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The Differences Between a One-Bedroom and a Studio Condo

by Jerry Pinkas

Difference between a studio and one bedroom condo

A question we get asked all the time here at Jerry Pinkas Real Estate Experts is what the difference is between a one-bedroom suite and a studio/efficiency condo on the beach. Whether you are a first time home buyer, scouting for a second home or just looking to purchase a rental property, you may have found yourself asking the same thing.  And you may think that the internet is the best place to go to decipher the difference, but in reality that just may make things more confusing for you. We have a lot of people that come to us after looking at these types of listing online and end up not only having a difficult time understanding the differences but are also a lot more confused than when they started their initial search on the web. So, as you may have guessed, in today’s blog post we are going to show you and outline the differences between a one-bedroom condo and an efficiency suite to help you better understand what option will best fit your needs.

Are studio apartments cheaper than one bedroom

What will I find in a one-bedroom suite?

The one-bedroom suite is the first item on our list to talk to you about today. In many one-bedroom suites, you will find a space comprised of a living room with enough space for a sofa and television unit, as well as a dining area where you can put a table to comfortably sit all your family and guests. You will also have a separate area for a kitchen, and in many units, you will find a galley style kitchen, that will have a stove and microwave. It is important for us to note here that some units come with a dishwasher and some come without. If that is a non-negotiable item for your desired unit, be sure to talk to an agent here at Jerry Pinkas Real Estate Experts and let them know so they narrow down their search to meet those specific criteria. You will also find closet space in the one-bedroom units, as well as potentially another closet that can either be used for additional clothing or as storage space.

The bedrooms in these units can obviously vary in size, but can typically fit two full or queen mattresses or a king size bed. There is also a standard bathroom that can either be attached to the bedroom or be a stand alone.  It is important for us to note here as well that the main difference between the one-bedroom and the efficiency suite is that the one-bedroom will have a door that separates the bedroom from the rest of the living and dining spaces, thus giving more of a ‘suite’ feel. Additionally, a benefit to a one-bedroom suite is that many times there will be space for a wall bed, which when not in use will not take up any extra room, but also allows for an additional bed if needed to accommodate additional guests.

What will I find in an efficiency suite?

While an efficiency suite shares similar qualities to a one-bedroom suite, there are subtle differences between the two that can end up making a big difference for you and what you end up wanting to purchase. And while many people tend to consider an efficiency condo to be a little too small for them, it can end up being the perfect option for someone looking for that specific layout, design, and price. When you think of an efficiency condo you may tend to think of a space the size of a hotel room or a studio apartment, instead of the more traditional one-bedroom concept where you have designated areas and doors separating certain rooms. When you walk into an efficiency suite, you will usually find one big room that contains a living area, dining area, kitchen, and bedroom, as well as a separate bathroom with its own door for privacy. These efficiency suites are ideal for people who like the openness of the space and are able to use the space effectively. Do you want to know the best part about the efficiency suites? You can buy a unit on the beach for under $100,000! And when you are that close to some of the country’s most beautiful beaches, does it really matter how your unit is designed or laid out? We tend to not think so either. 

One Bedroom Condos Myrtle Beach SC

What are the perks of both a one-bedroom and an efficiency suite option?

There are many perks to both a one-bedroom and an efficiency suite, it really just depends on your needs and what you are looking for in a unit. With a one-bedroom, the obvious perk is that the bedroom is separated with a door, which may not sound like a big deal, but it can be a deal breaker for some people. If you have kids and want a separate, private room from them, then a one-bedroom option may be more your speed. Or if you tend to have a lot of people over and just do not want them sitting on your bed, which is right next to the couch and kitchen, then the one-bedroom suite is probably what you are looking for. On the other hand, if you are single or do not mind having all the areas of your unit be in one space, then an efficiency suite may be perfect for you. Due to the potential for the space being smaller and holding fewer people, an efficiency suite can tend to be on the lower end of the spectrum in terms of price compared to a traditional one-bedroom.

