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Many people are making the move South - South Carolina, that is.

Families, young professionals, and retirees are all realizing that the state has many attributes which make it extremely attractive. Between the glorious climate and natural landscape to the great amenities and financial incentives, you too may want to relocate to this state when you learn all of its advantages.

Here are sixteen reasons why moving to South Carolina may be the right move for you. 

1. Low Taxes 

South Carolina has one of the lowest per capita tax rates in the country. The state does not tax Social Security benefits or railroad retirement income, and it allows special deductions for retirees.

South Carolina also does not impose an estate or gift tax.

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2. Reasonable Property Prices

You get a lot of bang for your buck when you buy a house in South Carolina. Compared to ocean front property in other East Coast states like New Jersey, you will get a bigger and better house or condo for half the price you would pay farther North. 

Generally,  this state has a much lower cost of living than many of its neighbors or similar seaside communities. In addition to getting a bigger house than you would for the same price elsewhere,  your food, utilities, and gas costs are likely to be lower too. Overall, the cost of living is about seven percent lower than the rest of the nation.

3. Nice Weather 

If you are sick of shoveling and shivering, go South. South Carolina has an annual average temperature of 74°F, and it's sunny about 215 days a year.

If you like strolling the shore, the golf course, or a park in shorts and sandals, this is the place to be. Summers are hot, although not quite as tropical as the Caribbean or Hawaii. You can usually enjoy the sunshine and relatively balmy climes for much of the year and partake in many outdoor activities like fishing, swimming, and bicycling. 

South Carolina has suffered the impact from some storms as of late, but many of its new buildings are constructed with special protections against hurricane force winds. 

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4. Great Place to Retire 

Many older couples choose to live out their golden years in South Carolina.  The favorable tax rates make it especially appealing for people on a fixed income.

There are many pleasant retirement communities which assure seniors that they will make new friends and enjoy lots of activities. For more independent living, there are many condominiums where you can get all the amenities without having to worry about doing all the landscaping and upkeep yourself.

5. You Can Earn Money through Short Term Rentals 

Many homeowners in Myrtle Beach and other South Carolina communities spend part of the year in the state and other months elsewhere. They may see their condo or house as an investment, using it on occasion for family vacations but also expecting it to generate income.

A condo in South Carolina can be posted on Air B & B or leased for short-term rentals through a local manager to provide you with a steady stream of revenue from tourists and other travelers.  You can even create an LLC and treat your real estate as a company,  which offers additional tax benefits.

6. Excellent for Golfers 

South Carolina is one of the best states in the country for amazing golf courses. It has over 400 public and private golf courses to choose from! 

Kiawah Island's Ocean Course has been the site of the 2007 Senior PGA Championship and the 2012 PGA, plus they are expecting to host it again on 2021. Hilton Head's Harbour Town Golf Links was voted by PGA Tour players as their second-favorite regular Tour stop behind Augusta National.

Golf Digest ranked these golf courses in the Palmetto State as the top ten.

  • The Ocean Course, Kiawah Island 
  • Yeamans Hall Club, Charleston 
  • Sage Valley G.C., Graniteville 
  • Harbour Town G. Links, Hilton Head Island
  • Kiawah Island C. (Cassique) 
  • Long Cove Club, Hilton Head Island
  • Secession G.C., Beaufort 
  • Kiawah Island Club (River) 
  • Greenville C.C. (Chanticleer)
  • May River G.C. At Palmetto Bluff, Bluffton 
  • Musgrove Mill G.C., Clinton 

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7. Southern Hospitality 

The American South is famous for its laid-back, friendly lifestyle. If you are used to the more chilly reception you may receive in colder climes,  in this region you should be prepared for neighborly drop-ins ins,  leisurely glasses of sweet tea on the porch, and invitations for dinner. 

Visitors come from all over the world to see the beautiful cities like Charleston and the jaw-dropping shorelines of places like Myrtle Beach. They keep coming back because of the warm reception they get from locals at restaurants, stores, and events.

The region's many historic homes make great B&Bs, whose owners pride themselves on making you feel right at home. If you are looking for a permanent place in South Carolina, why not try out some of these locally owned inns to get a taste of the welcoming attitude.  

