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Living in Myrtle Beach SC

by Jerry Pinkas



Reasons to live in Myrtle Beach SC

What is it like living in Myrtle Beach, SC?

Myrtle Beach, SC is not only an incredible destination for your next family vacation, but it is also an attractive place to plant your roots year round. Imagine a beautiful, mild climate, over 100 golf courses, countless festivals, live theatre, amusement parts, a miniature golf course, 1,700 mouthwatering locally owned and chain restaurants and endless adventures to choose from. Do we have your attention yet? 

The Myrtle Beach area shows off with sprawling white sandy beaches that are lined with cozy residences and stunning high rise hotels, all of which aid in its reputation as one of the top beach resort city’s in the country. We certainly understand why over 17 million vacationers choose Myrtle Beach, SC as their destionation each year! With a population over over 32,000 residents, Myrtle Beach, SC is a wonderful place to live and enjoy the year round sunshine and fun activities. In this blog post we are going to be covering the many reasons why living in Myrtle Beach, SC provides an incredible lifestyle for all its residents, and why you should look into living here if you don’t already.

What is the weather like in Myrtle Beach, SC?

The weather in Myrtle Beach, SC is one reason why the area is so appealing for so many people. For the most part, residents enjoy a year round mild climate with sunny days and warm temperatures. For these reasons, along with the warm Atlantic waters, makes Myrtle Beach one of the most popular cities on the East Coast for vacationers to flock to, and is an admired and booming resort city. During the summer months of June through the beginning of October, you will find many hot and humid days with the daytime highs ranging from 83 to 91 degrees, and the night-time lows hovering right around 70 degrees. It is also not uncommon to come across thunderstorms, as the summer months tend to have the most precipitation.

When it comes to winters in Myrtle Beach, you will not be disappointed as the area experiences mostly mild winter months. From December through February you can expect an average daytime high of anywhere from 57 to 61 degrees and nighttime lows around 36 to 38 degrees. And while there can be some colder days with highs in the upper 40’s, you can always find something to do in Myrtle Beach to enjoy time with family and friends (check out our last blog here for more information of things to do in Myrtle Beach in the winter). And for the spring and fall months, you can expect sunny and mild temperatures with highs in the 60’s and 70’s.

Golfing in Myrtle Beach

If you are looking to spend your days near the water, the beach season in Myrtle Beach is from May through the beginning of October. This is the time when the beaches, hotels and roads and most populated and people are flocking to the city to enjoy everything the area has to offer. For the avid golfer, spring, fall and winter are the most popular times of the year to book a tee time and practice your swing with stunning scenery all around.

What is the cost of living in Myrtle Beach, SC?

If you are thinking of relocating to Myrtle Beach, SC, you will be pleased to know that the cost of living in the city is 8% lower than that of the national average. A large part of this is due to the affordable housing in the region, as you will find the average sale price of a home in Myrtle Beach to be roughly several thousand dollars lower than that of the national average. This, and many other reasons, are also why Myrtle Beach, SC is a great destination to retire to.

What is there to do in Myrtle Beach, SC?

How much time do you have?! There are endless outdoor and indoor activities for you and your family to participate in no matter the time of year. If you are looking for an activity outdoors, Myrtle Beach caters to your adventurous spirit with two state parks. Huntington Beach State Park and Myrtle Beach State Park offer visitors biking and hiking trails, as well as stunning, sprawling beaches to lay out, build sand castles, have a picnic or take a dip in the water. With just under 60 miles of shorelines along the Grand Strand, residents of Myrtle Beach are never at a loss for warm days spent fishing, boating, swimming or sunbathing.

Believe it or not, Myrtle Beach is not only famous for its coveted coastline, but also its world-class golf courses. In fact, many of the courses were devised and designed by some of the greatest golfers to play the game such as Arnold Palmer, Jack Nicklaus and Greg Norman - to name a few. These pristine and challenging courses, paired with the incredible weather of Myrtle Beach, makes for a golfer’s paradise! And for families with kids, there are countless activities everyone in your group will enjoy, from the young to the young at heart. You will find attractions such as miniature golf, the zoo at Brookgreen Gardens and amusement parks to keep everyone entertained and create beautiful, lasting memories. Also, there is a never-ending list of live music and cultural events held throughout the city that are sure to be a good time for all, as well as a live theatre, a pinball museum and haunted house for those looking for a little spook in their day. 