Beachfront Studio Apartments

Now let’s say that you are purchasing a one-bedroom unit or an efficiency suite in Myrtle Beach, SC as a second home or rental property. That situation definitely has the potential to change things as the unit will not be your permanent residence. This will allow you to be more flexible in what unit you choose, the space you are looking for, the layout that is available and whether or not you want the breakdown and privacy of a one-bedroom unit. Obviously, if you are renting the unit out, you may be able to get more rental income with a one-bedroom as the space, again, has the potential to accommodate and sleep more people. On the other hand, some people like the simplicity and openness of an efficiency suite and will be more likely to search those criteria.

Studio Room Design

What should I do if I am interested in buying a one-bedroom suite or an efficiency condo in Myrtle Beach, SC?

If you have your eyes set on a one-bedroom suite or an efficiency condo in the Myrtle Beach, SC area, give our experienced team here at Jerry Pinkas Real Estate Experts a call today! As you can see from our above post, there are subtle differences in the two options, but you want to be sure to find a unit that fits your specific needs, all while avoiding pitfalls that can prove to be costly. Allow our team to sit down with you, understand what you are looking for in a unit and show you potential options that align with your wants and needs. We have helped many individuals, couples, families, and retirees find their perfect one-bedroom suite and/or efficiency condo in the Myrtle Beach, SC area, and we are confident we can do the same for you. This is what we do, we do it every day and we are good at it. Give us a call today!

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Myrtle Beach SC Condos for Sale

Are you searching for paradise? There is something magical about walking out the door of your condo and stepping onto the sandy beach. I love walking in the quiet mornings with my coffee, looking at the colorful oceanfront condos in Myrtle Beach. Most beach front condos located on the east coast of the United States are in crowded areas or located in colder climates. That’s not the case with Myrtle Beach oceanfront condos. Our beaches are wide and clean. You can relax with the sounds of the ocean and the gentle breezes of the Grand Strand. Here you can live the way you always dreamed of in a beautiful condo on the beach. A place where you can take a quiet stroll, enjoy the picturesque ocean views, see dolphins swimming in the sea and enjoy the sun drenched days

Myrtle Beach SC Condos For Sale

Popular Myrtle Beach Condos for Sale

You may find that a condo on the beach may also have some rental opportunities, which can help offset some of the costs of your investment.  The priceless part is when it comes time for your own vacation; you have you have a place at the beach to go to. There's never been a better time than right now to buy your own condo at the beach. Take your time and browse through each condo complex or call us for ideas and advice.

You can stop your search. You will find an assortment below of the finest ocean front condominiums in Myrtle Beach that are for sale.


About Myrtle Beach SC Beachfront Condos

Beachfront condos can make excellent vacation rentals or second homes. Because of the Grand Strand’s unique location, many new condos continue to be built, along several premier properties that can provide fantastic rental income history. Many buyers have found that an oceanfront condo can make a great investment.

Myrtle Beach Condos for Sale on The Beach

The buildings located along the oceanfront will feature 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 bedroom condos as well as luxury penthouse condos. Direct oceanfront units usually come at a premium, but there may be ocean view condos located along the sides of the same buildings. These may include the condos that are in buildings on the 2nd row from the beach with unobstructed views of the ocean. Many times these ocean view condos can be fantastic deals.

Ocean View Condos For Sale Myrtle Beach SC

Forget about the crowded beaches on the southern end of the beach. Several of our towns such as Garden City, Surfside Beach and Murrells Inlet, you will find oceanfront condos for sale that are low density. This means future condo development will be very limited. Because of the limited amount of oceanfront property and the attraction to live and vacation on the beach, many experts predict continued demand for these types of properties in the future. The same can be said about the quieter section of North Myrtle Beach Condos

Myrtle Beach Condos

Do you dream of a place to live that has everything you need? You can find it here in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. With all the opportunities that  Myrtle Beach real estate offers, you will find some of the most beautiful condos for sale along the South Carolina Coast line. Myrtle Beach is full of culture, adventure and tranquility.  Whether you spend the day relaxing by the pool, stretched out on a lounge chair at the beach, playing a round of golf, or spending the day shopping with friends, the beach life style is thrilling and never dull.  One thing is for sure, on a clear evening the natural beauty of the beach is simply amazing with the music of the ocean and view of the moon over the sea.

