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Brand New Oceanfront Condos Coming to Myrtle Beach!

by Jerry Pinkas

It goes without saying that Myrtle Beach oceanfront condos are famous for their range and type, along with their many luxurious features.  But what about purchasing an oceanfront condo in Myrtle Beach during the construction stages?  Investors prefer this approach, as it allows them to negotiate a better price.  But you need to get in the game as early as you can to get the lowest price on an oceanfront condo in Myrtle Beach.

The good news is that there are new oceanfront condos being built right now in Myrtle Beach!  Check out the video below for a sneak peak.

But what are some steps when purchasing a pre construction Myrtle Beach condo?

  • Pick a suitable unit. Make sure you analyze the size and location of the unit.
  • Put down a small deposit.
  • Fill out a reservation form.
  • Pre-qualify for a loan.
  • Sign the contract.
  • Make a down payment.
  • Re-sell the unit once construction is over.

Why is investing in a Myrtle Beach oceanfront condo such a great idea?  They have so much to offer! All types of pools, including indoor, outdoor, heated lazy rivers, kiddie pools, mini water parks, you name it.  Don't forget that oceanfront activities and great dining abound in Myrtle Beach oceanfront condos. There's all types of bars and restaurants to choose from on the oceanfront.  You'll never run out of options for things to do and places to go if you own a Myrtle Beach oceanfront condo.

Preconstruction oceanfront condos in Myrtle Beach are a great investment. Myrtle Beach ranks even higher than Hawaii or the Virgin Islands when it comes to destinations, making it one of the more desirable beach vacation spots.  There are so many things to do in Myrtle Beach.  With over 60 miles of beaches, over 100 golf courses, amusement parks, and a hot nightlife, theres something for everyone in Myrtle Beach.

Even if you can't get into a preconstruction oceanfront Myrtle Beach condo, there are certainly plenty of Myrtle Beach Oceanfront condos to choose from. Myrtle Beach is a great place for people to both vacation and retire. Contact us today and see how we can help you make the right choice in investing in Myrtle Beach oceanfront properties today!

Are Condotels in Myrtle Beach a Good Investment?

by Jerry Pinkas

Are Condotels in Myrtle Beach a Good Investment? The simple answer is Yes! Especially now that prices are right in Myrtle Beach.

But what is a condominium hotel or condotel?  A condo-hotel is a new trend in the Myrtle Beach condo market.  It's a great way to own a fully furnished condo and be able to rent it out on a regular basis. There are also plenty of amenities and daily housekeeping. This works out for you as an owner, as you get the rental income and the property management does the rest.

A condo-hotel combines all the benefits of owning a vacation home and Myrtle Beach real estate investing.  You can buy a unit outright or finance it.

The owners of Myrtle Beach oceanfront condotels usually take part in a property rental program.  This is where the rental process is taken care of by a professional property management company.  They take care of all the daily operations and issues.The money you make from the rental can help you offset some of the costs and often create extra revenue.

Many property owners also use their Myrtle Beach condotel for personal use.

Myrtle Beach condotels are also a much better investment than timeshares, as timeshares are hard to sell, while condotels are in demand.

How Do I Find Myrtle Beach Condos With Low HOA Fees?

by Jerry Pinkas

Myrtle Beach has plenty of condos and townhomes for sale.  You can perform a search for them on our website using our powerful Myrtle Beach search tool.

The thing that you should keep in mind though that it's not the quantity of properties for sale, but the quality. Many have great features, such as a pool, and would make a great vacation rental or 2nd home.

But how do you compare HOA fees for the Myrtle Beach Area?

It can be tricky to pin down an answer.  For example, one thing to consider is what is included or not included in the fee. That can make a real difference in the what the real costs turn out to be.

Here's a list of what HOA fees may or may not include:

  • water
  • interior electric
  • common area electric
  • building insurance
  • HO6 policy insurance
  • pool service
  • elevator service
  • exterior
  • grounds keeping
  • lawn
  • security
  • HOA accounting
  • trash
  • internet 
  • cable TV 
  • and much more...

