beach.

You probably don't have time to get to know your neighbors while you're working every single day. But, maybe when you're retired things will be different. 

If you want to find a community which is open and welcoming, then moving to Myrtle Beach is the right choice. 

There is a reason why Southern hospitality is famous! It's because the people living here really are friendly and warm. 

If you want to show your community spirit in Myrtle Beach, you have many opportunities to do so. You can volunteer with arts groups, religious organizations and much more here. 

Myrtle Beach is Your Place to Retire

Now you know what all the fuss is about. There are endless reasons to move to Myrtle Beach for your dream place to retire.

Are you a sun worshipper or a passionate foodie? Are you an eager golfer or happy shopper? Myrtle Beach has it all for retirees. 

If you want to find out more about buying your home in Myrtle Beach, check out these Myrtle Beach homes for sale

The Best South Carolina Beaches Ranked

by Jerry Pinkas

Out of 50 US states, South Carolina made it to number seven in the top ten list of places people are moving into.

If you already live in South Carolina, you'll know why this wonderful state made the list. From the low cost of living and low property taxes to the gorgeous coastlines, it's a great place to spend time.

Furthermore, the Palmetto State boasts amazing cities such as Columbia and the gorgeous Charleston with its fascinating history and extremely cool music scene. 

South Carolina also has huge employment and education opportunities. In fact, there are 61 colleges and universities to choose from, including Wofford College. The state is also home to many famous people including actor Bill Murray and singer-songwriter Darius Rucker. 

But, what's best thing about this state? Arguably, it's the wonderful beaches. In fact, South Carolina beaches are some of the most accessible and breathtaking in the entire nation.

If you're planning a trip to the area or even a move to the state, it's first worth finding out which beach is right for you and your family. In this article, we'll look at the best South Carolina beaches and the reasons why you should move there.

Let's get started.

Myrtle Beach South Carolina Beach

1. Myrtle Beach Is the Area's Well-Known Beach 

Topping the list is the beautiful Myrtle Beach. This location offers you both a sea view and a taste of city life. What's not to love?

This location is probably the most well-known of South Carolina's beaches. As a result, it is a popular vacation resort, but many people also love living here all year round too.

Myrtle Beach is claimed to be the "hub" of a 60-mile long string of other beaches called the Grand Strand. Due to its closeness to the water, it is a very popular spot for water sports. If you want to try jet skiing, parasailing, kayaking or scuba diving - this is the place for it.

If you're hoping to retire to South Carolina, this is certainly the place to be. You'll find golf courses designed by celebs, over fifty mini golf courses, beaches for strolling with your loved ones, and hundreds of bars to choose from.

Planning on eating dinner out? You won't have tasted seafood as good as that in restaurants at Myrtle Beach thanks to them being so close to the ocean. 

Furthermore, for those moving with family, there are hundreds of attractions, such as the SkyWheel. This is one of the tallest Ferris Wheels in the entire country. 

But, if you're considering moving to this area, make sure you find a real estate agent who is trustworthy before you buy a million dollar home.

2. Meet Alligators at North Myrtle Beach Condos  

North Myrtle Beach

As the name gives away, the second best beach on this list is just north of the first. North Myrtle Beach is a city and also part of the Grand Strand. 

Start your days by watching the sunrise over the Atlantic while taking a stroll on one of the area's most beautiful beaches.

You'll then be able to enjoy a day packed full of golf or sport. Alternatively, you could plan a trip to a vineyard where you can enjoy local wines and music while chatting to friendly Southerners.

If you love to dance, this is one of the best places in the country for you. In fact, it's home to the dance move "the Shag" and you'll find locals dancing the night away in the Ocean Drive.

For little ones, there is always Alligator Adventure. This park is the "reptile capital of the world" and boasts over 200 species of animals. The 15 acres will certainly take a while to explore.

North Myrtle Beach Condos also has Cherry Grove Beach and its infamous pier. After a stroll, don't miss Basil's Pizza for a bite to eat and About Thyme Oceanfront Café & Cocktails for drinks. 

3. Garden City Beach Is a Great Place for Surfing

Garden City SC Beach

Around 10,000 people live in Garden City Beach with many families calling this stunning location home. In fact, you'll likely find that most of them came for a vacation and simply couldn't get enough.

As a result, there are condos and beach houses galore for visitors with stunning views of the Atlantic.

Garden City Beach offers a simpler way of life with fewer distractions (such as hundreds of restaurants or shopping arcades). But, if life gets a little too quiet here, it's just ten miles south of Myrtle Beach. 

Many locals take to the waves every day proving that Garden City Beach is a great place for surfing. Whether you're a seasoned surfer or want to learn, you won't be alone. 

In fact, Village Surf Shoppe is a local shop which has been in Garden City Beach since 1968 and making Perfection Surfboards since the 80s. 

After a long day of learning to surf, try out Pacino's Mediterranean Grille or Squids On Atlantic for a bite to eat. 

5. Surfside Beach Is "The Family Beach"

Surfside Beach South Carolina

Intending on moving with your family? Surfside Beach may be the perfect place for you. In fact, it has the nickname amongst locals of "The Family Beach".

Children will enjoy attractions such as Wild Water and Wheels. This is a water park that offers fun slides and pools along with a go-kart track.

Little ones who love mermaids will also be able to turn into one for just a few hours with a "mermaid makeover". Lessons for how to be a mermaid take place at Wild Water and Wheels. 

For adults, there are state parks to enjoy, art museums to peruse, and many bars to spend the night chatting and drinking in. Most notable is Scotty's Beach Bar where you can sip your drink with an ocean view. Bliss!

6. Murrells Inlet Boasts a Strong Community

Murrells Inlet South Carolina

This fishing village is quaint and historic. If you're looking for somewhere where you can be close to nature, go on long walks and reflect on life in peace - this is the place. 

You'll find many creative types at Murrells Inlet and it's a great place to express your own creativity too. Being so close to nature and water has a way of encouraging everyone to express themselves through art.

However, it's likely that there will be more people coming to the area in the next few years. This is due to a local drive to encourage more businesses to move here. 

You can learn more about the community revitalization group's plans over on its dedicated website.

As well as trying to attract more people to the area, the group has also benefited the larger community by organizing cleanups of the area and sourcing money for the Bike Bridge Marshwalk and Jetty View Walk.