Condos for Sale in Myrtle Beach

The Definitive Guide to Oceanfront Condos for Sale in Myrtle Beach SC

Myrtle Beach condos for sale: Beside the incredible view of the Atlantic Ocean you’ll enjoy the ultimate family friendly environment with attractions for the entire family. Myrtle Beach is known as one of the top 5 family beach vacation destinations in the world and is the lowest priced resort market along the East Coast. At the moment, Myrtle Beach SC offers an unusual window of opportunity for individual buyers and investors. Interest rates are low; prices are down by 35% or more. U.S. baby boomers on the edge of retirement and looking for relaxation—not the hustle Florida and other overbuilt markets. The demographics favor relocation to our area through 2020.

Myrtle Beach Oceanfront Condos For Sale

With over 100 championship golf courses and condos located on the golf course or close to the golf course, you could definably increase your play time. A warm climate in the winter and comfortable ocean breezes in the summer is the reason many investors know that this area has the longest rental season when compared to any other resort market along the eastern seaboard.

Myrtle Beach Lifestyle

Apart from the financial benefits, oceanfront property offers several proven health benefits as well, such as stress reduction, recreational opportunities that allow many outdoor activities and promote fitness, lower pollution levels and skin benefits from saltwater.

 Myrtle Beach Golf Condos for Sale

Myrtle Beach Waterfront Condos

Myrtle Beach Waterfront Condos For Sale


Make your dream a reality. Live your life with your toes in the sand with a beach condo. It is all right here and it is waiting for you in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Welcome to paradise!  


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Buying a condo in Myrtle Beach is it a good investment 2017

It may come as no surprise that we get a lot of questions here at Jerry Pinkas Realty surrounding condos and investments, as there are a lot of buyers that are interested in breaking into the investment property market here in sunny Myrtle Beach, SC. The question we get asked quite frequently is ‘If I'm buying a condo on the beach, is it better to buy a one bedroom, two bedroom, or three bedroom in Myrtle Beach?’ We have clients that want direction on which one will be the best investment and which one will give them the most return. And while it’s a tricky question, as there are a lot of factors that play into the decision, we are here to answer it in today’s blog post and hopefully will provide you with some helpful insight as you start your search.

Buying a condo in Myrtle Beach SC

Should I only look at condos that appeal to my personal taste?

While you may expect us to say yes to this criteria, the answer is actually no.

A lot of time people want a 2 or 3 bedroom condo on the beach because it may fit their specific needs and may be the way they would like to live themselves. Many times we see people that are drawn to purchasing a condo based on what they personally like and not thinking too much about the rental potential, which is actually backwards! Buyers should be thinking about what gives them the best return on their investment, not checking off the criteria of what they personally like upfront. Because when you break it down, you're going to be spending very little time in the unit anyway. You always want to look for a place that is going to give you the maximum amount of dollars back in your pocket. 

What factors should I consider when starting my search for an investment condo in Myrtle Beach, SC?

There are a few factors that we want you to keep in mind when starting your search for a condo in Myrtle Beach, SC that will aid in the unit ending up to be a good investment. A few of these factors include the purchase price of the unit, the potential HOA fees, the prime rental season and the total expenses of the unit. When it comes to HOA fees (Homeowners Association fees), it is important to not shy away from the unit because of these fees and to fully understand what is included in the cost each month. As we have discussed in a previous post, HOA fees have the potential to cover things such as insurance, cable, internet, maintenance and upkeep of common areas. Especially if you are using the unit as a rental, having all these items (and more) covered for one fee each month can help ensure that the unit and building are being kept up and allows you one less thing to worry about when it comes to renting each month. 

It is also important to keep in mind that not every complex or area of the beach will give the same return. Just because the building may be overlooking the glistening waters of beautiful Myrtle Beach, it does not guarantee that all the units in the building are equal. You can have a unit that is in a prime location, but can be extremely outdated which will make it difficult for you to find interested renters. By the time you put in the necessary funding behind getting the condo updated, you may be in over your head with the investment and end up loosing money on the unit. Once you have had the unit rented for some time, it is also important to consider your rental history year over year and adjust accordingly if you are not satisfied with the outcome of the income you are bringing in.