Just don't rush. It's expected that you too will stop and take the time to respond to friendliness and inquire about how others are doing this fine day. 

8. Amazing Beaches 

The beaches in the Palmetto State are one of the region's biggest draws for both travelers and people wishing to relocate. There are plenty of choices of vibes and activities, so there is a destination suitable for everyone from honeymooning couples to families, from students to professional conventions.

Myrtle Beach has lots going on, especially in the summer. It's got amusement and water parks, restaurants and live entertainment. You can go fishing, swimming, sunbathing, sailing and surfing.

The Isle of Palms is perfect for environmentalists and animal lovers: nesting sea turtles stop here to lay their eggs in the tall dunes. 

Hilton Head is a popular resort area with 12 miles of beaches, countless bike trails, over 30 golf courses, and more than 300 tennis courts.

10. Slower Pace 

If you have had it with big city life, you may want to consider the more leisurely pace of existence in South Carolina.  The laid-back lifestyle enables its residents to combine work and play in a less stressful way.  

Slowing down does not mean you have to skimp on exciting professional or cultural activities. Myrtle Beach hosts exciting cultural events like its Caribbean Festival in July and its Palmetto Tasty Tomato festival in August. The state's Philharmonic is considered first-rate, as is the famous Spoleto Festival. 

Whether its the pleasant weather or the regional tradition of taking life easy, you will find your stress levels plummet when you settle into life down South. 

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11. Historic Significance 

There's no denying South Carolina's important place in American history. Settled by Europeans in the 1500s,  it was one of the original colonies and then one of the original states to sign the Declaration of Independence.

South Carolina was a driving force in the Confederacy and the Civil War, as much of its economy depended upon slavery. It was the first state to secede from the union. After the war, it became one of the poorest states in the country. 

Despite the dark periods in its history,  its many struggles have created a place with a strong sense of the past and pride in overcoming deep hardships and divisions. Native Americans, Africans and European settlers all influenced a deep cultural heritage which has contributed to the state's unique personality to this day. 

If history intrigues you, tour the area's majestic plantation homes. The architecture will carry you to a bygone era.  Who knows,  some of them may even be haunted! 

12. Good Resale Value 

There are many other families like yours who are considering moving to places like Myrtle Beach, for all the reasons we list here. That makes property in the region a wise investment.

Because of the state's many amenities,  if you take good care of your property you can expect to get a good resale price for it if you put it on the market. 

By working with a skilled realtor,  you can price your house or condo appropriately and market it in a way that gives you an excellent return. 

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13. Friendly Community 

It can be scary relocating to a state where you do not know anyone. Luckily, South Carolina has become adept at welcoming new residents like you.

Many condos have activities which allow its residents to get to know each other,  from fishing trips to holiday meals. Many houses are in developments where you are likely to get to know your neighbors quickly. They have shared facilities like pools, tennis courts and clubhouses. 

There are plenty of online forums for meeting people of like interests. You can go to and check out groups that engage in everything from chess to birding.  Churches are also plentiful, giving another option to people wanting to meet others in the community.

14. Barbeque and Southern Cuisine

The location of South Carolina and its rich history have contributed to a delicious cuisine. There is an abundance of seafood, of course, including local shrimp, crabs and fish like tuna, bass, and flounder. 

The influence of African slaves has added the flavors of that continent, including sesame, okra, and eggplant. You will notice Caribbean and Gullah influences as well. Other regional favorites include boiled peanuts, collard greens, and sweet tea.

Bar-B-Que is a religion in South Carolina. They serve it in many different ways: whole hog, pork butts, ribs or an all-you-can-eat buffet. The sauce is made in endless varieties, with different areas of the state preferring an emphasis on tomato, mustard, or vinegar.

Other local dishes include She-Crab Soup, a bisque that blends cream, fresh crabmeat, red-orange roe from the female crab and sherry. Oysters on the half shell, fresh from the sea, are popular.  Biscuits, grits, and cornbread are other Southern staples. 

You are never going to go hungry in this state, although you may need to rachet up your exercise program to counteract all the heavy, yummy food! 

15. Parks Galore 

South Carolina has many protected lands which make up national parks, monuments, and historic sites. Its state parks consist of 80,000 acres of protected lands from the Blue Ridge Mountains to the coast.