Pay attention to a "low" association, as they may only cover 1 or 2 items on this list. If you end up paying for these items on your own, you could end up paying much more that you would in a HOA.  Just make sure you get all the facts from the person who works with you.

Out team is happy to work with you to help you get accurate information on HOA fees and avoid costly pitfalls.  Contact us today!


It's a well known fact that the highest rental income received is from June thorugh August.  This is the peak tourist season in Myrtle Beach. So a great time to invest is before June.  this will allow you to get the most rental income. Just be aware that sellers also know this, so prices can spike just before the rental season.
The other option is to invest during the winter months, as sellers will me more motives to lower thier prices.  You will of course have to handle the fees and taxes out of pocket until the peak season for rentals can cover it.
When is the best time to start looking for investment condos in the Myrtle Beach area? usually in December, and try to have the deal closed by June.
Of course the best time to invest is different for everyone.  You need to decide what works best for you. But if you play your cards right, you can certainly make a great investment in a condo in Myrtle Beach and bring in some great revenue.

Many people are looking to invest in a condo in The Myrtle Beach Area. Maybe you are one of those people. But the question people are asking quite often is not if, but when? Does it matter what time of year you should invest in a condo in the Myrtle Beach area? How do you get the most appreciative potential and enough income from the rental to cover all the mortgage, fees, taxes, and other expenses.

It's a well known fact that the highest rental income received is from June through August.  This is the peak tourist season in Myrtle Beach. So a great time to invest is before June.  This will allow you to get the most rental income. Just be aware that sellers also know this, so prices can spike just before the rental season.

The other option is to invest during the winter months, as sellers will me more motivated to lower their prices.  You will of course have to handle the fees and taxes out of pocket until the peak season for rentals can cover it.  

When is the best time to start looking for investment condos in the Myrtle Beach area? Usually in December, and try to have the deal closed by June.

Of course the best time to invest is different for everyone.  You need to decide what works best for you. But if you play your cards right, you can certainly make a great investment in a condo in Myrtle Beach and bring in some great revenue.

Looking for a great condo invesment opportunity?  Check out our Myrtle Beach condos for sale on the following pages, Myrtle Beach Oceanfront Condos For Sale, Myrtle Beach Golf Course Condos For Sale, & South Carolina/Myrtle Beach Condo Living & Community Information Info.

Welcome to the Coastal Heights Neighborhood!

by Jerry Pinkas

We are excited today to bring you the newest real estate listings in the Coastal Heights neighborhood of Conway, South Carolina. The historic river town of Conway was established in 1732, making it one of the oldest cities in the United States! The history of our nation is alive as you walk the streets of this beautiful city. Several of the buildings are listed on the National Register of Historic Places, including the City Hall building, and the history of Conway is closely linked to important moments in time such as the American Revolution.


Conway is located in Horry County along the Waccamaw River. The 17,000+ residents of the city take full advantage of living next to this stunning waterway. Whether paddling, swimming, or boating on the river, the people of Conway enjoy the South Carolina sunshine in the blackwaters of the Waccamaw River. Downtown Conway has been revitalized and is brimming with unique boutiques and restaurants. We recommend Rivertown Bistro, Crady’s Eclectic Cuisine, and The Trestle, all of which are loved by locals and visitors alike! Other great attractions downtown include the Theatre of the Republic where residents can enjoy fantastic live performances throughout the year and the Ocean Fish Market, one of the town’s most scenic buildings and where one can pick up some delicious fish from the coast. The crowning jewel of the downtown area is truly the Riverwalk. This walkway surrounds the river and visitors are able to see rustic bridges, marinas, and a historic inn. There are playgrounds and picnic areas for residents to enjoy. Although Conway might not be as large or well known as its neighbor Myrtle Beach, this city’s Southern charm and amazing amenities make it the perfect place for home buyers looking for a beautiful community.