Best investment property in Myrtle Beach

So when prioritizing what you should be looking at in a unit that will give you the best return on your investment, it is the one that has the potential to give you the highest rental price. The next thing you should be looking at is what the homeowner’s association includes, and then, finally, if you personally like it yourself. If the steps are followed in this order, we are confident that you will find a good investment condo in Myrtle Beach, SC. Sometimes you will find that the one bedroom, when you put pencil to a paper, will come out to be the better investment, and other times it’s the two or three bedroom. And what exactly is the best way to figure out what is the best situation for you? Well that is where we come in to help you!

Buying a vacation home in Myrtle Beach

What season will I most likely see the most rental income from my condo?

This is a great question, and one we see frequently, as not all seasons in Myrtle Beach, SC are created equal when it comes to rental income. So here’s the deal: as we all know, there are only 52 weeks in a year and, therefore, you are limited to on how much rental income you can acquire during one calendar year. And if you have ever visited Myrtle Beach, SC in the summer, you are sure to understand the draw to the area during that time. The beaches are buzzing with locals and vacationers alike eager to soak up the warm South Carolina rays, the boardwalk is alive and action packed, and the delicious restaurants and overflowing with hungry patrons.

Summer is definitely the high season when it comes to rental income flowing into the bank, which is good because you may find yourself tapping into that bank in the winter to pay for the condo. Now don’t get us wrong, there is still plenty to do in Myrtle Beach, SC in the winter and the area does draw in renters. But if you are trying to plan on which season will allow you to charge the most and will bring you the most income, summer is your main gal.

And on a side note, if you are looking for tenants for a year long lease, we would recommend you starting the lease in the summertime. One reason this could work to your benefit is because the amount of available units will most likely go down during that time due to an influx of visitors to the area, therefore creating a higher demand. You are then able to turn around and charge a little more per month which will guarantee you that income each month for the entire year. On the flip side, if after the year lease is up your renter decides to not renew the lease, you will find yourself smack dab in the middle of the busy season again allowing the demand of condos to fuel your search for a new renter. It ends up being a bit of a win-win in our opinion!  

Is a beach condo a good investment

What should I do if I am interested in learning more or purchasing a condo in Myrtle Beach, SC?

We know you have questions about purchasing a condo in Myrtle Beach, SC, and we have the answers! Everything from price, location and layout can be topics of concern and uneasiness for potential buyers. We have helped numerous individuals, couples and families find the perfect condo and we can do the same for you. Allow our team of experts to understand your situation, go over your options and settle on what will be the best condo for your specific criteria. Why have average when you can work with experts? Give us a call today! 


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Can Buying a Condo in Myrtle Beach be a Good Investment?

by Jerry Pinkas


Buying a condo in Myrtle Beach is it a good investment

Is buying a condo in Myrtle Beach, SC a good investment?

We may be bias, but Myrtle Beach, SC is one of the best places in the country to live. The beautiful weather combined with breathtaking beaches, endless entertainment and delicious restaurants are just a few reasons why the area has become so popular and people are flocking from across the country to live here. Not to mention, it is a great place to spend your retirement years, as the area has seen a steady growth in population of retirees coming to Myrtle Beach, SC. And who could blame them!

One question we get asked quite frequently here at Jerry Pinkas Reality is can you buy a condo in Myrtle Beach and have it be a good investment? And we can tell you for a fact, yes you can! There are some condos that are money machines, and will constantly be sending you checks month after month, and at the same time we can assure you there are others that are alligators and will eat you alive. But not to worry, that is where our team comes in to help you tell the difference and decifer which are good and which are not so good!

If you currently live in Myrtle Beach and are looking to move into a condo, or maybe you live out of state and crave the Myrtle Beach lifestyle, there are many condo options in the area that are a great investment. But not all condos are created equal, and there are some that should be avoided at all costs. In this blog post we will be covering why condos in Myrtle Beach have the potential to be a great investment and what to look for (and what to avoid) when starting your search. 