This tight-knit community is certainly one to join if you're deliberately moving away from a place where neighbors don't try to get to know each other!

Just a few wonderful places to visit at Murrells Inlet include: 

  • Brookgreen Gardens - this public space is the perfect day out with loved ones. You'll find a wildlife preserve and sculpture park here. 
  • Huntington State Beach Park - want to go camping? This is the best place for it. This beach is very secluded and offers you the chance to swim and relax with friends. There's even a mansion to explore too. 
  • The Murrells Inlet Marsh Walk - take a quiet stroll and bring a book. You'll find hundreds of eateries to stop at and places to sip coffee while you learn something about the area.

Why not go for a short-term rental and visit Murrells Inlet yourself throughout the year? You'll certainly make some money on the investment when more businesses move in.

7. Isle of Palms 

This city sits upon a barrier island also called the Isle of Palms. It's a very popular spot for holiday-goers and retirees for good reason.

You'll find stunning condos facing the beaches and hundreds of restaurants, bars, and resorts. 

Facing the ocean is Isle of Palms County Park, which is a great place for a day out with family. You'll be able to picnic here with loved ones, enjoy the playground, catch some rays and enjoy the sea view. 

There is history everywhere you look. In fact, close by you'll find Fort Moultrie. This was a very important location during the Civil War. Teach your family about important days gone by and enjoy a new life in the area. 

If you're into golf, Wild Dunes Golf Course is the best place for you to head. It's popular with locals not only thanks to its golf course but also because of its tennis courts! Stay fit throughout your retirement by living in Isle of Palms.

8. Folly Beach Is Close to City Life

If you've made a life for yourself in Charleston and don't want to move too far away, have you considered Folly Beach?

Here, you'll be just a twenty two minute drive from friends, family, and the bustling city way of life. But, you'll also be able to wake up to a beautiful beach view. 

One of the most impressive aspects of this beach is its pier, which stretches out more than 1,000 feet into the ocean. On a foggy day, you'll feel like you're walking on water.

This beach has many activities on offer to everyone. Learn to surf, kayak, canoe or sail! Better yet, Folly Beach is also a great place for enthusiastic fishers. There's a great local shop which can help out those who are new to fishing too. 

How do you feel about swimming in the ocean? This is possible at Folly Beach County Park. This preserve is arguably one of the most stunning in the country.

Finally, after a hard day of fishing or swimming, try out a few of the best local bars. These include Lowlife Bar, Chico Feo, or Surf Bar.

9. Hilton Head Island Borders Georgia

The absolute highlight of Hilton Head has to be its Harbour Town Lighthouse. If you move here, your gorgeous social media posts will be making friends and family very envious! 

You'll be able to enjoy catching rays on the Atlantic ocean beaches and play golf all day, every day. 

Hilton Head is located close to the border of Georgia. So, those who enjoy being close (but not too close) to a big city, will be able to take frequent trips to Savannah. 

For long days out at the beach, try Coligny Beach Park. You'll be able to swim, bike, and run to your heart's content. This is a gem of the area and makes it a wonderful place to visit. 

Don't miss the Coastal Discovery Museum. You'll have heaps of fun while also learning a whole lot on its nature trail. You can expect stunning gardens, huge live oak trees, and wildlife including a butterfly enclosure.

10. Edisto Beach Is Peaceful and Quiet

If everywhere on this list feels a little too commercialized for you and your needs, then Edisto Beach is the final place to check out. In fact, it is known for being uncommercial. 

It's always been a popular spot for weddings and, as a result, honeymooners too. You'll find lots of loved ones shacking up, looking for their dream home. 

There are hundreds of vacation rentals here and you'll come across many families getting away from the stresses of strains of city life. 

Think happy campers, cyclists, swimmers, and fishers. At the end of a long day full of your favorite activities, don your best outfit and head to an upscale restaurant for a bite to eat. 

Edisto Beach is a beautiful spot. But, for those who love having a little more going on every evening, Myrtle Beach may be a better choice.

There More South Carolina Beaches to Choose From

Best South Carolina Beaches

South Carolina beaches are arguably some of the most beautiful in the nation, if not the entire world. 

Whether you choose Myrtle Beach or Hilton Head Island for your next trip, you won't regret it. 

In fact, you may find that you love South Carolina beaches so much that you want to buy property here. Thanks to the low property taxes in this state, this may not be a bad idea! 

If you are from outside of South Carolina and are hoping to buy a condo in Myrtle Beach, North Myrtle Beach Condos, Garden City, Surfside Beach or Murrells Inlet, we can help.

In fact, we have hundreds of condos for sale. Check out some of them here. You could be moving to your dream home in no time. 

Many people are making the move South - South Carolina, that is.

Families, young professionals, and retirees are all realizing that the state has many attributes which make it extremely attractive. Between the glorious climate and natural landscape to the great amenities and financial incentives, you too may want to relocate to this state when you learn all of its advantages.

Here are sixteen reasons why moving to South Carolina may be the right move for you. 

1. Low Taxes 

South Carolina has one of the lowest per capita tax rates in the country. The state does not tax Social Security benefits or railroad retirement income, and it allows special deductions for retirees.

South Carolina also does not impose an estate or gift tax.

Move to Myrtle Beach

2. Reasonable Property Prices

You get a lot of bang for your buck when you buy a house in South Carolina. Compared to ocean front property in other East Coast states like New Jersey, you will get a bigger and better house or condo for half the price you would pay farther North. 

Generally,  this state has a much lower cost of living than many of its neighbors or similar seaside communities. In addition to getting a bigger house than you would for the same price elsewhere,  your food, utilities, and gas costs are likely to be lower too. Overall, the cost of living is about seven percent lower than the rest of the nation.

3. Nice Weather 

If you are sick of shoveling and shivering, go South. South Carolina has an annual average temperature of 74°F, and it's sunny about 215 days a year.

If you like strolling the shore, the golf course, or a park in shorts and sandals, this is the place to be. Summers are hot, although not quite as tropical as the Caribbean or Hawaii. You can usually enjoy the sunshine and relatively balmy climes for much of the year and partake in many outdoor activities like fishing, swimming, and bicycling. 

South Carolina has suffered the impact from some storms as of late, but many of its new buildings are constructed with special protections against hurricane force winds. 

living in myrtle beach pros and cons

4. Great Place to Retire 

Many older couples choose to live out their golden years in South Carolina.  The favorable tax rates make it especially appealing for people on a fixed income.