Located in the southeastern part of Conway, the neighborhood of Coastal Heights is a great place to call home. This community is perfectly situated near Highways 501 and 544 offering its residents easy access into Conway and the short commute into the beautiful city of Myrtle Beach. The neighborhood is conveniently located near Conway Medical Center (300 Singleton Ridge Road) providing the broader community with excellent medical care. Coastal Carolina University (100 Chanticleer Drive East) is located within Coastal Heights, offering great cultural and educational opportunities for its students and the residents of Conway. This neighborhood often attracts medical and academic professionals due to its proximity to both of these facilities. There is also easy access to golf courses, shopping, and recreational activities for the neighborhood of Coastal Heights.


This neighborhood, as with the rest of Conway, is served by Horry County Schools, a top school district in the state of South Carolina. There are 3 elementary schools, including Carolina Forest, Palmetto Bays, and Waccamaw, for children in grades K-5 for the residents of Coastal Heights. Middle school aged children in the neighborhood attend either Black Water or Ocean Bay Middle Schools. For grades 9-12, Coastal Heights students attend Carolina Forest High or HCS Early College High.


The community of Coastal Heights is well established and the perfect spot for families. The majority of the housing options in the neighborhood are single family homes that range from 2 to 6 bedroom floor plans. The architecture of the homes in Coastal Heights is varied which adds to the charm of the area. Some of the homes are newer construction while others are over 30 years old. Whatever style of home you are looking for, Coastal Heights has it available.


View some of the incredible listings currently available in Coastal Heights:


158 Ridge Point Drive, Conway, SC 29526

 MINT CHERY HOME- Upgrades & Direct Lake View! This stunning 4 bedroom/3 bath traditional home was built in 2013 and is the definition of a meticulous person's dream.
























1533 Murrels Landing Rd, Conway SC 29526

Low County 3 Bedroom/ 4 Full Bath Custom Home located on the Waccamaw River.

















110 Wofford Circle, Conway, SC 29526

This stunning all brick home is anyone’s dream residence. At 4,100 square feet, it has 6 bedrooms and 6.5 baths. Listed at $475,000, it also contains an in-law suite and in ground pool!

















The Jerry Pinkas Real Estate Experts want to help you with all of your home buying needs. If you have any questions about Our Current Listings in Coastal Heights or elsewhere in the Myrtle Beach area, please give us a call today at (843) 839-9870 or visit our website at

Congrats…’ve decided to move to Myrtle Beach! It is a great community to call home. The Myrtle Beach real estate market is unique in many ways, and there are important terminologies you need to familiarize yourself with while you navigate through your home search. Most neighborhoods, especially the newer developments, in the Myrtle Beach area have Home Owner Associations (HOA). HOA neighborhoods are a sort of community within the city. It is a distinct legal entity that have various rules and regulations that must be followed by home owners within it. In addition, there are several amenities provided for the neighborhood, such as community pools, fitness centers, neighborhood entryways, etc. Home owners must pay HOA fees that help cover administrative costs and maintenance of community areas. These fees are paid on an annual, semi-annual, quarterly, or monthly basis depending on the individual HOA. There are many benefits to living in an HOA but there are reasons why some home owners prefer neighborhoods without them. Living in a non-HOA neighborhood means that you have no restrictions on what you do with your home. Additionally, HOA fees are an additional expense along with your mortgage payments.

While the majority of the Myrtle Beach area has neighborhoods with Home Owner Associations, there are areas that do not! The older area of downtown Myrtle Beach and the rural areas around the communities of Conway, Longs, and Loris have homes with no HOA fees!

What is the best way to find out if the house or neighborhood you are looking at has HOA fees? Work with the Myrtle Beach Real Estate Experts! We are here to find your dream home in the Myrtle Beach area. We can help you narrow your search based on HOA fees. For your convenience, we also include that information from our Myrtle Beach MLS. When searching properties in our MLS, click on View Details for the property you are interested in. Here you will find all pertinent information for the home, including whether or not there are HOA fees! Please contact us today to let us assist you with your search or visit our website at

Strong Local Schools Increase Home Values by 77 Percent!

by Jerry Pinkas

Good schools help home buyers determine where they want to focus their property searches. Families want neighborhoods with an excellent quality of life where they can ensure their children receive the best education possible….BUT good schools are not just a benefit to those homeowners with young children! According to the recently released ATTOM Data Solutions 2016 Schools and Housing Report, homes in zip codes that contain at least one highly ranked elementary school have home values 77 percent higher than homes in zip codes without one!!!