Can a condo in Myrtle Beach, SC be a good rental property?

Absolutely! If you are thinking of purchasing a condo in Myrtle Beach, SC as a rental property, you may be surprised at the amount of rental income you can bring in on a monthly basis. Especially with Myrtle Beach being such a hot destination for individuals, couples and families from across the country, there are many people moving to the area that are looking for a place to settle into. You should also take into account the vacationers who visit the area year after year, and their interest in renting the unit for days, weeks and even months depending on the time of year. You just need to make sure that the specific unit you purchase is a good investment (which we will cover later in the post) to ensure that you will make a return on your investment. There are also many stunning condos that are located on the water, creating breathtaking views and providing an ideal location for residents of the unit. You can also typically charge more for these units as they are a hot ticket item in Myrtle Beach, SC, and can therefore bring in more rental income for you and your family each month.

Buying a condo in Myrtle Beach

What should I look for when buying a condo in Myrtle Beach, SC?

Throughout this post, it is important to keep in mind the idea that all condos are not created equal. Even if they are located on the most beautiful beach or in an ideal part of town, you can still run into a condo that (surprisingly) is not a good investment. You can have two units located side by side and there is a possibility that one is a great investment and one will end up being a money pit. There are a lot of things that determine if a condo ends up to be a good investment or not, but we want you to keep in mind as you are reading that each unit is different and to keep an eye out for the details that we touch on today as they can end up saving you a lot of stress, time and money. 

One factor to take into consideration when looking for a rental property in Myrtle Beach is the HOA (Homeowners Association) fees. While many people can typically be turned off by the sight of an HOA fee, it is important to understand everything that is included in the cost each month. Things such as insurance, internet, cable and maintenance are all items that are commonly covered under your HOA fee. And can you really put a price on peace of mind knowing that the common areas and maintenance of the building are all taken care of without you having to lift a finger? Especially if you are using the condo as a rental property, you would not have to keep such a close eye on things knowing the upkeep and maintenance are being handled by the management. 

Owning a rental condo in Myrtle Beach

Another item to keep in mind as you start your search for a condo in Myrtle Beach is location. You are more likely to see a return on your money and have the condo be a good investment if you pay attention to the part of town the unit is located in. Areas that are popular or up and coming in Myrtle Beach, such as close proximity to the beaches and entertainment destinations, have a greater chance to be a good investment as the location of the unit will always be in demand. And as we touched on earlier, you can possibly charge more for these units if you are using them as a rental due to the demand of the area from renters.  

Buying a condo on the Beach in Myrtle Beach SC

What should I stay away from when buying a condo in Myrtle Beach, SC?

When starting the search for your perfect Myrtle Beach condo, there are a few things we want you to keep in mind that can help you avoid falling into the trap of a bad investment. The first item we are going to touch on is management, as it has the potential to affect the investment value of the condo and your overall satisfaction with the purchase. You want to make sure that the management is on top of things and putting money towards things that need to be repaired and not waiting or putting things off. Another item you want to keep an eye out for is if the building has any pending litigations, as that can be a red flag when looking to purchase. You should also do your best to research if the unit needs any major repairs, as that can end up costing you a lot of money and stress down the road. Simple things such as new flooring or a fresh coat of paint should not be a cause for concern, but any structural damage within the unit should be discussed prior to purchasing the condo to ensure it doesn't end up being a money pit.

Buying a vacation home in Myrtle Beach

What should I do if I am interested in buying a condo in Myrtle Beach, SC?

As you can imagine, it can be very difficult to determine if a condo is a good investment or not simply by looking on the internet. The seller, understandably, will only highlight the good and shiny parts of the condo, not any potential downfalls of the purchase. You need to deal with an experienced team who not only knows the area, but has a track record for helping individuals, couples and families find their dream condo in Myrtle Beach, SC. Our team here at Jerry Pinkas Reality does this every single day -  and we are very good at it. We can help to keep you away from the things that you want to avoid when purchasing a condo in Myrtle Beach, and lead you towards the things that will be the best for you. We work with many people and we do hundreds of deals a year. Why pick average when you can have the best? We know you have questions and are here to help. Give us a call today, we look forward to speaking with you!