Parks include protected wilderness, but there is also plenty of public space for recreation and cultural or historic events like Revolutionary or Civil War reenactments.

If you like outdoor activities, the parks and public spaces offer many ways to explore your passion. There are plenty of places to camp, both on the seashore or in forests. Hikers and bird enthusiasts love South Carolina's offerings. 

You can kayak the backstreams, so long as you look out for the alligators! You can also glimpse the past by visiting some of the area's historic old plantation homes. 

16. Good Employment Opportunities

The thriving tourist industry in Myrtle Beach and other popular spots makes the region a place with plenty of employment opportunities.  There are about 75,000  jobs in Myrtle Beach alone which are dependent on tourism, ranging from hourly positions to management. 

Companies continue to open plants and outlets in the state because of the generous tax situation. This widens the net for employment in a variety of industries.

South Carolina is also inviting to entrepreneurs because its tax structure encourages limited liability corporations and other pass-throughs with beneficial options for small businesses. 

Moving to South Carolina

Moving to South Carolina: What Are You Waiting For? 

There are so many reasons to move to South Carolina- you should start packing!

Join the exodus away from cold weather, stressful dirty cities, and expensive neighborhoods. If you have enjoyed traveling to this state for vacations,  why not consider a long-term investment? Short term rentals can help you earn revenue on your home while at the same time giving you a place to enjoy with your family and friends whenever you wish. 

From tax advantages to the wide range of activities, from the food to the people,  South Carolina has something to satisfy any need, interest, and appetite. 

If you are interested in what South Carolina has to offer you, check out our blog for more information. 

Moving To Myrtle Beach? Don't Make This Mistake!

by Jerry Pinkas

Moving to Myrtle Beach South Carolina


Oh the anticipation! What mistake should I avoid when moving to Myrtle Beach?

So you recently moved to Myrtle Beach and are settling into your new home and enjoying the good life and everything beautiful South Carolina has to offer. The kitchen appliances have all found a home, your closet is meticulously organized, the wall art is hung and the last of the moving boxes have been recycled. You think you checked everything off your mile long moving list and are starting to feel some calm and peace in your day to day life. Sound familiar?


What most new residents to Myrtle Beach don’t realize is there is still one important lingering item that needs to be completed- and soon! Can you think of it? We'll give you a hint: You need to change your vehicle tags to South Carolina! Many people don’t think about putting it on their list or moreover, if they do rememeber, they don’t think its an important task to complete after they move here.

What some individuals don’t realize is that new residents have 30 days after they first move to the state to change their tags. There are some avoidable repercussions if you don’t, and The Jerry Pinkas Real Estate Team wants to make sure that you don’t make this mistake when moving to Myrtle Beach. Sound like a daunting task? Worry not, as we have all the information you will possibly need (and maybe a little more) on how to update your vehicle tags to reflect your beautiful and vibrant new home in the stunning state of South Carolina.


Updating your Tags when Moving to Myrtle Beach

Why is it important to change my tags when moving to Myrtle Beach?

There are a few reasons why it is important to update your vehicle tags after moving to Myrtle Beach. The first involves the “avoidable repercussions” that we spoke about earlier. A ticket. Yes, law officials are (and probably will) issue you a ticket if you have lived in the area more than 30 days and do not have state issued tags.

Many residents push the task aside thinking they will get away it, mainly because Myrtle Beach is a transient area filled with out of town guests and vacationers that flock here to enjoy the beautiful weather and glistening beaches. And let’s be honest, most people try to avoid the Department of Motor Vehicles like the plague due to slow moving ticket numbers resulting in long wait times. But it really isn’t worth the risk of getting a ticket if a law official finds out you actually are a resident and not just passing through the area? Our team sure doesn't think so. Especially since we laid out everything you need to do to avoid this mistake that many new residents of Myrtle Beach unfortunately fall into.  

south carolina license plate laws

The second reason residents should change their tags when moving to Myrtle Beach is actually a benefit and a should be a motivator to head directly to your local Department of Motor Vehicles. Lower taxes! Once you change your vehicle’s tags over, residents will be happy to know that their taxes here in the state of South Carolina will amount to a lot less than what other residents are paying in other states around the country. In fact, South Carolina is in the top ten states in the country with the lowest tax burden! Go SC!