To find these results, ATTOM Data Solutions examined almost 19,000 elementary schools across the nation in 4,435 zip codes. Elementary schools were defined as “good” if their 2015 average test scores were at least one-third above the respective state average. This data was then analyzed alongside the 2016 home values and price appreciation in the local area.  


As of July 2016, the average estimated home value was $427,402 in 1,661 zip codes with at least one good school. This is compared to the average estimated home value of $241,096 in the 2,774 zip codes without a good school. That’s a difference of 77%!


Homes in zip codes with good schools also provide a good long term investment for owners. The study found that homeowners residing in such zip codes had...on average...a 32 percent return on their investment! Over the past decade, home appreciation values have been far more volatile in those zip codes without any good schools.


Looking for a home in a neighborhood with a great school in Myrtle Beach?! It’s incredibly easy to do! Myrtle Beach is served by Horry County Schools. This school district is the 3rd largest in the state and has been ranked as the 19th best in South Carolina by Niche.


Set your child up for academic success and increase the value of your home by living near one of these top ranked elementary schools:


One of the top rated elementary schools in Myrtle Beach, Forestbrook Elementary School (4000 Panther Parkway) is a 3 time National Blue Ribbon Winner! This program awards schools based on their overall academic excellence. It acknowledges excellence in teaching and learning and is a great honor for schools to receive. Current Homes for Sale near Forestbrook.      


Ocean Bay Elementary School (950 International Drive) has been highly ranked by Niche. The website ranks the school within the state’s top 100 for best academics and teachers! The students at Ocean Bay Elementary have received proficient test scores in reading and math making them amongst the best and brightest students. Current Homes for Sale near Ocean Bay.


Carolina Forest Elementary School (285 Carolina Forest Boulevard) has a vision to provide a world-class education to its students and it is well on its way! It has received several awards from the South Carolina Department of Education. The students at this school continue to surpass district academic goals set forth every year. Current Homes for Sale near Carolina Forest.

Let us help you find your dream home in Myrtle Beach! Give the Jerry Pinkas Real Estate Experts a call today or visit our website at


Resource: RISMedia

Myrtle Beach SC Condo vs Condotel. Which one is right for you?

by Jerry Pinkas

Myrtle Beach is paradise for residents and visitors alike. A major tourist destination in the United States, the real estate market in the city is somewhat unique. Condos are exceedingly popular for home buyers in this market. But, did you know that most of the oceanfront buildings in Myrtle Beach are actually condotels and not condos? It is important to know whether the properties you are looking at are true condominiums or condotels. The two have marked differences, particularly when it comes to financing. Your needs will be different if you are looking for a permanent home in Myrtle Beach or one that you can use as an investment property. Be sure to work with an Experienced Real Estate Team that understands the local market and can help you through the entire process. 


What is the difference between a Myrtle Beach condo and a condotel? A condo is an individually owned housing unit within a structure that is owned by all of the tenants. The shared ownership of the structure applies to all of the amenities within that building, such as pools, landscaping, and community spaces. The cost of maintaining these amenities is covered by Home Ownership Association (HOA) fees. Although many of these factors are shared between a condo and a condotel, there are important differences to note. In a condotel, the individual units are privately owned, however, the structure is owned by a hotel or rental management company. This company handles the front desk, cleaning services, and many other features that are similar to hotel management, a key difference between these buildings and traditional condos. The units within the building are often furnished similarly. In general, all utilities are covered in the HOA fees, unlike in condos where the utility company bills the unit owner directly. The major difference between a condo and a condotel is that short term, nightly rentals are available in the latter. These rentals, including the outside marketing of them, are handled directly by the management company. Financing is available when you are looking to purchase a unit in a condotel but it is often more limited than when looking at other properties, including standard condos. Although with the growing popularity of such units financing options have broadened over the past couple of years, condotel units cannot be financed with conventional residential loans regardless of your financial history. Ask your knowledgeable real estate agent to help you navigate your lending options. The Jerry Pinkas Team here to help!