Things to do while living in Myrtle Beach

Lastly, and arguably one of the most popular attractions in the area, is the Myrtle Beach Boardwalk, which is bursting with fun and excitement around every corner. There are delicious restaurants, incredible shopping destinations and electrifying festivals held throughout the year such as the Boardwalk Fright Nights, Sun Fun Festival and Carolina Country Music Festival. And while you are there, be sure to take a ride on the Myrtle Beach SkyWheel, which is the tallest wheel in the country east of the Mississippi River. With 42 temperature controlled, glass-enclosed gondolas guests will capture breathtaking views of the Boardwalk and is sure to be an experience you will never forget!  

Travel to Myrtle Beach

What is the best way to travel around Myrtle Beach, SC?

There are several highways that make travel to, from and around Myrtle Beach, SC relatively easy to navigate through by car. Running north to south is Route 17, which connects areas such as Litchfield, North Myrtle Beach Condos and Pawleys Island to the downtown area, as well as Route 501, which runs west to east. There are also 8 bus routes that serve the Myrtle Beach area. These routes are controlled and operated by Coast RTA and offer coverage to nearby neighborhoods and communities such as Georgetown and Conway. For those traveling by air to and from South Carolina, the closest airport for residents and visitors of Myrtle Beach is the Myrtle Beach International Airport, which is home to eight airlines including Delta and American Airlines.

Myrtle Beach SC Best Places to Live

What if I want more information on moving to Myrtle Beach, SC?

Give our experienced team at Jerry Pinkas Reality a call today! If you have ever thought about moving to (or within) Myrtle Beach, SC we can help you find your dream home today. We know you have questions and our team is happy to take the time to answer all of them and make the home buying process as smooth and stress-free as possible.  Picture yourself walking along the glistening beaches, enjoying the sunshine and warm sand beneath your feet - we look forward to speaking with you soon!


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Myrtle Beach Townhouses Myrtle Beach Townhomes

by Jerry Pinkas


Myrtle Beach SC Townhomes and Townhouses for Sale

What is a townhome and why should I be interested in purchasing one?

By definition, a townhouse is a multi-story home that is attached to one or more similar houses by conjoining walls. These homes are usually found in more modern housing developments and are the perfect place for you and your family to call home in Myrtle Beach! Individuals and families alike purchase townhomes for a myriad of reasons, some of these include being part of a close knit community, the lower cost of townhomes compared to detached single-family homes, the style of the homes themselves, lower utility bills and having less property to maintain. These, and many others, are a few reasons why many people are looking more towards a townhome in the search for their perfect home.

townhouses for sale in myrtle beach sc

Townhomes in Myrtle Beach range in price, but many start under $100,000 and range into the $300,000’s depending of course on location, size and desirability. Many townhomes have two to five bedrooms with one to four baths, and offer buyers spacious living areas, as well as many upgrades such as Plantation Shudders throughout the homes, upgraded kitchen appliances and lots of cabinet and closet space. There are some townhomes in Myrtle Beach that also have a screened in porch, which are perfect to spend summer nights on overlooking a lake, sharing memories with families and friends and taking in the sights of local wildlife.

One aspect we want to point out is that you are not necessarily compromising on space when you look to purchase a townhome. While the setup may be different than traditional houses, many units are the ideal size for families. Many of the townhouses also have spacious living and dining areas, so you will not be pressed for space when entertaining. Also, the different levels of the townhome also give you more living area and a unique home layout.

Buyers will also be pleased to find a variety of styles, including many quaint brick townhomes, that bring a very charming and homey feel to the neighborhood. You will also find many distinctive, colorful townhouses in the Myrtle Beach area that bring a little life to the area. And in terms of location, buyers will also be pleased to see that many of these homes are desirably located near the water, as well as many shopping, dining and entertainment options in Myrtle Beach.