There are many pleasant retirement communities which assure seniors that they will make new friends and enjoy lots of activities. For more independent living, there are many condominiums where you can get all the amenities without having to worry about doing all the landscaping and upkeep yourself.

5. You Can Earn Money through Short Term Rentals 

Many homeowners in Myrtle Beach and other South Carolina communities spend part of the year in the state and other months elsewhere. They may see their condo or house as an investment, using it on occasion for family vacations but also expecting it to generate income.

A condo in South Carolina can be posted on Air B & B or leased for short-term rentals through a local manager to provide you with a steady stream of revenue from tourists and other travelers.  You can even create an LLC and treat your real estate as a company,  which offers additional tax benefits.

6. Excellent for Golfers 

South Carolina is one of the best states in the country for amazing golf courses. It has over 400 public and private golf courses to choose from! 

Kiawah Island's Ocean Course has been the site of the 2007 Senior PGA Championship and the 2012 PGA, plus they are expecting to host it again on 2021. Hilton Head's Harbour Town Golf Links was voted by PGA Tour players as their second-favorite regular Tour stop behind Augusta National.

Golf Digest ranked these golf courses in the Palmetto State as the top ten.

  • The Ocean Course, Kiawah Island 
  • Yeamans Hall Club, Charleston 
  • Sage Valley G.C., Graniteville 
  • Harbour Town G. Links, Hilton Head Island
  • Kiawah Island C. (Cassique) 
  • Long Cove Club, Hilton Head Island
  • Secession G.C., Beaufort 
  • Kiawah Island Club (River) 
  • Greenville C.C. (Chanticleer)
  • May River G.C. At Palmetto Bluff, Bluffton 
  • Musgrove Mill G.C., Clinton 

living in myrtle beach year round

7. Southern Hospitality 

The American South is famous for its laid-back, friendly lifestyle. If you are used to the more chilly reception you may receive in colder climes,  in this region you should be prepared for neighborly drop-ins ins,  leisurely glasses of sweet tea on the porch, and invitations for dinner. 

Visitors come from all over the world to see the beautiful cities like Charleston and the jaw-dropping shorelines of places like Myrtle Beach. They keep coming back because of the warm reception they get from locals at restaurants, stores, and events.

The region's many historic homes make great B&Bs, whose owners pride themselves on making you feel right at home. If you are looking for a permanent place in South Carolina, why not try out some of these locally owned inns to get a taste of the welcoming attitude.  

Just don't rush. It's expected that you too will stop and take the time to respond to friendliness and inquire about how others are doing this fine day. 

8. Amazing Beaches 

The beaches in the Palmetto State are one of the region's biggest draws for both travelers and people wishing to relocate. There are plenty of choices of vibes and activities, so there is a destination suitable for everyone from honeymooning couples to families, from students to professional conventions.

Myrtle Beach has lots going on, especially in the summer. It's got amusement and water parks, restaurants and live entertainment. You can go fishing, swimming, sunbathing, sailing and surfing.

The Isle of Palms is perfect for environmentalists and animal lovers: nesting sea turtles stop here to lay their eggs in the tall dunes. 

Hilton Head is a popular resort area with 12 miles of beaches, countless bike trails, over 30 golf courses, and more than 300 tennis courts.

10. Slower Pace 

If you have had it with big city life, you may want to consider the more leisurely pace of existence in South Carolina.  The laid-back lifestyle enables its residents to combine work and play in a less stressful way.  

Slowing down does not mean you have to skimp on exciting professional or cultural activities. Myrtle Beach hosts exciting cultural events like its Caribbean Festival in July and its Palmetto Tasty Tomato festival in August. The state's Philharmonic is considered first-rate, as is the famous Spoleto Festival. 

Whether its the pleasant weather or the regional tradition of taking life easy, you will find your stress levels plummet when you settle into life down South. 

living in myrtle beach reviews

11. Historic Significance 

There's no denying South Carolina's important place in American history. Settled by Europeans in the 1500s,  it was one of the original colonies and then one of the original states to sign the Declaration of Independence.

South Carolina was a driving force in the Confederacy and the Civil War, as much of its economy depended upon slavery. It was the first state to secede from the union. After the war, it became one of the poorest states in the country. 

Despite the dark periods in its history,  its many struggles have created a place with a strong sense of the past and pride in overcoming deep hardships and divisions. Native Americans, Africans and European settlers all influenced a deep cultural heritage which has contributed to the state's unique personality to this day. 

If history intrigues you, tour the area's majestic plantation homes. The architecture will carry you to a bygone era.  Who knows,  some of them may even be haunted! 

12. Good Resale Value 

There are many other families like yours who are considering moving to places like Myrtle Beach, for all the reasons we list here. That makes property in the region a wise investment.

Because of the state's many amenities,  if you take good care of your property you can expect to get a good resale price for it if you put it on the market. 

By working with a skilled realtor,  you can price your house or condo appropriately and market it in a way that gives you an excellent return. 

Myrtle Beach Low Cost Of living

13. Friendly Community 

It can be scary relocating to a state where you do not know anyone. Luckily, South Carolina has become adept at welcoming new residents like you.

Many condos have activities which allow its residents to get to know each other,  from fishing trips to holiday meals. Many houses are in developments where you are likely to get to know your neighbors quickly. They have shared facilities like pools, tennis courts and clubhouses. 

There are plenty of online forums for meeting people of like interests. You can go to and check out groups that engage in everything from chess to birding.  Churches are also plentiful, giving another option to people wanting to meet others in the community.

14. Barbeque and Southern Cuisine

The location of South Carolina and its rich history have contributed to a delicious cuisine. There is an abundance of seafood, of course, including local shrimp, crabs and fish like tuna, bass, and flounder. 

The influence of African slaves has added the flavors of that continent, including sesame, okra, and eggplant. You will notice Caribbean and Gullah influences as well. Other regional favorites include boiled peanuts, collard greens, and sweet tea.

Bar-B-Que is a religion in South Carolina. They serve it in many different ways: whole hog, pork butts, ribs or an all-you-can-eat buffet. The sauce is made in endless varieties, with different areas of the state preferring an emphasis on tomato, mustard, or vinegar.