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Best Place to own a condo in Myrtle Beach

by Jerry Pinkas


Buying a condo in Myrtle Beach is a great investment

Are you thinking of purchasing a condo in Myrtle Beach, SC and find yourself wondering what you should be looking for to ensure you are making a good investment? Have you ever wanted to purchase an investment property in Myrtle Beach but find detached homes to be out of your price range? If you answered 'yes' to any of these questions, todays blog post is for you! There are so many stunning condo buildings in the Myrtle Beach, SC area to choose from, many with breathtaking oceanfront views and in close proximity to world-class shopping, dining and entertainment options. In this blog post, we will be answering a few questions that we get pretty regularly, as well as providing you with some tips and what to look for when looking to purchase a condo in beautiful Myrtle Beach, SC.

What are the benefits of purchasing a condo?

Before we jump into the meat and potatoes of todays post, we wanted to first touch on some of the benefits buyers will see if they are to purchase a condo versus a detached, single family home in Myrtle Beach, SC. Not to say there are equally as many benefits to a detached home, but we wanted to highlight a few for condo living and see if they resonate with what you are looking for. The first benefit is that you don’t have to worry about maintenance or upkeep of a yard or common areas, as the HOA fee will most likely cover all of those for you. If you travel a lot for work, have a busy schedule, or simply just don't want to have to think about upkeep, this benefit is huge for you. The second benefit is affordability, as condos are usually priced lower than detached homes. And for a first time home buyer, or someone looking to purchase an investment property, this is a very appealing quality. A few other benefits that condos owners enjoy is the security of living in a building, a sense of community that you will find in most residences and the amenities that many condo buildings offer.

buying a condo in myrtle beach sc

What type of condos should I be looking for in Myrtle Beach, SC?

The first thing you will want to look for when starting your condo search in Myrtle Beach, SC is what property will give you the best return on your investment. No one wants to purchase a condo only to find out in a few years that the unit was not a smart move financially. And on that note, if you are looking to purchase the condo as an investment property, you will want to make sure to look at and purchase units that will give you the highest return on rental income, which we will touch one a bit later.

The second thing you will want to look at when looking to purchase a condo is the Homeowners Association (or HOA) fee. This is an important area to be knowledgeable on as we find many people say that they do not want to pay a high HOA fee each month or quarter. And while we understand why you may think that, we also want to be sure to point out and help you realize the comparison of how much you are paying to what you are getting in return. There are some Homeowners Associations in Myrtle Beach that cover everything. And what do we mean by everything you ask? Everything from electric, insurance, flood insurance, water, internet, cable TV and pool service are all things that can be included in the HOA fee you would be paying.

Owning a Rental Condo in Myrtle Beach

It is important to see the benefit to this because if you were to add up all those expenses we just listed and try to get those services individually for a detached home on the beach you were to purchase, chances are you would end up paying much more on a monthly basis than most any HOA fee you will find. Our point here is that Homeowners Associations are very efficient with the money that comes in from those fees and you are not paying a fee just to pay a fee. You are putting out money for a good use and in turn do not have to worry about taking care of things such as maintenance of common areas and trash. And that means one more item you can check off your ‘to-do’ list!

The third (and final) thing you will want to do when looking to purchase a condo in Myrtle Beach, SC is to look at what you personally like. You are going to be the one coming home and settling into the condo each day, so it is crucial that you find a property that you like and are proud to call your own. Everything from the neighborhood to the layout of the condo are things to take into consideration and make sure they are to your liking. Things such as paint color, flooring and kitchen finishing’s can always be updated or replaced, but liking the structure and surrounding area should be taken into consideration and hold a lot of weight in the decision to move ahead with the purchase of the unit.

We are very confident that if you are to follow these three steps (in this order) that there is a good probability that you are going to find and secure the best investment that you can make. We know there are a lot of choices out there when it comes to condos in Myrtle Beach, SC, but keeping in mind return on investment, HOA fees and making sure the unit is to your liking are great ways to find the best unit for you. And while all this may sound a little daunting at first, we can assure you we have helped many individuals, couples and families find their perfect condo in Myrtle Beach, SC, and we know we can help you do the same! 