Why choose a condotel over a condo? Condotels are perfect for owners that want the flexibility to travel to Myrtle Beach on their own schedule throughout the year while garnishing a profit through renting the space when they are not in town. Having the amenities of a hotel and the feel of a home, condotels are very attractive to visitors, meaning a steady annual revenue for owners of these properties. Please note, although the owner receives most of the revenue from renting the unit, there often is a rental management commission to cover the expenses incurred by the condotel’s company. 

If you're considering a move to a Myrtle Beach Condo or Condotel, give the experts a call at the Jerry Pinkas Team. Put their expertise to work for you!

Do you know the Best Condo properties for investment in Myrtle Beach?

If you buy a property by filtering through the highest gross rental properties, find what you can buy for the least amount of money and has an efficient home owners association you will usually have a very good long term property.

Here are 4 examples of deals that our team has personally negotiated for our buyer clients This Very Week!

  • Oceanfront efficiency condo sold for $72,000. That has gross rental dollars of $16,000/year - Those numbers work!
  • Oceanfront 1 bedroom condo sold for $117,900 That has gross rental dollars of $25,500/year- Those numbers work!
  • Oceanfront 1 bedroom condo sold for $124,900 That had gross rental dollars of $27,600/year- Those numbers work!
  • Oceanfront 2 bedroom 2 bath condo sold for $195,000. Gross rental dollars of $29,000/year- Those numbers work!

The Myrtle Beach, SC area has over 60 miles of beach, so there is a lot of geography, many different buildings, and complexes. To be most successful in your home search you'll need to consider more than rental history, price, decor, amenities, cash flow, and POA fees

What else should you consider when making an investment in a Myrtle Beach condo?  Check for current or future assessments, pending litigation, rental occupancy rates and if the cost of the rentals are moving up or diminishing. People vote with their dollar so if the rentals are strong the renters keep coming back year after year!

Know what you're looking for and retain the services of a qualified Real Estate Professional

Many properties may be average. But it's all about buying the ones that are way above average to get a great return on your investment. If you are self-represented, consider the services of a seasoned real estate pro who knows the local area and can get you into the BEST properties available!  The internet is a good tool, but it certainly doesn't answer all your Myrtle Beach condo investment questions. Always consider the source of your information. If someone from the internet sent you information you need to think about their own motivations. Are they working for the home seller? Are they the listing agent for that condo? What is there motive for pitching you on a particular project?

The best way to get everything you are looking for in an investment is to hire a Buyers Agent to work for you in all relevant areas of the transaction. The Best Free service you can get is Hiring a Pro to go to work for you. If you were on trial for a crime, would you consult a lawyer that gives info over the internet? Or one that has been in court twice and refers to the books he used in college? Absolutely not! This is an investment property that you need to return a great ROI!

Doing your preliminary homework is excellent, but take time to work with a Realtor one on one. You will get a ton of information that just can't be covered in an email or by phone. You will learn the good.... the bad.....and the ugly. (Every property has good, bad, and ugly) When you take the time to learn the aspects and dynamics of investing in your Myrtle Beach condo, you can make an educated decision.

When you hire an agent it's about them going to work for you so they can match you with the Condo properties that closely match your investment objectives. 
There are 3800 agents on the Grand Strand. You can choose any agent to work with, however, skill level, knowledge, and dedication to do the very best for a client is what should be their #1 priority.

This is a fantastic time to Buy!

You've seen the stats above, a Myrtle Beach condo is an exciting investment! Great deals are currently being made! Even if you buy an average condo today at today's prices, you'll still probably make money long-term. But don't settle for average!

The Jerry Pinkas Home Selling Team  - is your local expert in all your Real Estate needs for the Myrtle Beach Area. Our Team is dedicated to inform our clients on how to be a pro in the local real estate market and avoid common pitfalls that are costly to you! You will have access to the most comprehensive MLS Listing Service in the area with Free access and lots of tools for both Buyers and Sellers.

The Jerry Pinkas Team is Award Winning, Top Ranked, as well as Highly Recommended! Call The Pros - Google us or call (843) 222-1926; Put our team to work for you today.

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