Other local dishes include She-Crab Soup, a bisque that blends cream, fresh crabmeat, red-orange roe from the female crab and sherry. Oysters on the half shell, fresh from the sea, are popular.  Biscuits, grits, and cornbread are other Southern staples. 

You are never going to go hungry in this state, although you may need to rachet up your exercise program to counteract all the heavy, yummy food! 

15. Parks Galore 

South Carolina has many protected lands which make up national parks, monuments, and historic sites. Its state parks consist of 80,000 acres of protected lands from the Blue Ridge Mountains to the coast.

Parks include protected wilderness, but there is also plenty of public space for recreation and cultural or historic events like Revolutionary or Civil War reenactments.

If you like outdoor activities, the parks and public spaces offer many ways to explore your passion. There are plenty of places to camp, both on the seashore or in forests. Hikers and bird enthusiasts love South Carolina's offerings. 

You can kayak the backstreams, so long as you look out for the alligators! You can also glimpse the past by visiting some of the area's historic old plantation homes. 

16. Good Employment Opportunities

The thriving tourist industry in Myrtle Beach and other popular spots makes the region a place with plenty of employment opportunities.  There are about 75,000  jobs in Myrtle Beach alone which are dependent on tourism, ranging from hourly positions to management. 

Companies continue to open plants and outlets in the state because of the generous tax situation. This widens the net for employment in a variety of industries.

South Carolina is also inviting to entrepreneurs because its tax structure encourages limited liability corporations and other pass-throughs with beneficial options for small businesses. 

Moving to South Carolina

Moving to South Carolina: What Are You Waiting For? 

There are so many reasons to move to South Carolina- you should start packing!

Join the exodus away from cold weather, stressful dirty cities, and expensive neighborhoods. If you have enjoyed traveling to this state for vacations,  why not consider a long-term investment? Short term rentals can help you earn revenue on your home while at the same time giving you a place to enjoy with your family and friends whenever you wish. 

From tax advantages to the wide range of activities, from the food to the people,  South Carolina has something to satisfy any need, interest, and appetite. 

If you are interested in what South Carolina has to offer you, check out our blog for more information. 

Can I Make Money With Short Term Rentals?

by Jerry Pinkas

How to make money on short term rentals

It is no secret that Myrtle Beach, SC is a popular destination for many couples, families, retirees and vacationers throughout the year. People are drawn to the beautiful beaches and incredible lifestyle that this area affords its residents and guests. Knowing the draw and popularity of the area, have you ever wondered if it would be a good idea to purchase a rental property? If you have, you are not alone! A question we get asked all the time here at Jerry Pinkas Real Estate Experts is, “Can I make money on a short-term rental?” And as you may have guessed, that is exactly where our blog post is going to be taking us today!

Can I really make money with short-term rentals?

If you are wondering if you can really make money off short term rentals here in beautiful Myrtle Beach, SC, the simple answer is absolutely yes you can! Myrtle Beach, SC and the surrounding areas are the home to some of the most beautiful beaches and coastlines in the country. The lure of the beach and ocean has not gone away, nor will it go away any time soon. There is definitely not a shortage of people that are flocking to the area to take in the relaxing beach lifestyle, fun activities and delicious restaurants that our extraordinary city provides residents and guests alike. To bring this idea home, close your eyes and imagine this. It is Fourth of July weekend and you live across the street from the beach. You have a garage with a cot in it. We are sure that people would consider this prime real estate and you would be able to rent it out. Crazy, huh!? Therefore, if you are thinking of buying a rental property but are not sure if there will be renters looking for places to stay, let us assure you that if you buy it, they will come!


Now obviously there are things you need to do on your end to ensure that people will want to rent your property. First, you want to make sure that the space is clean and appealing. No one wants to stay in a rental that has not been taken care of and is very much outdated. You also want your marketing to accurately reflect what renters can expect to find. An example of this would be to have professional images of the space taken and a brief description of the property, as well as surrounding amenities, things to do and restaurants to enjoy. You want renters to not only get excited about the space itself but also about the area they will be staying in and exploring during their time there.

Now you may be asking yourself how we know this works. And to be honest, that is a fair question. Well, we practice what we preach! We have agents here in our office that own condos and successfully rent them out – and we can help you do the same! Here at Jerry Pinkas Real Estate Experts, we can help guide and direct you on which condos would be a good investment to rent out, as well as which properties to stay away from. Allow us to help you find that the property that will be the best return on your investment and end up being a money machine for you each month.

How to make money on vacation rental property

What are the perks of someone renting through me versus just getting a hotel room?

There are many things that draw people to looking at short-term rental properties versus just securing a room at a hotel. First, many people enjoy the coziness, amenities and homelike feeling that many rentals afford their visitors. Hotel rooms can tend to be stale and lack the personal touch, while rentals can feel like you are staying at a friend’s house and allow you to feel a little more comfortable. Also, many rentals will have amenities such as a kitchen for cooking meals (and therefore potentially saving families money during their vacation), have different rooms to enjoy (and also separating the parents from the kids) and overall allow visitors to settle in a bit more.

Short term rental investment property

Lastly, rentals can tend to be less expensive than traditional hotels. If you are going on vacation to Myrtle Beach, SC with your extended family, you can usually find a larger house that will accommodate everyone. Not only are you all able to stay together under one roof which makes for beautiful memories and a whole lot of fun, but you can also split the cost between everyone that is staying there. Typically, this tends to break down less per night than everyone staying in separate hotel rooms. As you could imagine, this is a huge draw for renters and makes short-term rental properties more appealing than finding a hotel to stay in.

How much money can I make each month with short-term rentals?

It is difficult for us to answer exactly how much money you can make on your short-term rental in Myrtle Beach, SC as there are many factors that go into determining how much you should be charging per night. Things such as the condition of your property and how many the place can sleep, as well as how close it is in relation to the beach and other restaurants and activities around town. Obviously, if you have a house that can comfortably sleep a family of 5 and it is right on the water you can charge more per stay than a one-bedroom condo that is several blocks away from the water.

Short term rental market Myrtle Beach

You also want to take into consideration the time of year that will bring you the most renters, and therefore the most rental income. We are willing to bet that you will have more people wanting to rent out your property during the summer months when many individuals, couples and families are heading to the beach to soak up the warm summer sun. As opposed to the winter months when there are less out of town visitors that would be looking to rent your property. So as you can tell, there are many factors that should be considered when trying to determine just how much money can be made from your rental property. But rest assured, Myrtle Beach, SC is a popular destination for many vacationers all throughout the year, and you are sure to have people looking for a place to call home for a few nights and/or weeks.