Oceanfront Condos in Myrtle Beach

Is a condo in Myrtle Beach, SC a good investment property?

If you ask us, a condo in Myrtle Beach, SC is a great investment! One reason is pretty apparent if you are to visit the area in the summer time, and that is that Myrtle Beach, SC is a very popular vacation destination and also one of the top cities in the country to live and retire to. The climate is mild, there are a lot of sunny days, you can golf pretty much year round, there is always something to do in the Grand Strand and well, lets face it, Myrtle Beach, SC has some of the most stunning beaches in the country! For these reasons (and many more) are why the Myrtle Beach area is becoming more and more popular, and therefore making it easier for you to find a renter for your unit. Another reason that a condo is such a great choice for a rental property is that much of the maintenance and upkeep of the surrounding property is usually covered in the HOA fee. This means that you can be sure the common areas will always look nice and tidy, and, as we spoke about earlier, the possibility of other things such as insurance, cable and internet being covered under that HOA fee as well. 

Pros and Cons of buying a condo in Myrtle Beach

What should I do if I am interested in purchasing a condo in Myrtle Beach, SC?

As always, give our experienced team at Jerry Pinkas Real Estate Experts a call today! We know you have questions surrounding moving to or investing in property here in Myrtle Beach, SC and we are here to help make the process as smooth and seamless as possible. Allow our team to walk you through different neighborhoods and answer any questions that come up – we will tell you the good, the bad and the ugly to ensure you make the best choice and avoid costly pitfalls. Our team can’t wait to help you find your perfect condo in this incredible city today. We look forward to hearing from you!


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Carolina Dunes Is the Ideal Place to Buy Your New Condo

by Jerry Pinkas

As we get into the winter months, you may be wondering why you would want to buy a condo in Myrtle Beach now? Well as they say, the early bird gets the worm.  And there are some great condos for sale right now in Carolina Dunes.  If you’re the type that loves to visit Myrtle Beach oceanfront regularly, then buying a condo is a great idea.  And you can rent it out to other vacationers and bring in extra revenue.

You have all the comforts of home here at Carolina Dunes. All the condos here are designed with comfort and convenience in mind.  Right now there are 3 units available, 2 units with 2 beds, 2 baths, and one unit with 3 beds, 2 baths (availability subject to change). You also get a fully equipped kitchen with all the major appliances along with washer and dryer.  And don’t forget the stunning oceanfront view from your balcony!

Not only are these condos some of the cleanest and most convenient condos in the Cherry Grove community of North Myrtle Beach Condos, but they have the best amenities.  You’ll be right on the oceanfront.  And you can enjoy the indoor and outdoor heated pools, along with a kiddy pool for the kids!

Take a look at these fine units available right now at Carolina Dunes. And if these condos don’t fit your needs, we have many more available for your review.

Opportunity Awaits at Caravelle Resort

by Jerry Pinkas

There’s a great opportunity right now to own a piece of paradise right here in Myrtle Beach.  There’s a number of affordable condos available for sale at the Caravelle Resort, starting at only $61,000.  This popular resort has the quality rooms and great amenities that make owning a condo on Myrtle Beach pay dividends, both in your own personal vacations, but in renting the condo out to other vacationers who come to Myrtle Beach.

The condos at Caravelle Resort offers a variety of room layouts.  Some of the options include oceanfront executive suites, oceanfront efficiencies, oceanfront Jacuzzi suites, oceanfront deluxe suites and more, as well as options for number of bedrooms. Most condos also come with full kitchens complete with a microwave, refrigerator, stove, coffee maker, and more.

The resort amenities are also impressive.  There’s a number of different water attractions, including a large heated pool, lazy river, kiddie lazy river, whirlpool, and wild water pool.  There’s also dining options including the Santa Maria Restaurant and the Marco Polo Pool Bar and Grill.

Search for a Caravelle Resort Condo today and start owning your own piece of Myrtle Beach Oceanfront paradise!