What is the difference between a townhome and a condo?

We wanted to be sure to touch on this topic as to avoid any confusion when we say “townhomes,” as there is some overlap in the two, but they are still different from one another. A condo is a building containing units which are individually owned, and townhomes, while also individually owned, are similar architecturally to row houses where the owners share at least one or more walls. When it comes to size, condos are usually smaller than townhomes, which can feature multiple stores and be quite large in comparison.

Another difference in townhomes and condos is the HOA fees. Condo owners usually pay higher HOA fees, as they go towards exterior upkeep such as removal of trash, pest control, pools and lawn care. Townhouse owners often have a lower monthly HOA fee as they are responsible for much of their own upkeep out of their own pocket. The last difference we want to bring to your attention is the ownership of a condo versus a townhouse. Owners of condos only own their individual, interior unit of the building and all other areas including community areas, lawns, etc. are owned by the owners of the building. On the other hand, the exterior, interiors, lawn, driveway and roof are all property of the townhouse owner.

Benefits of a Myrtle Beach SC Townhome

What are the benefits of buying a townhome in Myrtle Beach?

There are many incredible benefits of purchasing a townhome in Myrtle Beach, the first one being the initial cost of purchasing one. We generally see townhomes as a much more affordable option for families looking to purchase a home, and they are also a wonderful way for first time homebuyers to establish equity. If you are in love with a certain area of Myrtle Beach but the single family homes are out of your price range, a townhome is a great alternative for you. It not only affords you the option to live in your ideal area, but it allows you to enjoy the many benefits of a home while avoiding a hefty monthly mortgage and going over budget in the search for a detached, single family home.

Another great benefit of purchasing a townhome is the amenities. Often times the community will provide tennis courts, pools, a community center and park areas, among other attractions. There are some townhome communities in Myrtle Beach that are very luxurious with impeccable lawns, local recreation and even some with ponds and water fountains to gaze at. And since many townhome communities have some sort of an association, you can be assured that these areas will be well maintained for a relatively small fee and not much work from your end.

Utility expenses are another incredible benefit of buying a townhouse, as most structures are relatively compact and at least one wall of the home is shared with a neighbor. This is a big help when it comes to utility bills, especially with things such as cooling and heating, which are usually much cheaper when buyers go with a townhome. While savings like this tend to not be taken into account, it is a very important aspect that can end up making a big difference for you and your family over time. And again, most of the townhome communities have associations, which is another helpful aspect to buyers as they help to keep the community organized and everyone accountable. You can rest assured that the community will be well maintained and any pesky neighbors will be kept in line.

Myrtle Beach townhouse rentals

Are Townhomes in Myrtle Beach a good rental property?

If you are looking to purchase a rental property in Myrtle Beach, a townhome is a great option for you! As we spoke about earlier, one of the main benefits is that most of these properties are less expensive to purchase initailly compared to a detached home, so the barrier to entry in the rental market with these homes are fairly low depending on the neighborhood. And since your mortgage has the potential to be on the lower end, you would not have to charge renters as much to cover your expenses every month, which in turn would draw in more potential occupants and ensure the property is always rented out.

Also, townhomes are very appealing when it comes to renters as they offer many of the amenities of a detached home, such as space, full kitchen, garage and laundry, without having to pay a heftier price. And seeing as how many townhouses have Home Owners Associations, you can be assured that the common areas will always be kept up, leaving less work and worry for you.

Townhouses for Sale Myrtle Beach

What should I do if I am interested in purchasing a townhome?

Give our experienced team here at Jerry Pinkas Reality a call today! Why spend countless hours on the computer researching and getting frustrated when you can let us do the work for you? We have helped many families get in to a beautiful townhome in Myrtle Beach and we can do the same for you. We know you have questions around townhouses and we can walk you through every step of the way. Let our team answer your questions, show you some properties that fit your desired criteria and make the process simple for you and your family. We look forward to hearing from you soon! 


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