What should I do if I am interested in buying a rental property in Myrtle Beach, SC?

By now we hope we have given you enough information to fully understand just how lucrative a rental property in sunny Myrtle Beach, SC can be. If you or someone you know is interested in purchasing a rental property in the area, be sure to give our experienced team here at Jerry Pinkas Real Estate Experts a call today. Allow our agents to sit down with you to fully understand your wants and needs in a property, as well as show you different options that meet your requirements. There are many wonderful properties around the Myrtle Beach, SC area that are calling your name! Let us help you answer.

Now you may be asking yourself what sets our team here at Jerry Pinkas Real Estate Experts apart from other real estate teams in the area. And as we have spoken about before, our team is comprised of a set of agents that are solely focused on serving our buyer clients and a separate set of agents that are solely focused on serving our seller client. So you can rest assured that your agent will be knowledgeable and have a lot of experience with the buying process to ensure you have the best and most successful experience possible. Why have average when you can have the best? This is what we do, we do it every day and we are good at it. We know you have questions, and we have answers. Give us a call today, we look forward to hearing from and working with you soon!


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Communities in Myrtle Beach SC

Have you ever been in your car singing along to your favorite song, driven past an open plot of land in a neighborhood and thought to yourself how perfect it would be to build a house on it? Well if you have, you are not alone! A question we get asked all the time here at Jerry Pinkas Real Estate Experts is: “if I buy a piece of land, can I build a house on it later?” And the answer, simply put, is yes! And as you may have guessed, that is exactly where today’s blog is going to take us.

You are absolutely able to purchase a plot of land and build your dream house on it later, and there are actually many communities around the Myrtle Beach, SC area that we can show you, and parcels of land we can help you envision building on. So if you have ever thought of buying land, mapping out your dream home and building it when the time is right for you, then you do not want to miss today’s post. We will be talking about some of the perks of buying land and building on it, some of the factors that go into what type of home you can build and what you can do if you are looking for a trusted and experienced contractor in Myrtle Beach, SC to use that will be the best fit for you and your needs. Let’s jump right in!

New Homes Myrtle Beach

What are the perks of buying land and building on it later?

As you could imagine, there are many perks that come with purchasing a piece of land, planning out your dream house and building it on your terms and timeline. And one of the main perks is that last part: your timeline. If you are going to take the time, energy and money to build a home from start to finish, the last thing you want to do is feel rushed with the process. Having the flexibility of when you want to start building on the land will allow you to do research, make plans and ensure that everything is how you want it prior to starting the build out. Taking your time and starting when you are ready is a good way to help ensure that things will go smoothly and you will love the end result of the project.


Another (obvious) perk to building on a piece of land is that everything will be new and you will be the first person to live in the home. This may not be a big deal to some, but most people love the idea of no one living in the space prior to their arrival. There will be no stains on the carpet, no holes in the wall or chipped paint around the door frames. And while these are all small things that can easily be fixed in an older home, the freshness and newness of a just-built home is a huge draw for most families, and is a large factor in them choosing to go this route. And on that same note, another perk to buying a piece of land and building on it later is that you have time to research everything you want to incorporate into your house.

Home Builders Myrtle Beach SC

Close your eyes and think what your dream home looks like. What color are the walls? What appliances are in the kitchen? What do your countertops look like? What finishes do you want to incorporate? Do you have wood floors or tile throughout? These are all aspects that you will most likely be able to pick and choose from when building your home on the piece of land you purchased. Having the house built to your exact wants, needs and taste can end up saving you time and money as opposed to buying an older home and having to update and/or fix things around the house. And that is always a win in our book!

What factors go into the type of house I can build in a specific area?

There are many factors that can contribute to the type of house you are able to build in a specific area and neighborhood. A few of these factors include geography, where the land is located, the type of homes that are being built, as well as what is allowed and what is not allowed. If the neighborhood has an HOA (Homeowners Association), then there may be specific guidelines that you have to adhere by for the look of the exterior of the home, like paint color and design for example. There are many questions that are sure to arise in this department, but our experienced team of realtors will help you answer each one that comes up and navigate the waters.

Myrtle Beach New Home

Can you help make recommendations on contractors in the Myrtle Beach, SC area for after the land is purchased?

From a builders standpoint, here at Jerry Pinkas Real Estate Experts we get asked a lot if we can help to point people in the direction of a good contractor to help them build their dream home in Myrtle Beach, SC. And the answer to that, again simply put, is yes. Why is it so important to find the right contractor you ask? Well, it is important to understand that every community has a different dynamic to it. There are certain communities in which we would recommend a specific contractor, and other communities in which we maybe would not recommend that specific contractor.

This goes to further point out how important it is to work with a team that not only knows the local real estate comps, but also is in tune with the communities themselves, the build outs of these communities and the right contractors to connect you to. And we can help you avoid getting into bed with contractors that you should stay away from. This will help to save you time, money and aggravation down the road. And when you are taking on a large project, every saved penny and nerve is a good thing!

Myrtle Beach Contractors

What should I do if I am interested in buying a piece of land in Myrtle Beach and building on it later?

If you or someone you know is interested in buying a piece of land in Myrtle Beach, SC now and building on it later, be sure to give our experienced team here at Jerry Pinkas Real Estate Experts a call today! We understand the potential hesitation of taking on such a big project and realize that questions are sure to arise before and during the buying process. And that is where we come in. Our team is here to help guide you every step of the way to ensure you have the best and most successful buying experience possible. 

As we discussed above, buying land and building on it has many perks and is a great option for those looking to customize and build their dream home, when the time is right for them. Allow our experienced team to sit down with you and understand your wants and needs, and show you potential areas and plots of land that may be suitable for what you are looking for. We have helped many individuals, couples and families find their perfect land to build on, and we know we can do the same for you. This is what we do, we do it every day and we are good at it. Give us a call today, we look forward to hearing from you and working with you soon!