Here’s a preview of condos available for sale.

Own Your Own Piece of Paradise at Camelot

by Jerry Pinkas

Now is the time to start thinking about buying a great condo by the sea in Myrtle Beach. And Camelot By the Sea has several beautiful units available right now.  Why buy a condo? If you visit Myrtle Beach on a regular basis, then owning a condo rather than renting can be a great advantage, as you don’t have to worry about booking a room in advance.  Plus you can rent out the unit to other vacationers and make extra revenue!

Besides being an oceanfront hotel that’s located near many of the city’s restaurants and attractions, such as the Lost Mine Miniature Golf course and the Awakening Spa, one of the biggest draws of the Camelot by the Sea resort is the amazing room accommodations. Choose from 1-3 fully furnished bedrooms. Each room comes with a fully equipped kitchen, as well as an LCD TV and free Wi-Fi. You’ll feel right at home, especially when enjoying the gorgeous views from your outdoor balcony.

The amenities at Camelot by the Sea are also something to consider. You can go for a run on the beach by simply stepping out of the resort, or spend some time in the state of the art fitness center. There’s also full laundry facilities, a convenience store, and a seasonal outdoor snack bar. There’s also a 16-person indoor hot tub, an indoor kiddie pool, as well as an outdoor kiddie pool with a mushroom water fountain for the children to enjoy. For on-site water fun, chill out in the heated indoor lazy river or go for a swim in either the indoor pool or the outdoor pool.

Take a look at these fine units available now.

Great Units Available in Breakers Resort

by Jerry Pinkas

Breakers Resort is an amazing resort with a central location in Myrtle Beach. The resort fills 2 city blocks and chocked full of amenities that will keep you and your family busy, including a long lazy river surrounded by pam trees. They also have their famous “pirate ship” designed water park, complete with dumping buckets, fountains, and water shooters.  You’ll also find hot tubs, bars, restaurants, pools, lazy rivers, whirlpools & saunas.

A number of room choices are offered, depending on availability, from efficiency units, one to three bedroom condos, along with oceanfront rooms. The rooms come with fully equipped kitchens with refrigerators and microwaves, along with flat-screen TVs, in-room safes, and balconies to enjoy the stunning views.  The resort prides itself on quality service and superb décor.

Located at 21st Ave in Myrtle Beach, Breakers Resort is close to Broadway at the Beach, along with plenty of chopping, dining, amusement rides, horse drawn carriages, aquarium, zip lines, movies, Magi Quest, IMAX 3D, and Jimmy Buffet’s Margaritaville.  There’s also the Family Kingdom amusement Park, Myrtle Waves Water Park, NASCAR Speed Park, the Tanger Outlets and The Coastal Grande Mall.

The Bay View Resort

by Jerry Pinkas

You no doubt already know that Myrtle Beach is one of the most popular beaches in America. And if you’ve already vacationed here, you no doubt want to return.  The trick is finding a great place to stay on the beach.  If you don’t book a room well in advance, then you may be staying in a lesser hotel further from the beach.  Why not skip all the fuss and buy your own condo?  You can even make money from it by renting it out while you’re not using it!

The Bay View Resort is great condo resort to look at. Of course there are many more to choose from, and you can find them here on our website.

This resort offers a number of layouts and sizes to fit your needs.  These rooms feature a fully equipped kitchen with dishwasher, cookware, utensils, and more.  There’s also an in-room safe, hi-def TVs, Wi-Fi, and unlimited DVD rentals.  You can choose from a 2 or 4 bedroom condo, many of which feature balconies with amazing views.

The Bay View Resort is located right on the Myrtle Beach Boardwalk & Promenade.   You’ll be right next to the Pier at 2nd Avenue North, downtown, along with the nighclubs and restaruants.  It also offer amenities that set it apart, like the indoor lazy river, indoor pool and spa.  The fids can splash around on the splash deck or the kiddie pool.  And you can work out at the fitness center and get pepped up at Starbucks.

So if you want to have comfortable room with plenty of features and on-site amenities, then the Bay View Resort is a great place to buy a condo.

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