And on a related note, it is also very important to update your address when moving to South Carolina on all official documents, as the state sends out essential information to the address that is documented on your license. A resident has ten days after moving to change their address with the South Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles, and once that is complete, all driver and vehicle records will be updated simultaneously. And speaking of licenses, it is imperative for residents that move to South Carolina from another state to apply for a South Carolina license or ID. Once the resident attains their new license, it is required that they turn over their out-of-state license or ID at that time. So brush that hair and get out your favorite shirt, and head over to your local Department of Motor Vehicles for your shiny new South Carolina license!


South Carolina License Plate


What is the process of changing my tags?

We thought you would never ask! New residents of Myrtle Beach are able to register their car either by mail or in person with the South Carolina Motor Vehicle Division. Before you are able to register your car, residents must first pay the county’s vehicle property tax with the county auditor. It is very important get this done first as there is nothing worse than painfully waiting in line at the Department of Motor Vehicles only to be told you don’t have what you need and to come back. This will not only cause frustration, but also add unnecessary time to your visit. And let’s be honest, the main goal is to get in and GET OUT as soon as possible.

After paying the small tax, ensure you hold on to the original paid vehicle property tax receipt, as you will need this in the next step to register your vehicle. Residents that move to South Carolina from out-of-state after July, 1 2017 also have to pay a one-time Infrastructure Maintenance Fee (or IMF) of $250 – this is in addition to the fees applicable to the title, registration and property tax. After you have the receipts, residents of Myrtle Beach are now ready to register their vehicle.

The next step is to head to your local Department of Motor Vehicles - the address for the Department of Motor Vehicles in Myrtle Beach is 1200 21st Ave N, Myrtle Beach, SC 29577. Hopefully there is a short line (or ideally, none at all!) and you can then get your in state registration and license. Starting the month that the vehicle was registered, the South Carolina car registration certificate is valid for two years.


South Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles

What do I need to bring with me to transfer my out-of-state title and/or registration?

You will need to bring a few things with you the day you go for your in state tags. Be sure to check that you have ALL of the following items or you will not be able to complete the process that day:

-Registration and title payment

-$250 Infrastructure Maintenance Fee

-Liability insurance information

-The original receipt showing payment in full for the vehicle property tax

-Out-of-state vehicle title and/or registration

-Completed SCDMV Form 400 (commonly known as the Application for Certificate of Title/Registration)

-Identification | Acceptable forms include driver’s license, identification card, passport (with visa), permanent residency card or an Employment Authorization Document (or EAD).

Living part time in Myrtle Beach

What if I only live in South Carolina part of the year? Do I still need to register my vehicle?  

Good question! If you own a vacation home in Myrtle Beach and your vehicle stays at that home for six months or more of the year you need to do the following items. First, you need to complete the Statement of Vehicle Operation (SCDMV Form TI-006) and bring a minimum of one of the following to a South Carolina Division of Motor Vehicle branch:

-If you lease a home/apartment or are a homeowner in the state, and you own the vehicle, you must provide proof of one South Carolina address from the list on the SCDMV (or United States Citizen’s Checklist).

-If you are employed in South Carolina and own the vehicle, you must provide a letter from your employer confirming your employment with them.

-If you are the owner of the vehicle and are not the homeowner or person leasing the home you reside in, you must complete and bring the SCDMV Form TI-006 (or Statement of Vehicle Operation). You will also need to bring a copy of the homeowner’s valid South Carolina license or ID and the correct address, and the homeowner must visit a South Carolina Division of Motor Vehicle branch with you to complete the SCDMV Form TI-006A (or Affidavit of Vehicle Principally Garaged at South Carolina Residence).  

We hope this information helps make your transition a little smoother. Our team at Jerry Pinkas Realty want to help you avoid the common pitfalls of moving that most realtors don’t advise on. We are here to not only help you find your perfect home, but help make the moving process as seamless as possible. Please contact us today with any questions you have on this topic and we will do our best to help you navigate the South Carolina requirements for switching over your out-of-state tags. Contact us today! 

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