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Asbestos in Your Home

by Jerry Pinkas

 Eighty percent of homes in the United States built before 1980 are said to have asbestos fibers present. Asbestos is a group of six naturally-occurring mineral fibers and was initially thought to be a great building material due to its chemical-resistant and fire-resistant properties. However, the mineral has been known to cause a number of illnesses, including different types of cancer and asbestosis. When purchasing a home, being mindful of asbestos can mitigate health implications and prevent the high cost of abatement.


Where is Asbestos in the Home?


Prior to being linked to several diseases, including mesothelioma, the toxic mineral was a popular choice used in millions of American homes during the mid-20th century. The government began instituting restrictions in the 1970s, but prior to  that asbestos was used for insulation, soundproofing, and fireproofing. It can still be found in those capacities today. The toxin was also often mixed with cement, making it harder to identify.



Asbestos could be lurking in the basements of older homes in the following places:


●          Water heaters

●          Coal stoves

●          Wood burning stoves

●          Furnaces

●          Cement bases

●          Pipe insulation

●          HVAC duct and ventilation insulation


Main Home

It can be difficult to spot asbestos with the naked eye, but the mineral was used throughout the home in products and materials like these:


●          Old caulking

●          Flooring

●          Ceiling tiles

●          Plaster

●          Paint

●          Linoleum tiles

●          Light fixtures

●          Window glazes and putties


Outside the House

Your home's exterior can also harbor asbestos-containing materials, including:


●          Shingles

●          House siding

●          Roof tiles

●          Fiberboards

●          Insulation


It’s important to note that while asbestos may not be present in every one of these products, it’s still best to be mindful of the possibility when you’re considering purchasing a home or planning a renovation project.


Dealing with Asbestos


Knowing when your house was built should give you an idea of whether or not your home is affected by asbestos. If your house was built before the 1980s but was significantly remodeled since then, your chances of dealing with asbestos decrease. However, if you suspect the toxic mineral is in your home, these three simple rules will prevent you from being exposed.


  1. Do Not Disturb It - Although asbestos-containing materials, known as ACMs, are considered safe when left alone and fully intact, they may release fibers when they become damaged. Don't ever attempt to remove ACMs on your own because you can accidentally expose yourself or others to the toxic fibers.


  1. Test It - If you decide to go ahead with a home renovation project involving potential damage to older materials or the foundation, it’s important to contact a licensed asbestos inspector to test the area first.


  1. Have It Removed - If the area tests positive for asbestos, find and hire a qualified asbestos abatement contractor to have it removed safely and properly disposed.


Misconceptions Regarding Asbestos


Now that you know where you can find asbestos and how to properly take care of removing the toxin, here are a few other common misconceptions about the mineral and the effects it can have on your health.




  1. Asbestos only impacts the lungs - MYTH

If asbestos fibers are inhaled or ingested, the particles can cling to the linings of the lungs, heart or abdomen, causing different forms of mesothelioma cancer. Mesothelioma is diagnosed in approximately 3,000 Americans each year.


  1.  Mesothelioma is the only known disease caused by asbestos - MYTH

While asbestos is the only known cause of mesothelioma, other diseases can develop over time due to exposure, including asbestos-related lung cancer and asbestosis. Symptoms can sometimes take 20 to 50 years to appear after someone has been exposed to the carcinogenic mineral. A typical mesothelioma prognosis is usually poor and patients are commonly aged 55 or older when diagnosed.


  1.  Asbestos has been banned in the United States - MYTH

Although asbestos use has been banned in countries like the UK and Australia, up to one percent of asbestos is still legally allowed for use in building materials in the United States. An important truth to understand is that there is no safe amount of asbestos to be in contact with.

Buying A New Construction Home In Myrtle Beach

by Jerry Pinkas

Model homes Myrtle Beach SC

Are you starting your search for a new home in beautiful Myrtle Beach, SC and find yourself wondering if purchasing a new construction home is the right path for you and your family? Do you ever wonder about the perks that accompany a new build versus a slightly older home?  We get a lot of questions here at Jerry Pinkas Real Estate Experts, and one theme we see all the time centers around new construction and new home communities. And as you may have guessed, that is exactly what we are going to be talking about in today’s blog. If you have ever wondered what all the hype around new construction homes is, or have any questions about the topic, then you do not want to miss today’s post. Let’s jump in! 


Are new construction homes around Myrtle Beach, SC expensive and located far from the beach?

Because Myrtle Beach, SC is such a popular destination for many people around the country, you may assume that any new construction homes or neighborhoods come with an extremely high price tag and are probably located in a secluded part of town. And while this can be true in some cases, there are new construction areas where you will find reasonability priced homes that are also not a haul when you want to spend some quality time with family and friends at the beach. You can find new build homes that start at just under $200,000 and are located just a mile away from the beach. So just to recap: you can potentially (based on availability) purchase a brand new build, without breaking the bank and be situated just a hop, skip and a jump away from the beach. That is what we call a win-win-win!

New home builders Myrtle Beach SC

Why can’t I find these new construction listings online?

While the World Wide Web is a very useful tool, it is important to understand that you should not solely rely on the internet when conducting your search for a new home. Especially if you are interested in buying a new construction home. Because these are brand new houses, many are not even listed on the MLS during the beginning stages of construction. And while we are talking about it, is important to also understand that the MLS is only a small portion of what is really going on around town when it comes to inventory. There is a lot of new construction going on, and our experienced agents here at Jerry Pinkas Real Estate Experts can take you to these properties and talk about price points, as well as show you the different layouts and styles that are available for you to choose from. So, what you see on the internet can be a good place to get you started, but you want an experienced real estate agent by your side to show you what is going on and give you the opportunity to view these communities in person so you can make an informed decision based on what you see in real life.

New Construction Condos in Myrtle Beach SC

What are the perks of buying a new construction home in Myrtle Beach, SC?

There are many perks when it comes to buying a new construction home in Myrtle Beach, SC. The first, and most obvious to many people, is that no one has lived in the house prior to you. No one has set the fire alarm off when cooking a meal in the kitchen, no one has dented the walls, no one has cracked a tile in the bathroom and no one has spilled any liquid on the carpets. And while all these are minor things, they are still signs that the house has been lived in before you got there. There is something to be said about starting fresh and knowing that everything in your home is brand new. And for many people, that is a huge draw to purchasing a new construction home.

Myrtle Beach New Construction

Customization is also a huge potential perk. In some cases, the builder will allow the buyer to have a hand in customizing and designing the space. Things such as hardware finishes, flooring, built-ins, and exterior paint color can be chosen by the buyer, which allows the home and space to be tailored to their specific wants, needs, and taste. Another perk of a new construction home is that you will find fewer repairs than you would in a home that was previously lived in. Buyers will not have to replace old, stained carpet, purchase new updated appliances, patch any holes in the walls or repaint any of the rooms as everything is brand new when you move in.

On that same note, new construction homes can potentially also end up being less maintenance down the road as many new homes are built specifically to minimize maintenance requirements. With an older home, you may have to replace things more frequently and keep an eye on updates and maintenance that needs to be performed. Fire safety is another perk with a new build home, as builders today often incorporate fire safety features that may not have been developed in years prior. Things such as hard-wired smoke detectors and fire retardant in insulation and carpeting are features that you may see. With the new, evolving technology that is present, you can feel safe and sleep soundly knowing that your home has the proper fire safety features in place.

Speaking of new and evolving technology, you are more likely to find new construction homes that are built to be more energy efficient. Things such as heating and cooling, insulation, air sealing, and appliances are some of the variables that can be optimized for energy efficiency in a new construction home. Ensuring that your cool air is not escaping during the warmer summer months and your warm air is not escaping during the cooler winter months can help to keep your energy bills lower, and thus more money in your pocket. Many residents and homeowners do not realize the amount of money that (quite literally) goes out the door with poor insulation around doors and window frames in older homes. 

Pre construction homes Myrtle Beach

What should I do if I am interested in purchasing a new construction home in Myrtle Beach, SC?  

If you or someone you know is looking to purchase a new construction home, be sure to give our experienced team here at Jerry Pinkas Real Estate Experts a call today! As we discussed above, many of these new construction homes and communities are not listed online or on the MLS. So if you are wanting to secure one before it hits the market you have to work with a team that knows the ins and outs of the area. Allow our team to take you to these neighborhoods and show you around so you can really get a feel for what you will be purchasing. We will answer any questions that come up and show you all the different options that are available to you.

We understand that buying a home can seem like a daunting task, especially when it comes to new construction homes. Our experienced and knowledgeable agents here at the Jerry Pinkas Team will guide you every step of the way and ensure that your new construction home buying experience is second to none. Why have average when you can have the best? Give us a call today, we look forward to hearing from you and working with you soon!


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Top Things To Avoid When You Are Purchasing A Condo

by Jerry Pinkas

Myrtle Beach Condos for Sale

Have you or someone you know been thinking of buying a condo in beautiful Myrtle Beach, SC? Are you excited about the possibilities of condo living, but have questions or concerns about the buying process? Do you stay awake at night wondering about all the things you should/need to avoid when looking to purchase a condo, and wish you had an experienced and knowledgeable real estate agent to help you navigate these potential pitfalls? If you answered yes to one or more of these questions, then this blog post is for you! Today we are going to be talking about all things condo and give you information on how to avoid the buying mistakes that are costly. So without further ado, lets jump in!

Is the internet a good place to find information on condos?  

Now more than ever, we know there is a lot of information available to you at your fingertips via the World Wide Web. And while this is a luxury in a lot of ways, it is also important to understand that not all the information that you find online is accurate. There is a lot of misinformation that people are taking in, especially when it comes to buying and selling real estate. So while it is okay to browse online, the best way to get information is to talk to a knowledgeable and experienced real estate agent in your area. Not only will they be able to answer all your questions, but they should have a great handle on what is going on with properties in the area and give you advice accordingly.

How to buy a condo for the first time

What are some of the main things to avoid when looking to purchase a condo?

It is no secret that condo living is a great way to go for a lot of people, especially millennia’s and seniors who may be retiring and looking to downsize their living space a bit. But there are a few things to keep an eye out for when you start your search. Understanding that things have changed a bit can give you a leg up. What do we mean by that? There are buildings that have had past and/or present litigations, slip and fall defects, construction defects and other similar things can be considered minor, but are still things to look out for. You want to be aware of the condition of the building you are buying into so there are minimal surprises down the road.

You will also want to keep an eye out for the HOA (Homeowners Association) budget. Does it have reserves? Do they have money in the bank or are they losing money? Do they have a cash call? These are all very important things to know and questions that should be asked. Also, you want to know about HOA meeting minutes and what is going on. When it comes to big projects, you want to see if they have been completed, if there is some other project that is going on that needs to be finished up and any potential future projects they have planned. For example, if there was a damaged roof from a storm, you want to know if there is any mold that has subsequentially arisen from the water damage. Another big area you want to look into is any balcony issues, as these can be costly. You want to know all these things before you get involved and invested in the property. Lastly, we want you to understand that the skill of the agent you are working with is a direct relation to how successful your experience will be. So finding a great real estate agent that is knowledgeable and will work hard in your best interest will give you the best chance of success in your buying experience.


Are you buying a condo or a condotel?

First off, you may be asking yourself what exactly a condotel is. A condotel, while it is not a condo, usually has a vacancy sign outside and is typically rented by the night, by the week and/or by the month. Does the property you are looking at have a rental desk, a central phone system, daily maid service, and valet parking? If so, these are all signs the property may be a condotel. It is important to understand the difference so you know exactly what type of property you are looking at and do not invest your time looking into in a building that ultimately will not fit your needs. Our team here at Jerry Pinkas Real Estate Experts will be able to walk you through more of the differences and be sure to steer you clear of these properties if you are looking to purchase a typical condo unit. And on a side note, if you ever do find yourself looking to purchase a condotel, we have some unfortunate news for you. You will find that 99 percent of banks will actually not finance a condotel.

Tips to buying a condo in Myrtle Beach

Why is it important to work with a good lender when looking to purchase a condo?

There are a number of reasons why it is so important to work with a good lender when purchasing a condo. One of these reasons is because, if you are working with a good lender, they will be able to help you review any litigations on the property, as well as review the home owner’s documents on your behalf. Why would they do this you ask? Because as much as you do not want to put money into a bad property, they do not want to loan you money on a project that is going to get them in trouble either. So using the correct lender is definitely a bonus on your end. It also never hurts to have an extra set of eyes on things to help ensure you are making the best decision given your current situation, as well as your wants and needs in a property.

Myrtle Beach SC Condo Life

What should I do if I am interested in buying a condo in Myrtle Beach, SC?

If you or someone you know is looking to purchase a condo in sunny Myrtle Beach, SC, be sure to give our experienced team here at Jerry Pinkas Real Estate Experts a call today! As we have touched on throughout this blog post, while the condo buying process can be an exciting time, there are also a few pitfalls that you want to be sure to avoid as they can be very costly, frustrating and time-consuming. Making sure that you have a knowledgeable and dedicated real estate agent by your side can help ensure that you have a successful and stress-free buying experience. We understand that you have your choice of real estate agents to choose from in the Myrtle Beach, SC area, and you may be wondering what sets our team here at Jerry Pinkas Real Estate Experts apart from the rest?

Buying condo vs house for investment

For one, we have a separate team of agents that are solely dedicated to our buyer clients, and a separate set of agents that are solely dedicated to our seller clients. So when starting your condo buying journey, you can be confident and sleep easy knowing that your real estate agent is extremely skilled and knowledgeable about the buying process and will always work hard in your best interests. We have helped numerous individuals, couples, families, and retirees find their dream condo in Myrtle Beach, SC and we know we can do the same for you. Why settle for average when you can have the best? Give us a call today, we look forward to hearing from you and working with you soon!


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Do you need a termite inspection on a condo

Have you or someone you know ever had to deal with termites at your/their home or condo? If you have, then you understand not only how costly it can be, but also how it can turn your life completely upside down for a good amount of time. Termites attack thousands of homes and buildings each year in the United States, and homeowners fork out millions of dollars annually to repair the damage they cause and treat the termite problem itself. And if you think that just because your condo is on the ninth floor of a concrete building that you are exempt from this potential issue, you are sadly mistaken. And as you may have guessed, that is exactly what we are going to be discussing in today’s blog post!

Termite Inspections in Myrtle Beach

What are termites and how can you identify them?

Before we get into the meat and potatoes of today’s post, we wanted to give a brief overview of what termites are and how you can possibly detect them. Termites are often referred to as the “silent destroyer” as they do not come out into the open which makes them very difficult to detect at times. In some cases, termites can be secretly thriving and hiding in your home, condo or yard and do not show any immediate signs of the damage that is being done. If you are looking for information on how you can detect these pesky creatures, termites usually have straight, beaded antennae, their wings are equal size, they have uniformed waists and measure approximately 1 cm to a few millimeters in length.

Primarily, termites feed on cellulose (which is a part of wood), but they are also known to damage books, insulation, paper and even filtration system and swimming pool liners. Additionally, while there are different types of termites, they all feed on detritus which include dead trees and plants, as well as dead parts of living trees including wood. And unfortunately, regardless of their construction type, all homes have the ability to provide cellulose food which in turn harbors termite infestation. So while you may think this issue may never present itself in your living space, all house foundations, shelves, furniture and even books can draw in termites and provide a cozy place for them to stay and live. Now, this information is not meant to scare you, but rather provide you with the knowledge and tools to be aware and alert to catch it fast if you see any signs of termites in your home or condo. 

Who is responsible for termite repairs when in a condo association

What types of termite’s attack condos?

We may be giving you more information than you originally thought you were looking for, but we figured we would educate you on everything related to termite and condos so you can better understand how everything is related. Subterranean and drywood termites are the two specific types of termites that frequently attack condos. Subterranean termites are known to attack buildings from underground by entering through cracks in concrete slabs or from flowerbeds through tunneling under siding that is close to the soil. On the other hand, while drywood termites do not live in the soil, they tend to attack condo buildings in the spring and summer during their mating flights. They also tend to land on the wooden trim around windows and doors and make their nests in small cracks in wood to start new colonies.

Home inspection for new construction condo

Can termite’s travel from one unit to another in a condo building?

Now don’t freak out, but the answer is yes. It is no secret the damage termites can do to a single-family home, but when it comes to condos, termites can be downright destructive and can easily travel from one condo unit to the next. Of the two, subterranean termites are the worst because they often enter the building through expansion joints between two slabs, allowing them to easily and swift fully inhabit two or more units at the same time. On the same note, if these subterranean termites were to invade one unit, they can enter the neighboring unit by traveling through the common wall. Due to the fact that these types of termites are able to stay hidden, they tend to cause damage to multiple condo units before they are even discovered or detected by the residents.

At the same time, drywood termites are also able to move freely between condo units. You will see this especially if they have inhabited exterior wooden trim, a wooden fence, or a carport, as drywood termites then gain access to the several units that these areas are attached to. Now you may be asking yourself what happens if a unit in a condo building is affected by termites. And, as you can probably tell by now when termites invade condo buildings the exterminating process can prove to be extremely challenging. This is especially true if there are several units in the same building that have termites.

New construction condo inspection checklist

Why do I have to pay for a termite inspection, even if my condo is located on the 9th floor of a concert building?

Hopefully, by now we have equipped you enough information for you to understand why you need a termite inspection, even if your condo is located in the upper levels of your condo building. It is always better to be safe than sorry, and just because your building is made from concrete does not dismiss it from the potential of a termite infestation. And as we spoke about earlier, even if the unit does not outwardly show any termite damage, you never know what is going on within the walls and unseen areas of the condo unit. The termites may have spread to your unit from a neighboring unit and you want to bring in a professional so they can assess the situation. Additionally, some pest inspectors will also look for leaks, beetles, mold and water damage within the unit when they come out for the termite inspection. This is a huge bonus as it will give you a better overall picture of the status of the unit, and allow you to fix any potential issue before it gets worse down the line.

How to treat termites

What should I do if I am looking to buy/sell a condo in Myrtle Beach, SC?

If you or someone you know is looking to buy or sell a condo in sunny Myrtle Beach, SC, be sure to give our experienced team here at Jerry Pinkas Real Estate Experts a call today! We have seamlessly helped numerous individuals, couples, families, and retirees through the buying and selling process and we know we can do the same for you. Our real estate team is different from most in our area because we have a separate set of realtors that are solely dedicated to helping and serving our buyer clients and a separate set of realtors that are solely dedicated to helping and serving our seller clients. So you can trust that your Jerry Pinkas real estate agent will not be educated and well versed in the buying or selling process, but also that they will work hard in your best interests. We know you have your choice of realtors in the Myrtle Beach, SC area, but why have average when you can have the best? Allow our dedicated team of agents to serve you today. We look forward to hearing from you and working with you soon!


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